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To signup for credit cards you can click here or on the “other credit cards” tab on top of the DansDeals logo banner to view links for card offers. Then just click on the link to “View all card offers by issuing bank” and scroll down to view all card offers from the bank of your choice.

50k offer now

Intro APR for 15 months on balance transfers made within 45 days of account opening

Barclays doesn't approve a second card in almost all circumstances.
Iv'e got my wife this card and 3 weeks later applied for US Airways got approved as well without closing first one although only $600 credit line. so YMMV
The way to go is to close your card, wait a week (I can only vouch for a week, might be less), apply for a new card (I can only vouch for a different card, it might not matter. Try it out!) and bam! get approved instantly! (that's what almost all Barclays approvals are)

The evidence is still only from a small number of cases, but it works.

P.S. I don't take responsibility and you can't sue me if it doesn't work.

P.P.S. This is called the SFGM. It's named after the person who helped me discover it.

There are many, many reports of success churning the card without needing a new FFN.

Ask for the annual fee to be waived. It will be. Don't give up after 1 no. The first responders are "relationship managers." They are often unhelpful with the fee. Just ask specifically to speak to "an account specialist." They can waive the fee. If you have trouble getting to an account specialist, you can tell the relationship manager who answers the phone that you were on the line with an account specialist and got disconnected. They should be more than happy to "reconnect" you.
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Author Topic: Barclays Lufthansa Miles & More Card  (Read 280343 times)

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Re: Barclays Lufthansa Miles & More Card
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#1 is there a business version of this card?
#2 how long do the miles expire?
1 no 2 after 3 years unless you have regular spend on the CC