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2) Who decides which side is playing politics?
I know that does something to advance a position I disagree with is playing politics.


/thread Overall very interesting. Here are some important points

Running to night seder, so click on the link below to see the complete text of a post of mine, where I explain at length.
Now you are changing from he didn't answer it to that you have a reply to his answer? So then why are you saying that he did not answer?

As do you.

You still haven't answered @avromie7's question:


My bad read it wrong. One or two would have died.

DING! you've got (mail) a question!


What age would you like to see, and are people under that age significantly more likely to commit murder?


They sure do when your not home.

They saved lots of kids in this case. Of course you didn't address this.

If the security guard at the school would have had a gun how would this incident have been different?

People are arguing that? Don't we have more guns then people? Wouldn't that make us the safest country in the world using the logic more guns make us safer?
They don't do much good in the safe. If the security guard at the school would have had a gun how would this incident have been different?

The fact is that wherever you go there is someone with a gun to fight against any potential shooter. If there would be armed security guards in every school, shopping mall entrance and other public area then there is much less of an argument to be made that more guns make people safer. There already is a gun at every street corner and they therefore do not need another.

Did you watch these kids speeches today? Most of what they said was well thought out.
In which case they were readiong political speeches written for them with an agenda to embarrass Scott. All the more reason to not be there.

WOW you are delusional.
Turn the news on and listen to these kids talking to the president. You will learn something. If give him all the credit for not running away like Gov Scott!!!

As it happens, technically the reason why it is warm in the northeast it is because of the cold in the west-midwest. There is a la-nina causing the cold in the west to dip further south. This is changing the jetstream and bringing warm southern air up along the east coast. Expect the NE to have above average temperatures for the remainder of the wionter with the opposite in the midwest/west.

Why would he want to be yelled at by a bunch of kids calling for things based on nothing but emotion. It is not like they made an appointment.

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