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a "happy ending" story of credit-repair goodwill request from barclaycard... just thought i'd share this as it might help someone out there.

i sent a letter to barclay card US requesting a goodwill adjustment to my credit report and they took care of it and my score bounced back!

the amounts that were reported were very minor but the 60 days late really made it ugly causing a heavy hit to my score. it never hurts to try and request a goodwill adjustment.

i emailed with the attached credit report to:,

email content:

March 16, 2017

RE: Hawaiian Airline Barclay Card Credit Card: ****

To whom it may concern,

I am in the process of possibly buying a new home in the near future and one the negative factors on my credit report is a 30 day and 60-day  late payment from Barclay Card US. (Aug and Sept 2016)

I do understand the integrity of the credit reporting system and I am aware that you are legally required to report Fair and Accurate information.

The above notwithstanding, I am requesting that, as a courtesy, and given my long and very exemplary history with both BarclayCard US and many other credit institutions, you would consider a one time removal of these items from my generally excellent credit history.

Please see below the multiple reasons why I think this would not compromise the accuracy of my credit-worthiness and I am confident you will agree that in this case it is reasonable request.

1. The amount of the unpaid funds was very minor -- $30-$45 -- and actually the result of an annual fee that must have escaped my notice. Clearly this late payment was not a result of lack of funds but just an oversight.
2. I now notice that the annual fee had actually increased from the years prior from $79. I am not sure how this is even ok seeing that I was not given notice.
3. This account was transferred from Bank of America where I originally opened it and there may have been settings in place to prevent late-payments that were not transferred over to Barclay Card.
4. I had thought that I had the minimum payment on auto-pay and there may have been a glitch in the system where this set-up was not complete.

 I am not asking for a deletion of an entire tradeline or removal of multiple late-payments or serious deliqencies. Just a simple adjustment to my report so that my score should not drop so heavily for the next 7 years.

I have been a loyal Barclay Card customer for many years and hope you will consider my request favorable given my stellar reputation with your company.

Please see attached the credit reports with the items in question highlited in yellow and orange..



About a month later I received a letter from BarclayCard which you can read in the attachment. very helpful and the score jumped back up with a month or two. (I didn't check exactly)

June 14, 2017, 12:19:16 PM
Re: a "happy ending" story of credit-repair goodwill request from barclaycard... I did a search for corporate contacts and think I stumbled onto email addresses of the CEO and CCO which I guess means Chief Customer Officer.


June 14, 2017, 05:11:51 PM