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Re: "Ex-Hasidic Woman Marks Five Years Since She Shaved Her Head"
I already stated what I wanted. For her to be clear. If you think otherwise, that's your opinion.

She defend Satmar nicely, but things get murky when she responds misleadingly. Some people said that if the mikve ladies wouldn't let the woman dip or they snitch on her then there's something wrong with the community. She responds that it doesn't happen/never heard of it, implying this woman is making up her story. But she fails to note that she is talking about a different place than KJ. The story is about KJ so without clarification her response is misleading.
That was then, and I already made myself clear since then regarding where I'm coming from, but now you asked something else - that I should stop commenting altogether on this topic, since I'm not from KJ and am not familiar with the basis of the article. Nothing to do with clarity - it was very clear that  I responded  only on slightly off-topics, and was careful not to argue about anything I'm not familiar with first-hand. 
FYI, the reason I originally wasn't clear enough is that being a good Satmar girl, my filter blocks news sites (don't worry - I'm pretty up to date with all I want to know through Orthodox newspapers.) so I didn't read the actual article, just answered posters' questions on the topic. I didn't know she was from KJ until I was notified.
Thanks, Meshugener, for sticking up for me. And to all of you in the DDF "community", as Dan calls it: I'm impressed. Besides for this lone poster, who obviously has a hard time digesting the fact that I don't sound like a mindless cult member, you are all extremely respectful and ask your questions with no evident intent "l'kanter". Being used to being a ridiculed Satmar, I didn't expect this. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of klal yisroel would be like you? :)

November 17, 2013, 06:36:43 PM