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Title says it all!

Up In The Air / Cool Jewish App for flyers
« on: June 28, 2017, 04:50:45 PM »
We are super excited to let you know about our latest upgrade: MyZmanim Air – Version 2!
Having processed 30,000+ orders for in-flight zmanim, we’ve learned a lot.
With help from the One Above, we’ve now transformed this knowledge + experience into reality.

MyZmanim Air V2—the product of extensive research, programming, and testing—is...
Easier to use
More precise
More comprehensive
The full scoop: (if you're a techie, this is for you!)
Rapid turnaround. New algorithm runs 50+ times faster! Get your PDF sooner.
Scalability. We can process more orders per day and keep up with the demand, even during peak-traffic.
Support for bi-directional flights. If your flight sometimes travels east and sometimes west (e.g. JFK to Hong Kong) , we’ve got you covered.
Date Line. We’ll let you know what time your flight crosses the Halachic Date Line. -- Example: You’re considering booking a flight that leaves South Korea at 5 AM Friday and arrives in New York at 7:20 AM Friday. Does this flight go in and out of Shabbos, or does the day become Thursday before you encounter shekiah?
Zmanim for high latitudes. Say goodbye to those annoying XXXX’s !
Arctic times. For polar flights, we’ll let you know what time your flight enters and exits the Arctic.
Added zmanim for Midnight and Earliest Maariv (essential for eastbound flights at high latitudes in which the window for maariv is very short.)
Flight leg selection. For flights that have multiple legs, select the one you need.
Expected Landing Time. This time clarifies why some zmanim don’t occur in-flight, and helps you determine if you’ll have time to daven after landing.
Enhanced backend tools.  New analytics toolbox empowers MyZmanim staff to answer complex questions from users, faster—and better.
Easy-to-read format. Your eyes will thank you!
Mobile-friendly PDF. No more “did you pack your printout?” hassles. Just bring your phone!
Flightpath map. Get to see the actual paths that were used to compute your zmanim.

Use code FIREWORKS10

Deals/Deal Requests / 20% off the entire site!
« on: June 22, 2017, 07:06:15 AM »
They are having a friends and family event. Use code Family at checkout. Stacks with the Amex offer!

Max discount from the code is $50

Register for this offer below
Book now through 6/19 for travel through 7/31/17
Fly JetBlue and enjoy your trip
Check your TrueBlue account approximately 4-6 weeks after 7/31/17. Your points will be automatically re-deposited to the account!

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