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CM, are you running the Pentagonís twitter account? :)

They were dating the same girl.  :)
Oww. CM on the ball tonight
Now thatís below the belt (no pun intended)

Where you grope makes a big difference.
That is sooo Bill Clinton :P

Franken certainly didn't admit to anything like assault. He wrote that he remembers the rehearsal kiss part differently, and he apologized about the photo - ie miming the act for the picture.

Also, you seem to think that the picture shows him touching her. I'm not convinced that he's touching her at all in picture, but at absolute most his fingertips are barely touching the thick kevlar body armor she's wearing.

As I wrote before, I believe her, and I think he should probably resign. But you're talking about prison and it's a little silly.
So this photo canít be used in court, if it came to that ? (Iím no lawyer, thatís why Iím asking)

Just so we're clear, what is the crime that you think carries a prison sentence that this photo would be evidence of?
And heís admitted to the assault part

Victim testimony is admissible evidence, not just "accusation"
Ok. And does trump admit it or deny it ? If he denies it heís innocent until proven guilty. Franken has been forced to admit it. So my question is can he go to prison ?

I did and the Trump accusations were worse than the photo so that is why I asked about a stiffer penalty (no pun intended).  :)
In my book evidence is worse than accusations.

PM a mod. Not meant to be discussed publicly

Can Trump get the chair based on the accusations of all the women that came forward?  :P
Read what I wrote
based on that photo

Used up already? that was too fast...
way too fast

Could Franken go to prison based on that photo ?

Trip Reports / Re: Southwest tour with the....IN LAWS!!!
« on: Yesterday at 01:31:23 PM »
Really nice scenery pics. Thanks for the writeup

Not when thereís victims

At first glance. Does that mean Iíve got a higher IQ level ? Please ? :)

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