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Re: Unemployment Help
I was told by several people who reached out to me that they receive Federal Work-Study from BMG. Perhaps they were mistaken? I distinctly remember seeing BMG on the CARES Act list of yeshivos who received funding to continue Work-Study funding even if the yeshiva was closed.

As a general rule you can't have a scholarship without tuition/room and board fees- scholarships are meant to assist or cover tuition/room and board.

I would just like to clarify a little bit because it seems that a few different things are being mixed into one.

Based on my conversation with BMG office, this is my understanding. Everybody attending BMG has an official tuition bill. Single students generally pay a portion of it, a portion of it is covered by grants if they are eligible, and if there is still a balance, that is covered by scholarships (basically, through money that was raised by the fundraisers or the Roshai HaYeshiva). Married students also have tuition bill (albeit lower because they are obviously not being charged for room and board), but they are not required to pay anything towards their tuition. If they're eligible for grants (most of them are no longer eligible), that covers a portion but the rest is covered as a scholarship by money that is fundraised.

Kollel checks are paid to married students as institutional scholarships. It is a little bit of a gray area but most accountants do say that you are required to report it on your tax return. You are required to report it to government programs as well but depending on the program (and this has varied over the years) some may not count it as income.

Students who are eligible to receive federal work study can earn it by doing various jobs (putting away seforim, helping record shiurim, making phone calls etc.). The amount of money that they receive is dependent on how many hours they work and is very similar to regular income.

For this zman some of the students Kollel checks are coming through the Cares Grant. Since it is a grant (as opposed to a scholarship) all accountants agree that it is not taxable. As far as government programs is concerned, it does have to be reported but as far as I understand the programs are less likely to count a grant as income then a scholarship.

I hope that cleared up some of the confusion.

August 02, 2020, 11:46:54 PM