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no go for me
Mobile and desktop?

Just Shmooze / Re: Fauda
« on: Today at 08:50:18 PM »
I thought it was good in the beginning but then season 2 got "fake" and same old stuff.
Bummer. Not worth watching season 2?

Dan, your prediction they would honor it ?

Seems dead
13 dead, 14 alive via DDMS link.

Damn it, anti semites/zionists. Israeli day parade day and thatís a conflict I canít get out of.
Now that is one lame excuse. Worse than your excuse for missing 2016 game 7 in OAK.

I've stopped reading/posting on DDF (taking too much of my time), but got a notification so I'll respond and check back to follow up a couple of times.

I've only been here 8 months, but this is what I see so far.

Tuition is obviously much cheaper or free.

Professional Services are much cheaper (instead of $100 minimum charge for a plumber, it will be 150₪

Health Care is free. It's not an American PPO obviously but I think it's ok. You don't need to wait to see doctors. We have additional health Care which will cover surgery at any doctor and all possible medications and isn't super expensive (still working on, but likely my employer will cover this)

Housing in yerushalayim/RBS is VERY expensive, compare to the most expensive places in NYC

Car ownership is prohibitively expensive, between cost of the car, gas, insurance, registration fees, etc.

Food - some things are more expensive, some are less. Overall it's probably similar to Toronto, which is to say a tad higher than NYC.

In terms of employment, BH I've been very lucky to be able to keep my job abroad and work remotely. From what I understand, if you work in tech (which BH, I do), salaries are extremely competitive and similar to the US. Law/accounting apparently salaries aren't competitive. My wife is in education and honestly we are just looking to break even on costs associated with her working.

But in general, people live a simple lifestyle here. Not that everyone is a parush, it's just the way of life.

We could not be happier, BH.
We miss you :)

Are the costs for your wife to work really the same as what she's making?

Me stranded at TKK without any food:


But i heard he bentches nusach sfard


Would have been to my benefit. You'd have been jealous for years... or as long as it took you to do it all over again,
True story. Though the food was checked under the plane, so...

DMYD & myself are tentatively "IN"

Oh, here we go again with that nonsense.
You had a hard time keeping up with me, but at least you didn't miss any of the flights. Even though that would have been hysterical along the hopper.

Tickets to EU are hovering about $400 including baggage, now they're going to charge the same without baggage.
Same thing for every domestic ticket that came with 3 bags of 70 pounds each. Life goes on.

You can theoretically start GOR on Sunday morning, one night in GOR, one night in Grampians, drive back for a flight on Tuesday night to SYD, depart SYD for NY on Thursday morning and arrive into NY Thursday afternoon.

I think you mean TRD :-[
I made it there just fine. Not my fault you can't keep up with me :P

BOO Milts
False. We never made it to BOO  >:(

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