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What about last year's anonymous DDFer? IIRC he was the one who arranged the account that we used.

Or just buy an account from a broker and figure it out.
This is the most likely scenario.

Why not just pay back a master account with points transfers.
Marriott audits accounts with too many transfers but I guess if someone's willing to take the risk that's fine.

Iím potentially in. Are we having a team or joining individually?
Team if we can swing it.

How's the hip? Can we count you this year?

I'm most likely in, I was actually just thinking about this last week.

Just Shmooze / Re: Welcome Oscar Munoz
« on: Yesterday at 07:57:07 PM »

So $9.6 million for being a bad CEO is fine as long as you don't take a bonus?

Up In The Air / Re: COPA AIR - Star Alliance
« on: Yesterday at 07:49:54 PM »
Tempting but thatís an extra flight and 10k more each way pp.

We will probably fly Copa J.  Thank you both.
True, it's worth it only if you specifically want to experience it. IMO it's pretty cool but probably not worth it in your situation.

Up In The Air / Re: COPA AIR - Star Alliance
« on: Yesterday at 03:47:58 PM »
I know it's a question that only I can answer for myself, but I'm interested to know your (and others') opinion on whether it's worth the extra UA miles to travel in J? 17.5k vs. 30k each way.   I realize it is "domestic F" and the KSML may be inedible.  I have access to PP lounges, so not much benefit, plus I don't even know what lounge Copa uses at BOS? Maybe the UA lounge in a totally different terminal, not connected airside?

But it's a small amount of additional miles to fly it worth it?

 I shouldíve mentioned, the route is Boston to Panama City. Itís about six hours each way.
If it were me I would fly J. Or you can fly CA via IAH in F for 40k

Cleveland is as far as I go, meet me there or forfeit it. :P
You tempt me...

Chicken dinner for you my man, go refreeze that crow
Hey, I found you too, I'll settle for some pastrami  :)
The $0.09 question! Or was it 1.7? .3?

Nice TR!!!
Center top, did I win?
+1 Nice TR!
The real question is how much the points are worth  ;)

Credit Cards / Re: Un-do a new AMEX credit card application?
« on: April 23, 2018, 08:02:20 PM »
Funny, this just happened to a friend who knows little about credit cards. He applied and was approved for the AMEX Platinum Personal. He called and said he did it by mistake, and he claims that they just canceled the application. I would imagine the hard pull is irreversible.
More likely that they just canceled the card and it will still report to the CB's.

DDF DO Board / Re: Chicago 10 Teves DO Redux: 12/28/17
« on: April 23, 2018, 07:53:26 PM »
Well well well. Always playing the victim.
That's me 😜

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