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Quick Alaska Trip Report Quick Trip Report: (If I have time I'll expand but based on my past history of giving up in middle, I figured it would be better to just post a quickie first).

Sunday - Land at 4PM. Pick up car and drive seward highway - overnight at Summit Lake Lodge ($410 total for 2 nights - great find - lodge is a gem in my opinion).

Monday - Exit Glacier hike (4 mile rt) Major marine 6 hour tour (~$130pp - 30% discount code) - overnight at Summit Lake Lodge.

Tuesday - Bear Viewing and salmon fishing tour with Talon Air ($450pp plus $25 fishing license pp plus $20 tip pp). Overnight in Anchorage at Residence Inn (Marriott Cert)

Wednesday - Glacier walk at Matanuska ($100pp + $15 tip pp), 1.1 mile hike up Lionshead for a gorgeous view of the whole glacier all the way back (5 miles to the right out of the glacier walk. Park at the gate and call AT&T for permission. Ask the locals for exact info). Overnight flight home.

Seward Highway View

Summit Lodge View (cloudy:)

Aialik Glacier - Major Marine Tour

Bear Viewing - Talon Air

Grilling the one salmon we caught - the bears (10 of them!!!) chased away all the others:)

July 12, 2020, 11:36:24 AM