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This is a very good way to destroy a knife.

What did I miss?

What's nauseating is that they got a Yid to read that statement. (Or maybe that's what you meant.)

You cant make this stuff up.

Moore's wife, reading from prepared remarks (or notes) on a yellow legal pad, tried to defend her husband from charges that he is intolerant of others.
"Fake news will tell you that we don't care for Jews," Moore said. "One of our attorneys is a Jew.
Them and the Port Authority terrorist....


How about it favoring Religious schools over other private schools?
It shouldn't

My point was only that in order to understand how this industry works, you'd have to speak to someone in it, or at least very familiar with it. I wasn't saying what the rav should base his decision on.
That is something a Rov will always try to get a feel for. Some things are like that and some not. Typically when reviewing a shaylo a Rov will try to get initial research and then see if they need to dig deeper. That it pretty similar to the way anyone would research any random topic.

It is also part of why one cannot pasken choshen mishpat without hearing both sides.

On the other hand, the  big argument for deductibility is that it should be similar to the way others pay for education through property taxes. Once SALT is not deductible that argument disappears.

Sounds about right :)
This is not the thread in which I posted it. Not sure how it ended up here.

I believe he said they actually paid for it.

Now use some logic here. The FBI becomes aware of the dossier. It is there jog to investigate if it is true. The person you want to talk to is the guy who produced it.

Meaning the DOJ guy's wife?


Let me spoonfeed it:

Any such provision is likely to be challenged and end up in front of the SCOTUS.
On what basis? It would be religion neutral.

Just Shmooze / Re: Prison
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Anonymity is over-rated in these forums.
+1 Anyone who thinks that those who know them from before cannot figure out who they are is fooling only themselves. It is possible that some are anonymous but don't rely on it.

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