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Title: Advertising on Dansdeals Facebook Group
Post by: Agoldsc1 on August 12, 2020, 12:44:00 PM
I'm trying to sell my parents house in Woodsburgh, NY as an owner without using a broker. I'm looking to spread the word and I already have it listed on MLS, Zillow, etc... I think that advertising on Dansdeals would be great exposure since I'm sure that a large portion of my target audience visits the site. I'm not prepared to drop the big bucks on an ad on the main website, but advertising on the FB page is within my budget. My question is: how many people here actually subscribe to the DD FB page or view it on a regular basis? While I know that the page has almost 40k members, I'm wondering if DD users actually have any engagement with the site. The truth is that I will probably place the ad regardless, but I'm just wondering what to expect. Thanks!