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Re: Random questions.
« Reply #3090 on: May 17, 2018, 12:03:08 AM »
As the current administration and Congress gets progress in undoing the damage of the Obama administration (to the economy, and to global peace and well-being of mankind), we can't forget and have to give credit to Obama for the one GOOD thing he did - Making Home Affordable Program, aka. HAMP.

Just last week, a friend of mine got approved for an unbelievable mortgage modification (happened on לג בעומר, so definitely in zchus of רשב"י) after being denied all attempts for many years. Not paying his mortgage for about 8 years definitely helped him manage tuition bills, as well as get through some tough financial times. He will now be able to pay reasonable payments on his mortgage without fear of losing his house.

While the Making Home Affordable program has already expired, I definitely give credit to that program for getting the mindset of the banks to work out these kinds of modifications even after the program has expired.
For every one of these stories I can show you 10,000 who lost their house due to the shenanigans played by the bank in offering to modify and then reneging on their offers. In inducing people to not answer the foreclosure filings and then claiming that they never offered modifications. So its actually nice to hear someone was helped. But please, dont thank Obama for this. It was Treasury that did it, not Obama.
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