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Credit Cards / Re: Chase ink cash new bonus
« on: Yesterday at 12:08:21 PM »
I don't know if you made a typo or just explained that horribly but that made no sense.
I took it to mean if I have another UR card that allows transfers to Hyatt these points will also transfer, no?

Credit Cards / Re: Chase ink cash new bonus
« on: Yesterday at 12:06:27 PM »
I don't have a business. Can I still sign up for chase ink to get the $500 bonus?
That would be fraud.

Senior WH aids say to ignore Trumps tantrum to veto the spending bill. Take it as a child lashing out, meaningless.

Credit Cards / Re: Chase ink cash new bonus
« on: Yesterday at 12:01:50 PM »
UR points converted to cash
Same transfer partners, Hyatt?

Maybe put it in the matzah? I'm not sure. Definitely if he's killing children, that is why.
Never had matzah so you are asking the wrong person. Maybe ask Trump.  :P
Don't confuse the unborn with children.  ;)

Sure, then he puts the blood on his matza.
I don't think that is true but have heard it many times.

Abortion--totally cool.
Check with your LOR but I don't think he will have a problem with murdering the unborn!!!

Credit Cards / Re: Chase ink cash new bonus
« on: Yesterday at 10:56:38 AM »
Is this actual cash or UR points converted to cash?

Just Shmooze / Re: LMS morning edition!
« on: Yesterday at 10:51:54 AM »
This thread shouldn't even exist, let alone have actual rules.

General Discussion / Re: 10K from United!!!
« on: Yesterday at 10:47:01 AM »
She was live tweeting play by play that got their attention.

Do you consider that similar to hitting on a minor?
No but that's like asking me if some that kills 5 people is better than someone that kills 10 people. We are talking about morals here. Also remember the Trumpsters still don't believe these women. That is how they justify the scumbag in their own mind.

This doesn't compare to RM in the slightest. This was consensual with a woman whose is not quite a paragon of chastity and is actually even more promiscuous than he is.
Are you forgetting about the born again playmate last night that he took on a tour of the apartment when his DW was not home?

What is a real story about this? We have all known that Trump is a piece of garbage who does these things since at least the 80s.
The straw that breaks the camel's back. Look at Roy Moore.

If he had an ounce of decency he would resign to save his DW and family further shame and pain.

Let's see if this will become a real story. Not like most of the other ones that were headlines for a few days and then nothing came of it.
It has been months already and not a peep out of the master of twitter. Then last night we had the playmate giving her detailed account.

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