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Just Shmooze / Re: NBA Master Thread
« on: Today at 11:12:45 AM »
he can move there permanently when he retires and be besties with whoever he want. He doesnt have to play there. That is very 90s thinking. The world is a much smaller place now.
I disagree. Cities love their stars. Kobe is loved in LA, Lebron isn't he's just another famous person (cheaper by the dozen there).

Just Shmooze / Re: NBA Master Thread
« on: Today at 11:08:01 AM »
LA does not have a draft pick this year it goes to Philly/Bos. I doubt he wants to play with Lonzo ball either, the guy cant shoot he needs shooters. These days you do not need to play for a big market team to get brand recognition. He is doing fine in CLE and westbrook is doing fine in OKC. If there is one person who doesnt need to expand his brand its LBJ. All he wants to do is win

A wildcard team for him to go to is philly but that will be very unlikely.
You can't compare the lifestyle of an LA superstar to a CLE superstar even for Lebron. Koby is besties with Spielberg and all the other big names in Hollywood, Lebron isn't because he isn't in LA. It's a nice place for retirement and he already own a home there.

Just Shmooze / Re: NBA Master Thread
« on: Today at 10:25:17 AM »
i don't see how going to LA makes it easier for him
Have you been in Cleveland in the winter? ;)

Just Shmooze / Re: NBA Master Thread
« on: Yesterday at 11:53:37 PM »
Doesn't look good for your hero.  :)
If Boston makes the finals this year it'll be a black stain on LeBron's legacy. And his ticket to LA ;)

Just Shmooze / Re: NBA Master Thread
« on: Yesterday at 11:17:50 AM »

uh yea.... but does that not warrant thats its even cheaper than amazon sells their refurbish for!
I was just pointing it out, the 2nd gen will be this price soon. But if you want to argue it's been less before with purchase of 2 :P and it wasn't a gen old then.

1st gen

Is any food place open till late (2ish) ?
Possibly house of dog. Can come over for some chicken soup ;)

Have there been menu and service improvements in Backyard BBQ since the new management (Mendel Segal) took over? (We are planning to go during Yeshiva week...)

It's not even recognizable as the same food.

I've been meaning to write up a TR for a while there. It's AMAZING now!

Looking to do South Florida for a weekend with the kids. Is there anywhere to rent nice house aside from North Miami Beach? Also, does anyone offer entire an Shabbos pkg delivered at a reasonable price to a rental home?
Look on Airbnb?

Kosher kingdom has a great selection, just got there and pick out what you like.

Excellent deal, not the right market though ;)

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