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...and you have been trying to defend everyone without disputing what I said.

What does is say about someone who has to constantly say what Trump meant instead of taking what he said word for word?
It says he's dealing with a numbskull who  always twists everything to mean what he wants it to mean even though it wasn't intended to be that way.


...but you can say what he meant? Like I said I would expect no different from a Trumpster.

The second time he said it was a lie!!!
We're going in circles here because you refuse to think straight, and you use your bias as proof.

To anyone not looking for an excuse to bash Trump, it's very obvious that he meant the same thing both times.

The difference is Trump is a proven liar and Comey so far is not. Any fair person would give the nod to Comey unless you are a defender of Trump.
You can believe whatever you want. You can believe that Trump lied. You can't say as fact that Trump lied unless you have proof to back up your claim.

Trump tells Comey others told him he was not in Moscow. Then he tells Comey he was not in Moscow. You tried to defend the two statements are the same. The statements you tired to defend were lies. Now he states he was in Moscow.
There is no evidence to suggest that Trump lied about what he was told.

Person A says Person B told me X, then we find out X is not true, is there anything here that shows us Person A lied?

You need glasses but as usual you look at everything about Trump this way.
What did I say that is not fact, most probable, or at the very least plausable?

You were defending what Trump meant about not being in Moscow. He now states he was in Moscow.
I think there was a very simple chain of events:

Trump was told he was not in Moscow overnight. - (We now know that this was not true)
Trump told Comey, he was told he was not in Moscow overnight.
Trump repeated what he said to Comey about not being in Moscow overnight, but without the introduction that that was what he was told (although that was clearly what he meant).
Someone finds proof that Trump was in Moscow overnight.
Trump realizes that those who told him he wasn't in Moscow overnight were wrong.
Trump says he was in Moscow overnight.

I don't see any evidence at all of Trump lying about it, it seems that those who told Trump he wasn't in Moscow overnight either lied or made a mistake.

Appreciate the translation.
You care to address the original comment?
Please specify which comment.

twisting of facts
"Kol haposel bemumo posel" (He who finds fault in others identifies the blemish in himself, Talmud Ḳiddushin 70b).

Good/bad gun nonsense ends again with tragic results. How many more must die?
We should also take guns away from cops, clearly they don't help them and only make us less safe by having more guns around.

I stop responding to him a long time ago in this thread. That will not change.
What happened? I proved you wrong too many times, so you'd rather ignore the truth?

As soon as you know who backs up the idiotic claim that at least two other members besides myself asked him to.  :)
I just told you multiple times, and even brought an article explaining that the CDC had proof to this and just released it.

ETA: is there a reason you keep ignoring my proof?

I am not looking to twist anything. I took what he said word for word. You are one saying he meant something other that what he said. His second statement was clear!!!

The bigger question is what does it say about your character when you try and defend all these despicable things he says?
His second statement followed the first one, which clearly said he didn't remember. I don't know why you keep attacking my character for understanding his statement the way it was clearly intended, same thing with breeding. You can understand it however you want, and if it makes you happy to assume he meant something that he clearly didn't mean, that's your prerogative, but don't attack my character, because you have a problem.

General Discussion / Re: Kosher, Kashrus and Hechsherim Master thread
« on: April 25, 2018, 11:11:48 AM »
What makes one a potato chip and the other a kettle cooked potato chip? The only difference is the thickness. The ones you have seen at weddings are more like the kettle ones than the regular ones.

 I would not bring anything from the YSI canteen anyhow. At one point they allowed BBQ chips until I got someone to ask R Reuven that all BBQ chips start off as regular ones and just have spices put on them after. I am not sure that the understanding of the metzius is complete.
My "expertise" (or lack thereof) ends here, maybe one day I'll have a chance to figure out why there's a difference.

General Discussion / Re: Kosher, Kashrus and Hechsherim Master thread
« on: April 25, 2018, 11:00:14 AM »
Really? Where?
It's usually stuck into mashed potatoes.

Stop making yourself looking so foolish. You defend his despicable behavior at every turn. That speaks volumes about your character. Something you should think about.

I guess you missed this part of the article: Trump made the same claim a second time, telling Comey in a later Oval Office meeting "that he hadnít stayed overnight in Russia during the Miss Universe trip,Ē as Comey wrote.

That is stating a fact!!!
Stop looking to twist what he said, and then blaming me for saying that is clearly not what he intended. The first time he said they told him he didn't stay overnight, clearly that's what he was referring to the second time around too.

If he lied, you can call him out for it, but when he repeats what someone else told him, you can't call him out for lying, if you want you can call out the people who did lie.

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