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Up In The Air / Re: Hidden City Ticketing
« on: Today at 09:09:14 AM »
Why isn't the wiki placed in
Code: [Select]
coding that way you can copy and paste?
I think you can just replace the wiki with this, to clear it up. You can keep the original data as a link posted in the commments here.

What does "Gold Status" get you?
An extra programs Status to add to your DDF profile  :)

Up In The Air / Re: bad idea?
« on: Yesterday at 04:58:01 PM »
Lost the space:( seems weird as there were multiple seats on multiple flights and all gone now. will keep checking
There's a 9:30AM flight showing available.

Up In The Air / Re: Is this the worst week for airlines?
« on: Yesterday at 03:57:53 PM »
Link is about flying WITH pets. I'm asking about sending pets by themselves.
GIMF  :)

Up In The Air / Re: Is this the worst week for airlines?
« on: Yesterday at 03:53:07 PM »
How much does it cost to send  a dog on a flight?
And do they go in the main cabin? I cant imagine that they go in Cargo.
$75-$200 depending on airline.
Some allow pets in cargo (with possible added fee), others do not.

Up In The Air / Re: bad idea?
« on: Yesterday at 03:47:03 PM »
i assume that only helps me with change fee, wont help put me on flight with no award availability?
Instead of sitting here and assuming, go get started on the process (before you lose tomorrows space).. You always have the option of canceling within 24h if you don't get what you want.

From the United Weather Waiver page:
The change fee and any difference in fare will be waived for new United flights departing on or before March 24, 2018, as long as travel is rescheduled in the originally ticketed cabin (any fare class) and between the same cities as originally ticketed.​​
As long as there are unsold Business Class seats, they should re-book you on that.

After your flight is booked, there might even be an option directly on the UA website to process the change (without having to call).

General Discussion / Re: Bingo wholesale club in Brooklyn
« on: Yesterday at 01:32:27 PM »

On The Road / Re: Hertz Master Thread
« on: Yesterday at 01:29:23 PM »
thanks, even at same location?
Per a bunch of reports on FT of people doing it, yes.

On The Road / Re: Hertz Master Thread
« on: Yesterday at 01:26:16 PM »
can i have 2 open rentals by hertz?

On The Road / Re: Hertz Master Thread
« on: Yesterday at 01:24:18 PM »
do they ask proof that he lives at same address?
I transferred points to DW's account, her account was in maiden name.
I changed her address online to same as mine and called right away (with her there, they wanted her to verify some info). Didn't need to submit anything.

On The Road / Re: Hertz Master Thread
« on: Yesterday at 01:03:23 PM »
I have hertz points in my account which i dont plan or really have were to use them
is there any way to transfer or sell hertz points?
You can transfer to a "partner" (no proof required) at the same address. So whomever you wanna sell to would need to change their address to yours.

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: T-mobile Tuesdays (free stuff)
« on: Yesterday at 12:03:52 PM »
I went to pick one up for dw. They only let me take one since I only had one phone...
Go later in the day and you might get:
was in the store yesterday and they insisted I take home 10 of these b/c I have 10 lines.

General Discussion / Re: Optimum internet
« on: March 19, 2018, 04:09:32 PM »
Anyone know if I can have two modems under a single Optimum account?
Use case: House is wired for cable but not ethernet, so in order to have two access points I can hopefully setup two modems and routers in either sides of the house, or I would need to install new wiring for a second access point using ethernet. I have not had good experiences with wireless range extenders and the like. 
Each modem would need its own internet plan.

Ever looked into a Powerline setup? Much easier then installing new wiring..
If you don't have wired internet upstairs, look into getting a Powerline Adapter to bring the "wired" upstairs (it runs the internet through your electrical wiring), then use the Access Point as mentioned..

Up In The Air / Re: Aeroplan Master Thread
« on: March 19, 2018, 01:54:29 PM »
Aeroplan strikes deal with Amazon for shoppers to earn points online - Business
Only Canadian Aeroplan members (shopping through it seems.

Anyways, discussion of shopping portals not allowed on DDF..

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