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Re: Minneapolis, Minnesota Didn't see any dedicated thread for Rochester MN so posting here.

Hopefully none of you need this info but FYI if needed.

We recently had a family member undergo a procedure at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

We stayed at the relatively new Berkman Hotel, literally across the street.
Accommodations were awesome, as each room has a full kitchen, washer/dryer etc...
Very nice place and very spacious.

The GM Jeff and Concierge, Lisa are 2 incredibly devoted, caring people who would do anything to ensure the satisfaction and well being of any guests!
We had specific religious needs(Shabbos etc..) that they both went above and beyond to ensure all our needs were being met!

The Chabad of Southern Minnesota is around a 10 minute walk for those staying over shabbos, R Green and family are amazing people!
There is a Bikur Cholim House a 3 minute drive away fully stocked with all kosher items needed and if staying for shabbos one can arrange food by calling Bikur Chlim before Wednesday evening and they will deliver.

November 17, 2020, 08:56:31 AM