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Re: Rome Master Thread


3:05pm-3:32pm UA1203 CLE-ORD 738 F
Evita Argentinean Steakhouse dinner
10:35pm-1:50pm LH433 ORD-FRA 748 F

Rent a porche 911, drive to Hindenburg castle
First Class Terminal dinner
9:50pm-11:35pm LH242 FRA-FCO A321 J
Taxi to S Regis Rome

Flour bakery breakfast
Market area at Campo de Fiori  (6am-2pm hours)
Flumi Fountain
Baghetto Milky lunch
Jewish Ghetto tour at 2:30-5:30pm
Trevi Fountain/Spanish Steps/ Via Condotti
Yotvata dinner
Cremeria Romana Gelato

Flour bakery breakfast
Massages? Villa d'Este fountains/gardens?
Yotvata Lunch
Segway tour at 4pm-7pm (Forum, Constantine arch, Titus Arch, etc)
Baghetto Milky dinner
Cremeria Romana Gelato

Flour bakery breakfast
Taxi to FCO at 10AM
12:40pm-4:15pm UA971 FCO-ORD 772 F
Shallot’s dinner
9:20pm-11:43pm  UA976 ORD-CLE 739 F

Just to note, Flour will deliver breakfast to your hotel for a small fee if that's something of interest.

I highly recommend a Jewish Ghetto tour. Just be sure to reach out to the two tour guide options because they fill up quickly in the summer.

If you've been to Rome before then I recommend taking the trip to Villa D'este. If not then I would spend my time locally and save this for another trip.

July 10, 2017, 12:59:31 PM