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Seattle Aviation Trip + Amazon GO 1st opening week w/video My son and I are aviation enthusiasts, so for the yeshiva off week I used my AA miles to book R/T BWI-SEA on Alaska's direct flight. We spent hours at the Museum of Flight, the Boeing plant and several other aviation related museums in the area. We also visited the Amazon GO store as it opened to the public that Monday.

We stayed in an Airbnb in Seward Park a block from Ezra Bessorth, used a combination of Lyft/Uber/Car2Go/ReachNow/Lightrail during the week, and rented a car for the weekend trip to Everett.(If you never drove a Mercedes or BMW, here is your chance!)

The website contains a wealth of information regarding shuls, kosher establishments (no meat restaurants), hospitality and other topics of interest.

Museum of Flight is FANTASTIC, some highlights:

737 Frame #1

The very first jet powered "Air Force One"/VC-137

And you can walk THROUGH it too!

The very first 747:

You can explore the inside too....

787 frame #3

A BA Concorde you can walk THROUGH and UNDER/AROUND

and MAGNIFICENT aviation galleries:

This P-51 Mustang donated by Israeli Air Force, it's exact history is unknown as the serial numbers and other identifiers were removed from the aircraft before it was shipped to Israel during the War of Independence. It has been repainted into WWII colors

At Paine field, we saw the next 2 EL-AL 787's on the flightline - 4X-EDC and 4X-EDD - EDD had just come off the production line the day before.(You will need to zoom in to see the tails, sorry) EDD is the farther one facing the camera, EDC is now in the paint shop in Pertland

Dreamlifter unloading

Norwegian test flight #1

Amazon GO store videos are still processing on YouTube, I'll post then as soon as I get notified they are done

February 01, 2018, 03:39:38 PM
Re: Seattle Aviation Trip + Amazon GO 1st opening week w/video Here are the GO store videos, they speak for themselves.

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2 things:1) The app shopping cart does not update instantly as you add/remove items 2)You receive your receipt about 10 minutes after leaving the store

February 01, 2018, 06:57:47 PM
Get LastPass Password Manager Premium for 75% off, $6/year instead of $24/year The 2 factor authentication and multiple platform support is great, plus with the random password generator I know I have another line of defense against password crackers.

While you can only purchase 2 codes per email account, use a different email/checkout combo for each pair
Go back via the provided link
Purchase a code
Repeat as necessary to purchase as many years as you want. The expiration date will continue to extend out 1 year for every redemption

So you can get 4 years of Premium for the same price as one year if purchased from LastPass.

From PC World:

LastPass is a password saver that requires just one master password to get into all your accounts. Once you log in with that master key, it will autofill your saved login data across all of your devices, even if you can't remember which letters were capitalized. And while the free version is still great, the paid Premium tier offers a bunch of extra options:

Share passwords, Wi-Fi logins, memberships and other items with as many people as you want for easy access.
Create your digital contingency plan with emergency access for loved ones.
Advanced multi-factor options (Yubico, Sesame-authentication-on-usb), priority tech support, LastPass for applications, and 1GB of encrypted file storage.

Offer expires end of day 7/30

July 25, 2018, 10:32:38 AM