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Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Deals on
« on: Today at 04:23:45 PM »
Its not fulfilled by Jet, you'll probably not got the entire 1000.
It's not the first time they had a mistake with the same retailer.
Let's put it this way, no matter what you will get it will not be 1000 cups


Free Starbucks K-Cup Sample

Free Starbucks Lighter Roast, Medium Roast or Dark Roast K-Cups Sample pack.

Limit of one per household.

Site is slow, but it worked for me

Yup site is getting slammed right now, been trying for a few minutes already

Alive again, 1.99 for all versions

I see $21 something after ss where do you see $19?

I do see for $23 a deal better then yours once your buying at this high price for the cubes.

$2 coupon

Just Shmooze / Re: Comments That Leave Me Speechless...
« on: Yesterday at 07:17:13 PM »
Cycle goes leoa>DDF HT collector>DDMS


This one wasnt even on sd (it was in 2011 though)

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