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Tech Talk / NYC new area code: 332
« on: May 05, 2017, 07:00:54 PM »
Just found out about area code 332 when I got a text from T-Mo alerting me to the new area code overlaying 212/917/646. 332 has barely made it to Wikipedia.
Amazing how these area codes keep filling up.
Any opportunities to get a designer 332 number?


Not sure when it'll ship or arrive.

Tech Talk / UberEATS Master Thread
« on: April 04, 2017, 07:09:16 PM »
Didn't see an UberEATS thread so I'm starting one.

Any idea what happened to Kosher in the UberEATS app?

Citi has already had a 500k/transfer limit in the T&C for years, but it appears they recently started to enforce it for online transfers to airline/hotel partners.

I have two data-points confirming the above website limit. Anyone successfully able to transfer more than 500k in one shot to a travel partner this week? At least Citi doesn't limit to 79,999 like SPG does.

You heard it first here on DDF.

SAS has an awesome offer, especially for families with many children. With 1 adult fare booked on, you get free tickets for children 2-11.

Book before January 23rd, flights between Feb 7 and Apr 9. Works for Economy and Economy Plus.

For example, I priced out 1 adult plus 6 children in Econ Plus (Saver) EWR-CPH-EWR nonstop roundtrip - $1,308 total for all 7 seats!

Only valid for flights operated by SAS, departure has to be from USA and destination has to be in Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden.

Just Shmooze / Jewish Websites Allowing Ads For The Binary Options Scam
« on: January 12, 2017, 03:42:44 PM »
Not sure this belongs here, can't believe a frum "news" site would post this cr@p. What exactly is the scam here?

Just Shmooze / Should the current thread have a poll?
« on: November 14, 2016, 11:42:37 PM »
Poll options are alphabetized.

Inspired by:

should we add a poll😉

Posting for a relative:

As the title says, I'm looking for the best deal out there on a glucose (blood-sugar-level) self-testing / monitoring system. By best deal I'm also referring to the long-term cost as I seem to remember some devices are very cheap but the compatible strips are prohibitively expensive.

If anyone has any experience please share. TIA.

Save 20% on Diapers Sold by When You Order Through Alexa, Compliments of Amazon Family
For a limited time, Prime members can now save 20% on diapers sold by Amazon when ordering with Alexa voice shopping enabled devices like Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Fire TV—no subscription required! If this is your first time ordering diapers from Amazon, just ask Alexa for the size and brand you prefer. If you have already ordered diapers from Amazon, Alexa will re-order the same brand you ordered last time. Just ask:

• “Alexa, reorder diapers”
• “Alexa, order Pampers size 3”
• “Alexa, order Huggies Overnites size 5”
• “Alexa, order Easy Ups for boys size 3 T”

Alexa will review your order including the discount, and just say “Yes!” to confirm.

To redeem, you must be an Amazon Prime member, with 1-Click payment enabled. We'll use your default payment and shipping settings to place your order. Restrictions apply.

Visit to join.

Any way to get this without an Alexa device? Can you stack it with Amazon Mom?

ETA: What a scam! Amazon Mom is now Amazon Family (probably been this way for a while but I haven't noticed), and you don't need Alexa to get the 20% off.

General Discussion / מתנות לאביונים online?
« on: March 13, 2016, 08:35:10 AM »
Looking for the best place to observe the mitzvah online, no proper Jewish אביונים where I'll be for Purim.

Priorities are:
1. Reliable organization.
2. Collects for real poor people (not a school/ othercause.
3. Will distribute the funds on Purim, same day.
4. Bonus if they will give two gifts to two poor people on my behalf.

Multiple suggestions welcome. Thanks, tizku lmitzvos.

Deals/Deal Requests / B&H camera + printer deal ($350 rebate)
« on: December 03, 2015, 09:37:22 AM »
See image.

Just Shmooze / Possible Qty Mistake: E-6000 Adhesive
« on: November 26, 2015, 07:02:57 AM »

Amazon page shows qty 5 for ~$6, which is what 1 usually goes for.

I ordered and received only one, but I'm going to call and ask them to send me the other four...

Anyone get 40% off that they aren't using? Please PM me.

All my accounts got 25% or 30% off.

Credit Cards / Bank Account in the US for a Foreign Corporation
« on: August 18, 2015, 02:54:21 PM »
Hoping some people here have experience with this:

Foreign national (Israeli, no US citizenship or residency), would like to open a legit bank account in the US to receive payment for goods/services sold to customers located in the US.

How does one go about setting up such an account? Does a legal entity have to be created in the US? and are there any banks that will open such an account without the business owner having US citizenship/residency or even an SSN?

It would be nice if the bank also had capacity to schedule ACH withdrawals from the customers' (US) bank accounts, since most customers pay for goods in installments.

The business owner is looking to do things legitimately and pay taxes in Israel for income earned on US sales, but is looking for the most painless way to do so.

Thanks in advance for any experience/advice you can share, as well as if you can point me to any related DDF discussions (and I don't mean threads discussing how to withdraw cash in Israel with no ForEx fees).

Just Shmooze / Why Sears is going to go bankrupt!!!
« on: February 10, 2015, 12:56:57 PM »
Short version:
Sears can't figure out how to get their IT-Systems to allow my order to be delivered.

Long version:

On 1/18/2015 I placed an order on SearsOutlet for a floor model stackable-Washer/Dryer, I got a great deal, ~50% off even after their steep deliver cost. My card was charged immediately, I was expecting my item on 01/27/2015.

Turns out I used my delivery address as my billing address, but my CC actually had another address on file. Someone from Sears called and asked me a few questions and told me the issue was resolved, Right?.... Wrong!!!

There was a big snowstorm in the NY area on the 25th/26th/27th (?), so when I called and asked, they told me my delivery would be postponed a few days. Meanwhile, the SearsOutlet store with my item shipped it on the 1/27/15, and it arrived in a Sears warehouse in Syosset NY (less than 20 minutes from my house) on the 1/29/15.

Since then there has been an audit/pend-code on my order (I suspect this is because of the "fraud" issue above, which was never removed in their delivery system).

I've spent countless hours on the phone, Sears CSRs, supervisors, and computer systems are all incompetent, here are the reasons they have given me for the audit:
  • The item is discontinued so they can't sell it anymore
  • I never paid for the item
  • There was a snowstorm, and the item wasn't ready for delivery on the scheduled date
  • An audit was initiated by a department that ensures orders get fulfilled on a timely basis (WTF does that mean and how does that explain my delay)

I've spoken to supervisors in all of the following offices, and all they can do is write an email/message requesting the audit been removed, everyone blames a different one of the following offices/departments:

  • The Sears Outlet store - They say they shipped my order and it's out of their hands
  • Sears Outlet customer service - They say it's Delivery's fault
  • Sears Delivery - They blame all the others on this list and try (unsuccessfully) to call the other departments to resolve the issue
  • "Sears Solutions" - the CSR actually conferences all the above departments and they couldn't resolve the issue....
  • Sears Fraud Department - They don't know why the other departments see the audit, they removed it
  • Unreachable:
    • Sears Offline - The department that's supposed to remove the audit
    • Sears CrossDock (or is it CrossStock) in Syosset, where my item is physically located.
    • Their (non-existent?) social-media team never responded to my inquiries. SearsCares, yeah right...

I've been constantly and consistently lied to and misinformed, as follows:
  • My order confirmation links to this page which promises a call three days before my scheduled delivery date, and another call the night before. I've had several delivery dates and never received any of these calls.
  • My order status page says my order is in transit, there's nothing there about it being pending or on hold
  • They've already requested my audit be removed 8-10 times, the first request was on 01/29/15, it was supposed to take 24-48 hours
  • Several times I was promised a $100 giftcard in compensation, it never made it to my email (I checked spam as well)
  • They gave me the wrong tracking number for the freight company that carried my order to Syosset
  • My credit card wasn't charged for the order, it's just pending (It's clearly on my Amex statement which already closed)
  • I was promised multiple callbacks from supervisors, they never bothered calling me back
  • I was given multiple dates as the latest possible date I can expect my item to be delivered, these dates have come and gone
  • The CSR tells me: "Here's a number you can call:" and reads me back my own phone number...
  • I ask a question, the CSR puts me on hold, after 10 minutes on hold the CSR comes back with more information about my order that doesn't answer my question at all

All they can offer is to keep sending requests to remove the audit, the new timeframe is 3-5 days, and if it isn't removed then (they aren't embarrassed to tell me this) I can wait another 5 days.

The internet is full of such stories, unfortunately I'm far from the only one.

In summation, it doesn't matter how much real-estate Sears owns, their mismanagement and fragmented departments/IT-systems is going to take them down.

Inspired by Why I hate the USPS

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