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If ocd clean, best bet would be to do hotel. If there's a problem with a vrbo, nothing much can be done if the owner doesn't have someone that can come right away.

Look at condos at the waipouli they vary, but just stayed at a great place with great view modern clean etc

Waipouli and couple nights at the GHK

Best activities to do with young kids?  TY

I have to switch as I was having problems finding a good place for the duration of my stay so I now booked the waipouli for 5 nights and need to decide on another place for two nights

I think 2 Queens will also work

Everyone is raving about the GH so figured it's worth trying. 2 rooms is way above our price range

Food will bring some stuff with us

Ok what are your thoughts - I arrive Thursday to Thursday. I'll start with Thursday to Monday or Tuesday in villa so food is easier and shabbos etc

Then for last two days I'll do the GH

Q is with 3 kids can I take a regular room? Is it hard to sneak in? Thoughts?

I'm landing in Israel Wednesday afternoon and have a wedding to attend in the evening, looking for a boutique with large selection of dresses where I am guaranteed to find something tznius.

Best would be central Israel but willing to drive to Jerusalem if necessary.

I was told Bnei Brak has but they close shops from 2-5

Do you have a specific area you want to stay?  Why'd you rule out GHK?

Going in July which seems to be peak season.. and unlikely for any upgrades.. need to have room for 3 kids

Any accommodation ideas other then Hyatt? For fam with kids ty

Looking for a hotel for a friend, he needs a nice place preferable walking distance to a nice Chabad House for shabbos davening. Any suggestions? Does Santa Monica have anything worthwhile?  How about Beverly Hills? SLS is slightly pricier then they want. looking to pay $250-300 a night.

I am planning a trip in January with 4 kids ages 3-11, would like some advice on places worth visiting. Is kruger for kids my ages a must? or should I just stick with Cape Town and go to one of the private parks nearby?  What else would be fun for young kids?

Any reason to go to Johannesburg? I will arrive Jan 2 and stay til the 10th, any help greatly appreciated! 

Thanks a lot

Looking for $920 united E certificate or something close to that, willing to pay 80%


There is a Cafe Cafe at the beach, i don't know if they are currently mehadrin 


Both places seem like they aren't very good.

Is there anything else nicer? or amazing meat place? THANK YOU

Looking for Mehadrin dairy restaurant in Tel Aviv/central area anyone have any ideas?

Thank you

for dates I am looking at, anything bigger then regular room is $1000+ a night

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