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Re: A Week in London for 2 Nice and to the point TR .
December 23, 2016, 10:29:46 AM
Sam 28 Vancouver / LA / palm springs TR Aug 2016 Vancouver / LA /palm springs TR Aug 2016

I was looking for first class tickets for me my wife and 2 kids age 2 and 9 but was only able to find business class tickets. About 1 week before traveling I booked 4 tickets on BA web site with Cathay Pacific. Cost of ticket was 37,500k BA miles and $5.00 for each ticket. 

AUG 21 DAY 1

We arrived to JFK 2 hours before our flight. Check in was fast, there was almost no line by security. We went into the BA lounge; it was not bad at all. Our flight was supposed to leave at 9:45 but it was delayed till 10:30. We finally boarded our Cathay Pacific business class, the service was great Our seats were great too.  We managed to sleep a little but the flight went fast. I did not eat the kosher meal but it looked pretty decent. We landed at 1:10am!

I was supposed to pick up a car by Avis but for some reason it took a while for the airplane to bring our car seat. When I got to the Avis counter it was closed, was told by someone I missed them with 2 minutes.

Pictures of the plane


Big one in here seat


Food I did not eat

Since we did not have a car we had no choice but to take a cab to our hotel. The way took 25 minutes and they charged $30.00 CAN flat rate.

We arrived at our hotel at 2:30am. Check in was quick. I couldnít fall asleep since we were still on NYC time but the kids slept and it was a great start for our vacation.
We stayed in Westin Grand Vancouver, since they were the only one available with points. We got upgraded to a one bedroom corner suite with a balcony. The view was very nice but the room was small but it worked out because we had two rooms. They gave us a big refrigerator and they gave great service.   

Hotel cost was 12k spg per night we stayed there for 4 night the total cost was 46k spg .

Aug 22 day 2

We woke up bright and early on NYC time. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I davened and ate a good breakfast that we bought along on our balcony it was so nice. I was searching for a car in the area but none were available or for $120 a day. So I went to the airport by train for $2.75. The way took about 25 minutes. I got my car went back to hotel to pick up my family.

We couldnít decide what to do cuz we were all tired and wanted to take it easy.

We went to Stanley Park, rented bikes and biked the path. The views were amazing, itís really stunning there. We spent there about 4 hours. Then the little one got tired so I dropped off my wife and the little one to the hotel and me and my 9 year old went to Canada Place. The view up there is breathtaking.  We did fly over Canada, itís a must to do, itís interesting and fun. The whole thing took about 45 minutes and  And we called it a day!

Pictures of Stanley park

U can take this round the park for a 1 hour tour we did not do it .

Pictures of Fly over Canada

At 7 oíclock we went to eat at Maple Grill. It was very very busy but they got us a table in 5 minutes. The food was good but nothing special. The price is ok, it took very long for waiter to take our order and then ages till we got our food. They have a few parking spots behind the restaurant or you have to park on the street and pay a meter.

Pictures of food

Soup for kid


We made early night, we were all exhausted but wow what a great day.
Since it was out daughterís birthday they sent us up some stuff it was not kosher but it was nice of them.

Picture of birthday chocolate


To be continued

June 08, 2017, 11:09:34 AM
Re: Sam 28 Vancouver / LA / palm springs TR Aug 2016 Aug 25 day 5 last day in Vancouver

I bought tickets with WestJet from YVR to LAX. It was $133.00 each. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 7:45 pm. The way took only about 2 hours 15 minutes. For some reason they did not charge us for our suitcases and 2 boxes of food.

So for the last day in Vancouver upon wakeup we ate breakfast in our hotel room. The weather was beautiful. We really wanted to go to Island Victoria but it was too risky. We went to the Harbor where all the boats leave to the islands, and decided to go to Bowen Island.  Itís a 30 minute ferry ride with beautiful views on the water. Our ferry was supposed to leave at 12:10. We had 35 minutes to kill till our boat will depart so we went around the shops outside the harbor, thereís a nice park with a playground and lots of stores. The view around the harbor is beautiful.

There isnít much to do on the Island. We took a nice walk on a trail and headed back to our ferry. But it was worth it cuz the water is so nice the mountains round and round was spectacular to see.  If you have the time to go to Island Victoria itís a must. Even just for the amazing views from the boat.

When we got back was about 3:30 so we went straight to the airport. Meanwhile I called Sabras and ordered 2 pizza pies to go. So it would be ready when we got there. The store is about 15 minutes from the airport. The pizzas were yum!

Picture of the day

Saying goodbye from the plane to Vancouver 

Then off to the airport to lax

AUG 25 11 pm we arrived in LAX .

August 26 - Friday
We stayed at Sheraton by the airport. In the morning I went to Avis to pick up my car. We drove into Los Angeles to get a good breakfast. We ate by Pico Cafť, the food was very good. Then we went to buy some groceries for Shabbos.

About 12:30 we headed out to my most favorite place called Palm Springs. I have been there a few times already and will go back as much as I can.

It was 120 degrees when we got there but I still love that place. We rented a house for the weekend and ended up staying till Tuesday. It was really really hot everyday. All we did was relax in the pool from morning to night. It was truly amazing .

Pic of the food in pico cafť la

Tuna melt

Pictures of palm springs house, pool view

On Tuesday morning we left Palm Springs at about 8:30 heading to Disneyland. We were in the park by 11AM. We were there all day till 10pm. The kids had the time of their life and so did the adults.That night we stayed in Sheraton at the airport.

Wednesday Morning I returned my car and headed to the airport. Our flight was 11am back to NYC.

Overall we had a great fun vacation. We will for sure go back to Vancouver.   

I hope this trip report is not too long and that you enjoyed reading it!

June 25, 2017, 02:20:10 PM
Re: Switzerland Master Thread
Can anyone suggest (from your experience) a good place to stay for shabbos in the swiss alps? I know there are a few options, kosher hotels in Davos, Arosa etc. Just trying to see what the best option would be...

I was in Crans montana I relay enjoyed it

May 23, 2018, 05:11:47 PM
Sam 28 Cancun TR FEB 2017 Cancun TR FEB 2017

Me and my wife decided to go to Cancun for a long weekend. I checked online tickets with Ba points about 3 weeks before. The only thing available was in business for 25k per way. So I went ahead and booked that.

2 days before we were set to travel our babysitter canceled on us. We had no choice but to take along our toddler. I wanted to book a ticket for her in business but there was nothing available only in economy. I couldnít book economy because she canít travel alone at the age of two.

So I called up BA spent more than an hour on the phone till they finally booked me the ticket.

I had a friend with his wife on the same flight and they were booked in economy class so my plan was we will change seats in the airport.

I arrive to the airport to check in and they tell me we canít let you on to the flight, why we booked separately, we asked to change seats with my friend they didnít let so we asked for economy seats for us they kept saying they cannot do it. After holding is up for an hour at AA check in counter they gave us 3 economy seats. They gave us a very hard time and it was very upsetting they didnít let my friend take our seat.

Our flight was February 22 with American Airlines. The flight was great service was ok, we landed 7:30pm.

At the airport when we walked through customs we got the green light, but we look like Jews they still made us open one of our suitcases. We had luck because the one they asked for was the one without food. Other suitcase was full of food, dairy,  etc.

We had ordered a driver; he took us to our hotel for $20.00 usd.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, since Iím a platinum member I got upgraded to a beautiful ocean front room with a balcony. Their service was fantastic! Our baby got a big crib with a cute bag full of toys and lotions for the baby.

The reason we stayed at the Ritz was because the Hyatt was sold out.

We loved every second at the Ritz and wished we couldíve stayed longer. But I couldnít stay there for Shabbos. I wanted to be walking distance to Chabad as we ate there. So for Shabbos we stayed at Intercontinental President hotel. We got a nice suite ocean front no balcony. This hotel is about a 12-minute walk to Chabad.

So on the first night we sat on our porch enjoyed the weather, strolled around the hotel which was amazing and went to bed.

Some picture of the hotel and our room.

Nice welcome note on the bed with slippers

Welcome gift not kosher

Our porch

The pool from our room view


View from the other side of my room

View from the hallway

 Daughter enjoying the pool



June 27, 2018, 04:10:49 PM
Re: Maui Trip Report December 2018 - one week in paradise Thanks for the TR and the pictures it looks amazing .
December 16, 2018, 12:14:14 PM
Re: Sam 28 Cancun TR FEB 2017
I'm booked at the ritz and I see the ziva is available. what would u say is the better choice?

I would say the Ritz

January 19, 2019, 10:30:31 PM
Sam 28 Greece TR May 2018 Greece TR May 1 2018

We decide to go to Israel for Lag baomer from NYC.

On our way back we will stop in Santorini Greece for a few days.

Trip planning

2 weeks before our trip I was looking for some advice on Dan Deals but there was not much information on the Greece thread. So it was little hard doing my own homework.

First I had to decide in which area to stay and decided on Oia. Then to decide which hotel to choose in Oia, so many hotels came up and most of them had good reviews.

Finally I booked La Perla Villas. It had very good reviews, from the pictures I saw the hotel has beautiful views. Part of the amenities were that they have a big refrigerator so I can keep my kosher food in it.

I booked tickets from TLV to ATH to JTR.

There are not many flights from Tlv to JTR. You have  morning flights or you have to stay overnight in ATH.

Our flight was with Aegean Air it leaves 5:10 am with a stop in Ath and arrives 11:10 am total of 2 tickets were $280.00.

I booked a car on Priceline with Avis. Total cost for 3 days was $140.00

I ordered food from Chabad of Athens. It wasnít cheap but was worth it. They shipped it with a ferry and our hotel concierge picked it up at the dock and delivered to our room. When we arrived to the hotel all the food was there. Every single dish breakfast and dinner was delicious.

My coming home flight I used  200k Alaska points, flew with Emirates business class that  leaves 5:20 pm from Ath.

Since we were in Israel we emailed the hotel we were meant to stay if they can send someone pick up our food from the port. They emailed back what kind of food r u bringing, you canít bring any food to our hotel as you will not have where to keep it.
We emailed back and forth about the issue, I sent them pictures where it says on their website large refrigerator in the room. But to no avail. They will not allow us to bring in food and they made us cancel our reservation. To make a long story short we had nowhere to stay and had to start looking for a place all over again.

It was not easy as most places were booked or way too expensive. I finally found a nice place called Hyperion Oia Suites, we had the best time there, the view was amazing and the hotel was beautiful.


We woke up at 2:00 am after sleeping just 2 hours to go the airport to catch our 5:10 am flight to Athens. When we arrived to TLV airport the lines to security before check in were very long. After waiting about 30 minutes in line I realized that my hand luggage is not mine. I guess when we came out of the rental shuttle our suitcases got mixed up and someone took mine. I had my tefillin in there and my laptop and lots of food for our trip. Help! What do we do now? So I went to security and told them what happened. They told me to open that suitcase and see if I find the name of the passenger. Luckily there was some medication in the suitcase (and some dirty laundry). The security operator paged this persons name on the loudspeakers to come to security.

This older couple shows up and says they already checked in their luggage and since itís a short flight for them they checked in the hand luggage too. His flight was 6:20 am. The fun begins. Security did not let him check his hand luggage or remove our suitcase from the checked bags for security purposes. The only thing we can do is make both of us miss our flights. Once the flight leaves they will return that persons luggage and our hand luggage.

We begged and begged. Then finally they said ok they will let the guy check his hand luggage they will remove our luggage but we can only get it back once that flight leaves. That means we are missing our flight.

So we miss our flight and wait patiently for security to bring us our hand luggage. I did not want to book another flight before I have my luggage. It was too risky. At 7am I got my hand luggage. We were so tired and couldnít think straight what to do next.

Lesson learnt always double check your luggage at all times!

04/30/18 7:00 AM

We have our luggage and what do we do. There were no normal tickets out of Israel to Athens. We were ready to cancel our trip but no refund for food hotel and car and plane to come home it wasnít worth it.   We saw a ticket but it was too close to check in we couldnít book it online so we went to the ticket desk. We booked a flight with Pegasus air from Israel to Turkey from Turkey to Athens and from Athens to Santorini. Instead of Arriving 10 am we arrived 11pm.

We flew with Pegasus Airlines paid for the total of the new tickets $380.00

The plane left at 10:35 Am TLV to SAW.  Our stop over there was 4 hours. From there we flew to Athens with a stop of 1 hour. Once we arrived to Ath we ran to the gate to Santorini. It was the last flight of the day so we had to make it. Flight was 7:50pm with Olympic air. 

Overall it was a long day. The flights were ok. The service was great.  Hashem wanted us to be there a day later so we take it with open hands.

Our flight that day

Arriving in ATH nice views

Arriving in JTR small airport u can see the airport from the sky

The plane ride from Ath to Jtr only took 30 minutes. Itís a small airport. We got our luggage and we were out 15 minutes later. When you come out there is a counter for car rental. There was no line I had the keys in 10 minutes. 

When I picked up the car he asked if I have an international license, I said no he said its ok I can rent you a car but if you get stopped by a police you will get a 1000 euro fine. The entire time in  Greece I didnít see any police.

It was 9:15pm by the time we left the airport. The way to our hotel in Oia took 30 minutes. Itís a beautiful scenic route but at night its pitch dark. The roads are very curvy so you have to drive very slow.

Once I got closer to the hotel, they told me where I have to park and the concierge was waiting for me there to take my luggage. From parking to the hotel is a 5 minute walk.

The guy was extremely nice and helpful. He showed us everything. He kept on asking if we need anything. He gave us his personal cell number so we can call him with any information we want.
We got to our suite, the look of it was amazing. Like in a cave. A huge box with all our food was there waiting for us. The private Jacuzzi overlooking the water was very tempting. Se we quickly warmed up some food and relaxed in the Jacuzzi and called it a night.

We were very happy and relaxed that we finally made it to Greece.

Our Food in the box waiting for us 

February 24, 2019, 05:39:41 PM
Re: Sam 28 Greece TR May 2018 05/01/18 first full day in Oia

Our first view out of our window wow





We woke up at 8am. The good thing was that since we came from Israel we were on the same time zone. I open up the window shades and wow the view was out of this world. Dark blue water with a beautiful blue sky. It was so relaxing so breathtaking. We sat onto the porch with coffee and just soaked in the view.

We sat in the pool before breakfast. Then we ate breakfast that Chabad sent us. Some hard boiled eggs, salad, delicious fresh rolls and muffin. Chabad also sent containers corn flakes and a bottle of milk for everyday lunch which we very much enjoyed. The hotel also prepared breakfast, delicious cut cup fruits and freshly squeezed orange juice. They set it up for us beautifully. The night before we had to tell them what time breakfast should be there.

Then our host came over and we sat over a map and he told us exactly where to go and what to do there. We didnít want to do to much because the main reason we came was to enjoy and relax. He told us where to see beautiful beaches and when to be back for sunset.

Our breakfast from our hotel and chabad




Our 5 min wallk to my car looked like that


At 12:30 we left our hotel to see the island. We made a few stops along the way. We just could not get enough of this view. The first stop was the Red Beach. We took a little hike there took in the view and left.

Picture on our way around the island



Red Beach




February 25, 2019, 04:17:30 PM
Re: From the Parthenon to the Eiffel Tower to the Canals, a week across Europe thanks for sharing nice TR and picture's.
March 03, 2019, 03:39:35 PM