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Re: Dirshu world siyum hashas North America
February 11, 2020, 12:18:59 PM
Re: Cancun, Mexico Master Thread I  returned last Monday from a short trip to Cancun over the weekend. I flew with Delta from JFK Thursday at noon. The flight was just over four hours with no checked in luggage. I filled out Mexican passport and customs forms online however the customs form was never collected.  They went through my bags at customs and only seized an open package of cheese. I used for transfer from airport $24. They had someone waiting outside the terminal with my name, however had us wait for the driver 5-10 minutes for a driver. He then took us to a Suburban that drove us to the hotel. Driver had a good English with almost no trace of an accent.  When asked how he spoke such a good English, he replied that he lived in the US for a few years as a teen until immigration sent him back. We checked in to the Hyatt Ziva.  They upgraded us to the Turquoise Tower (adult only) on the eighth floor, but we requested a lower floor for Shabbos. They were able to change us to the fifth floor. We had to wait approximately fifteen minutes for a butler to take us to our room and show us around. I was rushing her as I wanted to make the 6:10 mincha at Chabad. As soon as I was done with check in and settled into the room I ran to Chabad, however I missed the minyan. I did buy a bottle (cardboard box) of Cholov Yisroel milk from Chabad, davened and returned to the hotel which is just a seven minute walk away. At 7:30 we went to The Ember for Dinner, then went to the Supermarket to buy a few things the TSA seized from us.

 Friday morning, I davened at Chabad at 8:30, picked up my wife from our room and then went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. They gave us paper cups and plastic cutlery. We asked for whole fruits and vegetables and we cut them up ourselves. We then went to the beach, but we were unable to find a quiet area, so we rented a cabana for the day on a side for $89 and had our privacy (except for all the salespeople coming around offering spa packages, photos, jet skis, etc.) We went back to our room about an hour before Shabbos to get ready; Gartel on door, set lights, etc (maintenance removed fridge light). We then headed to Chabad, lit candles, mincha, Kabalas Shabbos followed by Seuda. Rabbi Druk and his assistants are amazing. He does his best to make everyone feel at home, entertains with speeches and songs the entire meal, his 9-year-old daughter got up and said a dvar torah too. Food was very good however not what I am accustomed to.  There was no white tablecloth, gefilta fish only, no soup. We returned to hotel where we found a staircase in a parking garage going straight up to the tower, no need to have anyone open doors for us. Shabbos morning 9:45 davened at Chabad, followed by day meal. Once again good food however not what I am used to, no challah or fish. Basically, buffet style, with pita breads and many salads, cold cuts, etc. About 20 minutes later they brought out large pot of chulent. After the meal we davened Mincha and returned to hotel. We stayed on the balcony (which had a couch) and room for most of the afternoon. There is no eiruv so we could not carry. About an hour or so before the zman went for a walk exploring the property. Then we headed to Chabad for Maariv and Havdalah. On Motzei Shabbos, we went to check out the famous Dag Dag, which took a while to find. When we arrived, there were at least 20 people there already.  We waited about an hour for our pizza, however we had a lot of fun talking to the owner and to all the visitors from around the world. By the time we left there were at least 40 to 50 people, including a group of 20 that were waiting for food. The owner said this is not normal, next time he will be ready for it. We took the pizza back to the hotel as there was no tables available and ate at a firepit near the beach.

Sunday morning found me davening at Chabad followed by a swim in the adult only pool which is located in a quiet area on the roof of the lobby.  We then checked out. We used Vladimir mentioned above to transfer us to the Banyan Tree.  He wanted $10 more than USA transfers however he was willing to match the price. He sent a large Sprinter for us two people.  He came to meet me at the hotel where I paid him.  He waited with us until the driver arrived. We checked in to Banyan Tree where they upgraded us to a Villa with a hot-tub and separate dining room. They explained their kosher food options and took us with a buggy to our Villa. It started raining however we could not resist checking out the pool, then we took a buggy to the beach. The rain got really heavy and everyone started leaving the beach. There was a line of people waiting for a buggy, so they decided to take us back by boat. I joined the Chabad WhatsApp group and dared to ask about minyan at the Banyan Tree. Someone was kind enough to direct me to the Banyan Tree WhatsApp group. I davened Mincha at the Banyan Tree Gazebo with approximately 15 others.  When I returned to my villa, I was informed that my dinner ordered from Chabad had arrived.  However, it took another thirty minutes and three calls to reception until it was delivered cold to my villa. Food was good however arrived cold. $88 for two portions of chicken nuggets, one mashed potatoes, one rice and seven asparagus spears. We then stayed in for the rest of the rainy night. In the morning I went to daven at the Gazebo at 8:15, Abraham +525569177852 who runs a local car service was gracious enough to bring a sefer torah from the unofficial Chabad.  He collected a few donations for the unofficial Chabad too. He disclosed that the two Chabads donít get along very well.  After Shachris I went back to the Villa ate breakfast and used our private pool. At noon we checked out and then joined the hotelís echo tour forty-five-minute boat ride. We then spent a few hours at the beach.  At 2pm we returned to the lobby where was waiting for us to take us back to the airport. At the airport they were very strict about filling out a COVID-19 form, they donít let you in to the secure area without it, however it was never collected. Security opened all our bags as we forgot some liquids in them. We made sure to keep the passport exit card based on previous warnings, so we had no problem with that, we did see several people have issues with that. We boarded the 5:40 Delta 3-hour flight back to JFK and took a taxi home.

January 25, 2021, 02:18:32 PM
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