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This thread discusses speeding tickets and traffic tickets in the state of New York. For parking tickets go here or here For moving violations outside of New York, please start a new thread and add a link here.

If you have a specific question please use this template so that members will have enough information to answer.
The ticket was issued in this state:
The ticket is returnable to in this Town/Village/City:
I have a license from:
Ticket one:
Ticket two(ex):
I want information on "do it yourself":
I want information on "hire an attorney":
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Please read this wiki first. I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice.

Q: Can I get a plea bargain in New York City?
A: No. Every single ticket goes to trial, guilty or not guilty, in New York City. (The 5 boroughs of NY, Kings, Queens, Bronx and Richmond.)

***Join the push to change the system in NYC. ***

Q: How long does it take for points to fall off your New York State record/license/abstract?
A: For DMV persistent violation purposes 18 months from the date of offense regardless of the date of conviction. At 3 years after the date of conviction on the following January first the points are no longer visible on the driving record which insurance companies and traffic prosecutors look at. DMV always keeps a record of your conviction and if you get too many points over your lifetime you could get a "10 year" revocation, however those records are not visible to insurance companies.

Q: Does it pay to fight my NY ticket or should I just pay it?
A: In order to figure the true cost of a traffic ticket conviction (aside from figuring out the total fines and the effects on your record) you need to call up your insurance company and ask them 2 questions. 1. How much will my insurance go up over the next 4 years if I pay this ticket? 2. How much money in "good driver discounts" will I loss over the next 4 years and how much does this add up to?

The reason you need to ask these 2 questions separately is because the insurance companies "shield themselves" from the statutory requirement to not raise insurance rates for a first violation (or speeds up to 15 MPH) by granting "good driver discounts", and then taking away these good driver discounts when you get your first violation. Therefore the (technically) correct answer to the first question you ask them could be "your insurance will not be raised at all". Then when you ask them the second question the answer may be in the thousands of dollars over the next 4 years, depending on your insurance bracket.

Q: How can I find my New York ticket online? 
A: If it is New York City ticket you can find it at if you received a ticket anywhere outside of NYC and anywhere upstate you must contact the individual Court by phone or mail. There is no way to find your ticket online. Google is not able to find most small Courts as it get confused with giving you the most popular courts and attorneys, therefore I suggest you look up your Court at at

Q: How can I get a copy of my NYS driving record/license/abstract?
A: You can buy it at the statutory minimum of $7 at

Q: Do NJ tickets show up on a regular non CDL NY license?
A: As long as you pay them, no they will not.

Q: Do NY tickets show up on NJ licenses?
A: Yes as a 2 point out of state conviction (most violations).

Q: Do NJ tickets show up on a NY license?
A: As long as you pay them, no. Exceptions 1. if you have a CDL the NJ conviction will record on your NY license. 2. DUI/DWI and criminal driving convictions from NJ do record on your NY license. 3. as stated above if you don't respond to the ticket the suspension will follow you to NY. In addition NJ issues warrants for failing to respond to traffic tickets. 4 If you are convicted of a high speed (90+ MPH, 100+ MPH) in NJ the Judge may suspend your NJ driving privileges. 

Q: Can I pay Court fines with a CC?
A: In NYC for moving violations you can use For NYC parking tickets you can use As far as "upstate" Courts go, most Courts will allow you to pay with visa or mastercard in person. Many Courts have a CC sheet which you can fill in and mail back, other Courts have a third party processor such as to accept cc payments. Call the Court to find out what options they have. No one (so far that I have seen) will take CCs over the phone.

Q: I received a camera ticket for a red light (3 points) or speeding (3-11 points) or a bus lane violation (2 points). Do traffic tickets issued from a camera add points to my license?
A: Camera Tickets never go on your license as they are issued against the car and not the driver. Therefor a camera ticket will not add points to your license or increase your insurance.

Q: If I push a ticket off for 18 months and then I am convicted, can I still be suspended by the DMV for having more than 11 points?
A: Pushing off a ticket will not help protect you from DMV actions. The reason is as follows: if you receive 2 tickets worth 6 points each on the same day, and you plead guilty to one of them on that same day and you push the second ticket off for 5 years, and then you plead guilty to that second ticket, the DMV computer will look at the 2 dates of violation and say "the motorist accumulated (more than) 11 points within an 18 month period" and issue a persistent violator suspension against you license.

Insurance companies work the other way around. They can only raise your premium after your date of conviction. Therefore in our example the insurance companies will increase your insurance after the first conviction appears on your record when they renew your policy (which will stay on your record for 3 years and then until the next January 1st) and then they will increase your rates again after the second ticket conviction shows up on your record when they renew your policy, (once again this second ticket will stay on the record for  3 years plus until the next January first. It follows that pleading/being found guilty in December saves 11 months of policy increase, and if there is a way to lock in a one year policy right before a conviction in December you can be looking at a car increase for only 2 years and 1 day, instead of 4 years minus one day.)

Travelers Insurance offers 1 year rates.
Geico is 6 months.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers:

New York Attorney Matisyahu Wolfberg
New York Attorney Zev Goldstein 845-356-7770
New Jersey Attorney Adam H. Rosenblum
New Jersey Attorney Leib Klein
              (The phone number for Leib Klein that's found online is wrong. The correct number is 732-987-7040)

Great Upstate NY lawyer at very cheap prices.

Not that many parking ticket lawyers!
Parking ticket Non Lawyer (NYC)
Cathy Mei She takes 50% to fight the parking or camera ticket
Office Number 212-349-4978
Fax 646-699-3630

Parking Expert non attorney (718) 384-5052

Non attorney runner

Non attorney runner

This wiki is not legal advice, or the advice of an attorney.
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Author Topic: Moving Violation Tickets  (Read 358383 times)

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Re: Moving Violation Tickets
« Reply #3165 on: March 16, 2018, 11:48:12 AM »
Got a ticket for using a mobile phone in Brooklyn yesterday  >:(. I was eating a Larabar and the cop thought it was a cell phone. He asked to see my call history which I showed him (and it didn't show any calls) and he then proceeded to issue the ticket. Seems like they are doing a serious crackdown in Brooklyn these days as I know a few other people who also got mobile phone tickets and I see cars being pulled over often (I'm in Crown Heights).

This is my first "moving violation" (had my license for 8 years). What are my chances of getting it dismissed? I'd rather not have to pay for a lawyer... Any suggestions are appreciated.
Cell phones have gotten easier to fight in Brooklyn. See People v. Ferguson, Slip Op. 51097(U) (App Term, 9th & 10th Jud Dists, 2017). (A defendant can rebut the presumption that they are using a portable electronic device when they testify.)

Its 5 out of 11 points. Don't be fooled by the $138 fine, its a big ticket.
I found it for you,+Slip+Op.+51097(U)&hl=en&as_sdt=6,31&as_vis=1
I wonder what people who type "u" instead of "you" do with all their free time.

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Re: Moving Violation Tickets
« Reply #3166 on: March 16, 2018, 12:00:55 PM »
What about "Use of portable electronic device ("texting") "?  Can the defendant use phone records to prove he wasn't texting, or that statue covers just holding the phone?

I got "OP MV PORT ELEC DEV" for holding my cell while using it as a GPS.
Does People v. Ferguson have any bearing on that?