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Name Phone                      Address                           Dairy/Meat/Parve    Hashgacha
18212-517-2400      240 E. 81st (2nd & 3rd)M                      OK
Ladino Tapas212-265-6520        940 8th Ave (W 55th & W 56th) OU
NoiDue212-712-2222    143 West 69th (Bdwy & Columbus)D                      NKS Rí Mehlman
Soom Soom212-712-2525    166 W. 72nd (Amst. & Columbus)P                      NKS Rí Mehlman
Mike's Bistro 212-799-3911         127 E. 54th (Park & Lexington)M                            OU
My Most Favorite Food 212-580-5130       247 W. 72nd (Broadway & West End)D                            OK
Bagels & Co.212-496-9400        393 Amsterdam (79th)D                  R' Yaakov Neiman
Estihana212-501-0393        221 W. 79 St. (Broadway & Amst.)M                  Vaad Flatbush
Grill 212   212-724-7455   212 W. 80th (Bdway & Amsterdam)M          Rí Avrohom Marmorstein
PrimeKo212-496-1888   217 W. 85th (Broadway & Amsterdam)M          OU
Kasbah212-496-1500   251 W. 85th (Broadway & West End)M          OK
Alibaba212-787-6008   515 Amsterdam (W. 85th)M               Rí Avrohom Marmorstein
Coffee Bean212-799-1444   200 W. 86th (Cor. Amsterdam)D               KOF-K
Bagel Basket212-721-1800   618 Amsterdam (W. 89th & 90th)D               NKS Rí Mehlman
Kosher Marketplace212-580-6378   2442 Broadway (90 & 91)Take OutRí Avrohom Marmorstein
Amsterdam Buger Co       212-362-0700        654 Amsterdam (W.92nd)M         Rí Avrohom Marmorstein
Supersol212-222-6332   661 Amsterdam (W. 92nd & 93rd)Take Out     Vaad of Riverdale
Talia's Steakhouse212-580-3770   668 Amsterdam (92nd & 93rd)M          Rí Avrohom Marmorstein
Gan Asia212-280-3800   691 Amsterdam (W. 93rd & 94th)M           Rí Avrohom Marmorstein
Screme Gelato Bar212-663-1362   176 W. 94th St (& Amsterdam)D    NKS Rí Mehlman
Dunkin Donuts212-864-1046   687 Amsterdam (W. 94th)D                                NKS Rí Mehlman
Cafe Roma212-875-8972   854 Amsterdam (W. 101st & 102nd)           D                  Rí Avrohom Marmorstein


Carlos & Gabby'sFlatbushMeat, Mexican



Long Island


Please add restaurants and activities from the following links:
Long Island


American Museum of Natural History     200 Central Park West  New York, NY 10024     Yes     
Bryant Park Ice Skating and Winter VillageYes
Intrepid Sea Air and Space MuseumYes
Macy's Inflation Celebration (see the Thanksgiving Day Parade floats being blown up on Thanksgiving Eve) 79th and ColumbusYes
Times Square
NEW! Samsung 837837 Washington St, New York, NY 10014Yes

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Author Topic: NYC Master Thread  (Read 201952 times)

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Re: NYC Master Thread
« Reply #1800 on: May 15, 2018, 08:01:31 AM »
looking to do a day trip from NYC. fly out in the morning fly back that night. Can't stay overnight.
Was thinking boston but I've been there before. Anyone have any better ideas? (end of may time so weather should be good anywhere) TIA

Basically, any big city with early morning flights out and late flights back and things to do in the big city.

Chicago would be a good option.

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Re: NYC Master Thread
« Reply #1801 on: May 15, 2018, 11:35:51 AM »
Basically, any big city with early morning flights out and late flights back and things to do in the big city.

Chicago would be a good option.
Also take distance from airport to sites into account
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Re: NYC Master Thread
« Reply #1802 on: May 17, 2018, 10:18:08 AM »
Short flights include: BOS, DC, PHL, TOR, BUF (Niagra Falls). CHI could work too, though a bit further. If going along the Northeast corridor, Amtrak is might be quicker and cheaper (quicker due to Amtrak being much closer to city-centers in those cities, especially if you take Acela), plus no security).