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Ill spell it out for the feeble.
You dont call up and ask if they take Visa gift cards for  a money order.
You dont call up and ask if they take Mastercard gc for a MO
You dont flippin call!

You go into a store and ask for an MO and she says ok its, XXX.XX say no p, take out your debit card and swipe. If the rep says no debits then apologize and leave. If she says lemme see that is that a gc say NO ITS A DEBIT. if she asks wheres your name you say (among many other options to think of) the permanent one is on the way and im using the temp one until i receive it. If you need to swipe more than once, its ok to have multiple debits (for those who are lacking in common sense). But be nonchalant dont be in your face about it to the rep. Reps want to feel they're in charge, its natural for a minimum paid employees...

I think this should give the basics on how to get a MO if you find a place.... this is not rocket science. But it seems like it is to some.... Where to cash out GCs for MO:

Where                                       Which gift card                                   Fee                                     max MO amount                                   

Service desk @ Wal-Mart                  MVD,  Visa from Meta bank,                                  70 cents                                           $1000
                                                  chase (phased out)                                                                                      $1000   
Rite Aid                                                                                                 $0.89                                          $500
"HaNesher HaGadol"                            One Vanilla                                 .52                                          $500 max     
meijer-69 cents up to $1000-most stores
MVD charges 50 cents per transaction so ask for MO of card amount- (fee+ 50 cents) eg @WM ask for 498.80 on MO (or cover $1.20 some other way)
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Author Topic: Money Orders (USPS RIP 11/3/17)  (Read 97316 times)

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Re: Money Orders (USPS RIP 11/3/17)
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Are there any places in Lakewood that accept gc for MO (small scale to meet minimum spend) now that the PO is no longer an option?