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Help! Award ticket itn changed 1 week before flight resulting in 12hr delay! Can someone please help me figure out what my rights are?

I am booked on a flight using AA miles in J on RJ from KUL to TLV via AMM. We were emailed a couple days ago with a new itinerary, which is on ethiad airlines, leaving KUL 2hrs later but arriving back to TLV 14 hours later since we were originally supposed to take an early morning flight out of AMM to TLV which we won't be making anymore... now we will be laying over in Amman from 7AM until 9PM! We obviously have to get back home and to our jobs... do we have any rights??? Please help if you can. I tried to do a search but cant find anything about award flights.. TIA

October 18, 2016, 06:50:19 AM
Re: Purchasing real estate in Israel -- help / gameplan w. mortgage, logistics, etc! I actually ended up purchasing an apartment... I spoke with a lot of people regarding mortgages... The rates are high but you need to shop and haggle.. We were able to lower each of the tracks between 0.7 -2% from our original offer. Theres also a forum in hebrew called tapuz where people post offers they've gotten... GL
January 06, 2017, 03:30:02 AM