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I will tell you one thing, when I see the LEOA in a thread title it stays untouched... And I'm sure many others do the same

well i almost never write that in the title because then that would imply that is the only reason i am posting it which i hope is not i hope that i am posting it because it is a good deal that people will appreciate but i have no problem with those who do most people on this forum are trying to be helpful and to repeat myself who was already repeating what JJ said if we have a system to vote up or down threads then good deals will stay on top and the not as good ones will go down and then who cares what the title says

98% of the time amazon meets or beats all other competitors so if something is on amazon at its lowest then you are almost guaranteed that you wouldn't have found it cheaper anywhere else ever except perhaps on ebay from a lone seller. So, with that knowledge, yes, leoa coupled with free shipping via prime does matter.

But, some here do post every single leoa item regardless of the price drop be it 1 dollar or 100 dollars and I agree with you completely that it's really annoying to see items here that at best are necessities for a very small demographic (think centrifuge) and at worst are posted just because it's less then $5 (think about the various $2 or $3 books every other day) so yes, in that aspect I am with you 100% and more time should be spent before posting leoa's simply because it's a big drop or it's a buck and that is what YossieW said over here:

Here's an example though of why leoa matters:
This sand and water table is currently on amazon for $71.99 Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table: Toys & Games
That may or may not be a "deal" but in August 16 it was $53.99 which is almost $20 bucks less. So, if I were looking to buy this and I knew that I could've potentially had it for $20 less I would think twice before clicking buy because maybe it will go down again. We all know amazon changes prices as often as the weather forecast and the only reason it's at $71 now (I think) is because that's what it is at target and walmart right now so again, were back to my first point that amazon aggressively acts to meet or beat all competitors.

Finally, why then, do dan and jj make it a point to mention that it's leoa every single time:

"This has never sold for less than $25.16 and is a best seller on Amazon." -
"This is the lowest price for this book ever from Amazon." -
"This is the lowest price for this product ever from Amazon." -
"This is the lowest price for this product ever from Amazon." -
"This was selling for $99 earlier today and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon." -
"This was selling for $8.17 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon."
And the list goes on...

Bottom line, IMHO, leoa does matter and the core problem is in the types of "deals" that are posted

i totally agree thanks for expounding on what i meant which is why i agreed with JJ idea of voting threads up or down not just a like button and that way threads that are not useful will either go down or get deleted

also sometimes someone sees a deal and thinks its good to post or because they need it so they think others do and its not the case, i know that has happened to me and sometimes we all make mistakes or post something that's not that great of a deal so if we put a voting system in place to move threads up or down we don't have to have people jumping down people throats because someone posted an Amazon deal that says LEOA

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Lowest Ever On Amazon (LEOA) MASTER THREAD
« on: March 26, 2017, 09:01:50 PM »
So posting deals isn't bad, it's that sometimes bad deals get thrown in the mix, hence the need for a thumbs down option... Saying the deals are worse now is just plain wrong.

i think most people myself included don't post every time something is the lowest ever on Amazon or other websites we sort out what we think is something of interest to many people because if everyone posted every item that was the lowest ever there would be many times more posts so i think having a thumbs up or down would help solve the issues so whatever captures the most interest would stay on top and deals of no or little interest would work their way off the page

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