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Title: delta MCO paper voucher
Post by: MnM1130 on December 24, 2012, 07:10:14 PM
i had an evoucher that i used. I than cancelled my ticket and they gave me a MCO (miscellaneous charges order) a PAPER voucher. Problem is i can only ticket a ticket at the airport. I think its a bit crazy i need to go to the airport to ticket my ticket.
I was able to get an agent to reserve the flight for me and gave me 48 hours until i need to get to the airport and ticket the ticket with the voucher.
anyone know another way around it?
He told me he cant issue me an evoucher cus my paper voucher is only in my hands and not in their system and he has no way of destroying it and i can than use that one as well- so he cant do that for me.

so frusterating