Author Topic: Marriot Newport Coast Villas (Cat 8) & the New Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills!  (Read 3063 times)

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Quick Stay at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills!

Ok since it's been months since I started the TR, my friends @Mountain Man and his awesome DW already stayed here (along with lots of other DDFers)and there is still definitely availability (but also there are whole segments of time that they block standard rooms), I figured now would be a good time to stop being lazy and finish this trip report.  From my perspective, the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills is one of the finest urban (non-resort) hotels I've stayed at, EVER.  Hotels work hard to create that special aura of exclusiveness, white glove service, beauty and luxury and this hotel just knocks it out of the park in all those things.  For frum people looking also for a super EASY and fun vacation, with lots of kosher restaurants, etc. nearby, this place also can't be beat.  You are walking distance to kosher places and a short drive to tons of awesome restaurants (which is amazing since your stay there includes free use of of their Rolls Royce and Maybach "house cars"...yup, just ring down and set up a time and the Rolls can take you to dinner!  I think it's the kind of place that's worth going to for a Staycation if you live down the block, want a quick weekend getaway or it's nice enough, with so much to do around, for this place to be on your list for a "big" vacation as well.

When we stayed last summer, the hotel was brand spankin' new and I hope it keeps this same ambience for a long time to come.

The beautiful driveway when you enter and know you are in for something special:

The lovely lobby:

Going into our lovely room (I didn't score an upgrade but I think that's because I booked a room with 2 queens to make sure there was enough room for our kids):

The welcome amenity we couldn't enjoy but beautiful nonetheless:

Beautiful balcony and we had a Southern view of the Peninsula Hotel (the other side has a view of the Hollywood Hills):

After a few minutes my kids were itching to head to the pool, which is smaller than it looks online but the views on the rooftop don't disappoint!

Next installment, out to dinner in one house car and returning in the other one!

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Nice! Anxiously awaiting the next segment...especially pics of the cars!
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Nice! Anxiously awaiting the next segment...especially pics of the cars!
Eyeing the WA for a weekend jaunt to LA this June
Do you think shabbos would be doable there?

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