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Re: Travel Hacks & Tips Master Thread Here are a few tips from my travels.
1. For Sim card pin as long as my wife is with me I use her earring it was her idea and it works great.
2. From a personal experience which was very close to ending up in me being stuck in Belarus for leil haseder if you are traveling to a third world country (Kiev belavia etc.) Make sure you have a boarding pass with a eticket number on it especially if your flight gets canceled and they transfer you to a code share make sure they give you a slip with your eticket number and that you get that slip back from all the agents who use it and that you have it with you till you land in your final destination oh and always bring more food than usual bcs the chances are that it will take longer than you think to get there.
3. I have gotten stopped many times in countrys who are not that familiar with Jews for tfilin or different Jewish objects if that does happen the word "religious" works everytime even for those who don't understand English.
4. The same thing works many times for heavy hand laugage if you tell them you need to bring food for religious perposses they will be way more chilled about it (especially in Europe).
And now for two religious tips
1. If your suitcase is heavier then it should be put in it two small notes one says "ein od milvado" second "Levi Yitzchak Ben Sara Sasha" ( mibardichov) and believe in it 100% that god is the one deciding if your suitcase will go through and not the person behind the desk.
2. If you ever have a problem with authorities (immigration etc. ) think ein od milvado and believe in it 100% that god is the one deciding what is gonna happen and this person is just a puppet.
These 2 have worked for me every single time.

May 08, 2014, 10:00:23 AM
Re: HOT: $250+ worth of stuff from Staples for 25$
Just called did an order over the phone and was able to get one of the gifts.
You were always able to get one of the gifts. The point was to get all of them

April 23, 2017, 11:38:56 AM
Re: Receiving random packages from amazon??? Are the companies you doing reviews for sending you these items maybe instead of the items you doing reviews for?
ETA maybe contact the seller with the order number you have and ask them for more details on the person ordering, they have the info too, and I don't see a reason why they wouldn't give it to you.

September 28, 2017, 11:38:11 AM