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Just Shmooze / Re: NFL Master Thread
« on: Today at 06:08:46 PM »

Can we all get serious for just a minute. I have a Grand Canyon tour a week from tomorrow. Will it be open?  >:(
I went as a kid in 95.
It was mostly closed, and what little was open was very crowded.
Petrified Forest and several other national parks were closed as well, though I recall my dad getting out of a speeding ticket (and us all getting police badges) as the officer told him that sadly he was speeding towards a park that was closed...

Yes. I was there :)
Lol, no major chiddushim since then.

If you think that just because Dan has something booked, he's actually going to go, your are very much mistaken.
True that.

Can I be the first to ask "Jerusalem Seminar"? ;)
Sure, in 2015 ;)

Thanks for your help. Is there any forum or any way to find out if groups of people would be having minyanim in any of these hotels on shabbos since they are pretty far from Chabad?
IMHO, rent a house near Chabad in PS. Lots of great houses with private pool. Great Chabad House. No brainer.

@Dan, Nu?
Booked SFO to TLV for the summer?
Of course.

The new price works out to nearly $156 a year.

You predicted that they would change aircraft to the new Polaris seat before El Al starts the route?
Go read the post.

Looks like UA is ahead of the game and switching the SFO TLV route to a 77W starting May 2018.
As predicted :)

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: bed bath and beyond excluded items
« on: January 19, 2018, 12:49:55 PM »
Anyone have any dp on this recently ..just tried and looked like was in the system to not allow the coupon to work the rep knew nothing about it (was for a doon)
Seems like they finally fixed their systems.

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