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Re: Which First/Business Class Cabins Have You Flown?
a bit too harsh?

Not even a little. My wife, the same woman who complained for a year and a half about all the time I spent on DDF, and all the trips to CVS/Walmart/Target, said about 45 seconds after boarding that she will never fly economy again.  :P

October 20, 2015, 03:16:01 PM
Re: Thailand Master Thread Chabad for dinner tomorrow night.  :) I had the shnitzel sandwich and my wife had the spaghetti for lunch today and both were good and you can't beat the price.

Anyway, I improvised with the water urn and we have hot POM. Who said yeshiva doesn't prepare you for life.  ::)

August 30, 2016, 09:49:43 AM
Sawatdee Khap! Shauly's trip to Chaing Mai I originally wasn't planning on writing a trip report since we didn't do anything terribly revolutionary,  but as my trip planning was based almost entirely off the reviews of fellow DDFers, I decided to give it a shot in the hopes of helping someone else. In the end I think my trip was slightly different than many of the other reviews, as I was traveling with an expecting wife and as such could not do many of the popular activities. Anyway, without further ado..

I started collecting miles several years ago, but besides for some premium travel between the US and Israel, I never had an opportunity to really take advantage of them. When I first started playing the game, I was fascinated by Singapore Suites class, so in the beginning of the year when I heard about an excess of availability between LAX and NRT on the A380, I quickly transferred miles and booked two seats. I was able to hold two seats on AA First Class from JFK to LAX on the A321-T, but I never ended up confirming the seats. I was still unsure about my dates (I booked the seats in October), and didn't want to lock in something that wasn't as cheap to change as the SQ reservation was. I was determined to go on a trip, but couldn't get my act together and decide where or when. When the AA devaluation was announced, I knew that I had to fly Cathay on this trip as well. After realizing that my Singapore flight was on Simchas Torah (oops!), I started searching for Cathay availability. I discussed my trip with MEIR613, and decided that I wanted to visit Thailand, so I was looking for availability into BKK for the end of August. I managed to find one seat in first class for a date that worked, so I grabbed it. Within a few days, I found another seat on the next day, so I grabbed it for my wife, locking in the pre-devaluation rate. Besides for checking often for another seat to open up, I didn't do much on the trip for a long time.  I was on the 1:30 am Saturday night, and my wife was on the 1:30 am Sunday night. Eventually I was able to switch her to the 10:00am Sunday morning.

Since I was still unsure about my dates, I didn't book my hotel before the LM switched from a category 2 up to a category 3. I was pretty bummed out, but at the end of June I booked 6 nights for $622.68 with my Citi Prestige for a total of ~$520 after the 4th night free credit. This brought the cost down to about $85 a night, which was something I could definitely live with. Just about a week before the trip, I switched myself onto the 10:00am. My flight was F3, and I decided it was better to take the 10:00 am and lose some time in CNX than risk not getting onto the same flight. Once this was confirmed, I booked our flights from BKK-CNX on Thai Smile for ~$65 per person (More on that decision later). It was at this point I realized that even though I had originally been so careful to book our connection from HKG-BKK on a flight with the international business class configuration, in my excitement to finally get us on the same flight, we were now flying on a the regional configuration.

To prepare for the trip, I purchased a portable power bank (which ended up working extremely well, despite feeling cheap), and meals from Pomegranate. The meals turned out to be totally unnecessary, but since my wife is a picky eater I felt it wasn't worth the risk to have her be hungry. I also brought some bagels, peanut butter, cream cheese, crackers, and other snacks. We spent Saturday night packing, getting barely any sleep. Shmueli2007 was kind enough to drive us to JFK in the morning, and our trip was finally beginning!

For some reason there were quite a few people in the first class check in line, so we had to wait a few minutes. I tried to get them to check my bag all the way through to CNX, since they have an interline agreement, but the agent explained that I'd have to claim my bag in BKK anyway. After my wife finished getting a full body pat down, we made our way to the British Airways Galleries Lounge. Although it's definitely not a bad lounge, it's far from impressive. At first I found it very strange that an airline like Cathay would use such a lackluster lounge in one of their major markets, but after completing my trip with them and gaining a better understanding of the airline, it made sense. More on that later as well.

Once they announced boarding, we made our way to the gate. I was a little bit disappointed that they when they tore our tickets they only left us with the tiny stub. Nevertheless, when we got to the end of the jet-bridge and showed our stubs, the magic started. The flight attendant's face lit up as she saw we were first class, and she showed us to our seats. I had made sure to select 1A and 2A, as they have the left aisle all to themselves, but it quickly became very clear that there were no bad seats in this cabin. Although they are not fully enclosed, when you are seated it feels like you are completely alone. There was only one other first class passenger anyway, and we did not see or hear him the entire trip. The flight attendants introduced themselves, and offered to take pictures of us when they saw us snapping selfies. After bringing us our drinks, they brought the amenity kits and pajamas. The Cathay pajamas are very comfortable, but I do wish that the pants had pockets.

The flight was uneventful, but very enjoyable. The food was edible but nothing to write home about. Shortly after takeoff, the inflight service manager came over to chat with me. She explained how she had worked for Cathay for more than 30 years, but would soon be retiring. She gave recommendations of things to see in Chiang Mai, and even wrote down a list of fruit to try. We had two flight attendants, a man from Hong Kong named Ansen, and a woman from Seoul named Michelle. They had both been with Cathay for 20+ years, and it was clear that they loved their work and took a lot of pride in doing it well. I loved how they even tucked me in! I pushed the call button twice, and the first time Michelle was there before I even had my finger off the button. The second time I pushed it, I think they must have been sleeping or something as it took a while for someone to come. I had an interesting conversation with Ansen, where he explained that some other airlines have suites and bars and showers, but they still had the old 777s with an old first class product. He said they were still a small Hong Kong local airline, and with that attitude it made a little more sense to me that their away-from-home lounges would be the way they were. He also mentioned that eventually their A350s would be getting a new first class product, but I don't know how reliable that information is.

 At the end of the day, Cathay Pacific lived up to expectations in a major way, and my expectations were very high. The seat comfort that everyone always lauds is not exaggerated. The service was attentive, but not over-bearing. They definitely take a much more hands-off approach, as most people who have flown them will tell you. Before this flight I had only flown Lufthansa in first class, and compared to them Cathay was definitely less personal, but not necessarily in a bad way. I felt very well taken care of, but I was still able to enjoy the first real alone time I'd had with my wife in a very long time. To that end, I feel like not having wifi on the plane was a definite plus, as there was really not much else to do but spend time with each other. I was not so impressed with the entertainment selection, besides for The Martian which I thought was a great movie.

After landing in Hong Kong, we made our way to The Pier. It was a far walk, and we had some trouble finding it once we got to the gate it was next to. There's a little elevator that takes you down stairs. The lounge was impressive. The spa wasn't available, but the showers were great, and the views of the tarmac were excellent as well.

After my shower we just relaxed in the comfortable chairs and had a few drinks. I didn't know that you could order Kosher meals for the lounge, but we weren't really hungry anyway. After a little while, I had another walk around the lounge and noticed on one of the monitors that the A350 flight to BKK was still there, and it was scheduled to take off at the same time as our A330 flight! It must have been delayed, as it was originally scheduled to take off before we landed in HKG. I went to the desk and tried to have them switch me, but was told it was way too late as they had already started boarding. That's when I realized that I was also dangerously late for the flight we were booked on. I got our things together, and made my poor wife run with me to the gate. On the way I stopped at the A350 gate and tried to get them to switch me, but it was way too late.

When we finally arrived at our gate, we saw that all the passengers were already boarded. The gate agents were waving at us and telling us to hurry. We finally made it to the plane, and saw that everyone was already seated. The flight attendant said "Ah, there you are!" and showed us to the last two empty seats in the cabin. I didn't manage to get a picture before we sat down, so I snapped a few before we deplaned at the end.

Once I sat down, my disappointment at missing the A350 lessened as I realized that this was a solid product. Obviously there's no substitute for a lie-flat seat, but if you aren't flying flat Cathay's new regional domestic product is an excellent option. The seats felt brand new and were very comfortable. The recline was great and I actually managed to get some decent sleep on the relatively short flight to BKK. The food was Hermolis and was easily the best airplane meal I ever had.

Upon arrival in BKK, we had to clear immigration, collect our bags, recheck in to Thai Smile, and clear security. I found it very interesting that on a $60 ticket, they had no problem checking two bags for free, never mind that one was overweight for an economy ticket. They also managed to provide drinks and snacks. We were exhausted during this layover, and it was then that I realized that it wasn't so worth it to take an extra stop in order to get a better business class product on the second leg (especially since we didn't even end up on the one I wanted!). Even in premium cabins, traveling for so long is extremely draining. The flight from BKK to CNX was very shaky but otherwise very pleasant. When we boarded, the flight attendants bowed to us with their palms together. This was my first experience with what would come to be one of my favorite parts of Thailand.

Although I knew that transportation in CNX was extremely cheap, I was so exhausted that I just emailed the hotel and asked them to provide a car to pick us up. It was 550 Baht (~$15) for a Camry, and 950 (~$27) for a Mercedes E Class. Coming off of Cathay First I was still feeling very fancy, so I booked the Mercedes. When we arrived in CNX, there was a woman waiting with a Le Meridian sign. She escorted us outside to where our car was waiting.

It was a nice car but it was totally unnecessary.   The thing that surprised me was that they drive on the other side in Thailand. It was my first time being in a country where they did this, so it definitely took some getting used to.

I felt very bad when I realized that the lowest bill I had on me for a tip was a $20, and I was going to ask the front desk to change it over so I could give something smaller, but the driver drove off as soon as he took out our bags, before I had a chance to do anything. Problem solved.

The hotel lobby was very impressive and I knew we were going to enjoy ourselves.

I asked about the possibility of upgrading, but they weren't willing to do anything complimentary and I was so tired so I just dropped it. We were in a standard room which was very decent, and they even had a nice welcome amenity as it was our anniversary. I felt bad wasting it, but what can you do.

If you made it this far, thank you very much for reading the first installment of my first trip report! I apologize for the low quality pictures. I hope to finish the report in two more posts, one to cover our time in CNX, and the last to cover our trip home.

A big thank you to MEIR613 for his constant advice, Shmueli2007 for being a major part of the planning, and of course to my wife for agreeing to leave our daughter, and go across the world to a foreign country.

October 06, 2016, 12:30:59 PM
Re: HOT!!!! Dell 24" $51.28 with 75 GC
if anyone on this thread still has their GC it expires in 8 days

i just bought the 2x24" with stands for $113 shipped after $50GC from above deal

Did the same thing.  ;)

November 22, 2016, 10:22:12 AM
Re: BASICS Men's Slim Wallet $10! Got one, thanks!
December 01, 2016, 08:34:58 PM
Re: Sawatdee Khap! Shauly's trip to Chaing Mai After a long delay, I present part two. It's been a while, so I'm going to do my best to remember as many details as possible.

We had arrived to the hotel exhausted, so we didn't have any plans to wake up early. We were spending a relatively long time in Chiang Mai based on what other people have done, so we weren't in a rush. When we woke up, we decided to check out the Chabad for lunch. We chose to walk the ~12 minutes or so, since we didn't have any Baht yet, and we wanted to get a bit of a feel for the city. Our first impressions were that it was hot and humid, and the traffic flow is insane. This was our first time in South-East Asia, so we hadn't experienced anything like it before. The walk was fine, but all the other trips we took a tuktuk for 50-100 Baht ($1.50 - $3).

The menu at the Chabad house was cheap and not fancy, but everything we tried was great. I recommend the burger.

After we ate, we withdrew some Baht, and got sim cards right across the street. I don't remember the exact amounts, but it was pretty cheap. We then went to Yisrael at 669 Tours, right next to the Chabad to plan the rest of our day. My wife was expecting at the time, so we weren't able to do many of the main attractions. Yisrael made recommendations of activities that she could safely do. For the first day, he recommended the "Grand Canyon" and "The Factories". I say it that way because neither of those names really explained what the so called attractions were. Before we could finalize, he had me go back to the hotel to get our passports which we had left in the safe. He got me a ride with a kid who looked like he was 11. On the way to the hotel, I didn't realize that there were handles on the bike, and I instead held on to his sides for dear life. I'm pretty sure he was making fun of me in Thai when we got back..

 We also arranged to do an Elephant program the next morning. Unfortunately there were no whole day programs available for the whole week, so we had to settle for a half day. I think it was around 1800 Baht per person, including the driver. We paid around 800 Baht for the tour for that afternoon, and after a short wait a driver was ready to take us.

He drove us for a while until we got out of the city, and eventually we got to our first stop, the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon was a pretty big let down as it wasn't terribly impressive, and the main activities all involved jumping off the cliffs and swimming, which we weren't prepared for or interested in doing.

Unfortunately the factory tours weren't much better, as they were simply a bunch of different very hard sell tourist shops with extremely aggressive salespeople who followed you around and harassed you. After a few stops, we asked our driver to take us back to the hotel. I think he was disappointed as he probably got a commission for bringing tourists to the shops. I definitely recommend skipping the factories and the Grand Canyon.

Most of the stops didn't allow photography, but I managed to sneak a picture of one of the jewelry show rooms.

After getting back to the hotel, I went to the front desk to ask if they were able to upgrade us. They weren't able/willing to do anything complimentary, so I ended up paying $288 to upgrade to a suite for the remaining 5 nights. I was even able to call Citi on my return and get them to issue the 4th night free credit including the upgrade cost. They gave us our new keys, and offered to transfer our luggage, but we did it ourselves as we hadn't unpacked anything the night before. When we got to our corner suite, I thought it was odd that it wasn't in the corner. When I opened the door, I realized that someone else was staying in the room.  :o Luckily they weren't there at the time. The front desk staff was extremely apologetic, and they gave us some vouchers for free drinks, and then escorted us to the new room. The suite is great, and considering it's typically not that much more expensive than a regular room, I would definitely recommend upgrading.

For dinner we went to Chabad again, and then walked back to the hotel through the night market. The market was a lot of fun and was great to just walk around and window shop. Many of the stall keepers even spoke enough Hebrew to use it to grab our attention.

A lot of the merchandise looks very convincing, but it's pretty low quality and will likely fall apart shortly after you get home.  ;D Still, the fake RayBans were good enough to use during the trip, and you can get them for ~$3 if you bargain.

Next up, elephants, massages, Night Safari, tigers, monkeys, and crocodiles!

June 04, 2017, 11:55:27 AM
JetSmarter Shuttle from Teterboro to Washington DC Just a quick Trip Report, I'll try to focus on the flight experience itself rather than on the destination. I apologize for the lack of pictures of many aspects and the quality of the ones I did take. I was trying to just enjoy the experience, and reviewing it was only secondary.

My buddy Shmueli2007 and I got the 3 month JetSmarter Simple membership trial, and we were itching to try it out. In case you aren't familiar, a Simple Membership costs $5,000 and gives you one free seat on any scheduled "shuttle", and two free seats on any empty leg "deal" flights. There are many regularly scheduled shuttles, and there are also member initiated ones where you basically hop on a plane with someone else who chartered it. You can only book one shuttle flight at a time, as you have a shuttle token that gets returned after you take off. We wen't back and forth on different destinations, before deciding to go back and forth to Washington. There were some other deals that came up, but I'd heard reports that many of them get canceled, and the shuttle was much easier to plan our way home. The Teterboro to Washington Shuttle takes off at 7:45 am on Wednesdays, and returns at 5:45 pm that afternoon. We booked the outbound flight on Sunday night after checking that there were multiple Avios and TrueBlue options that could get us home if we weren't able to get back on the shuttle.

I was coming from Long Beach and Shmueli was coming from Brooklyn, so we had to plan the best way to get to Teterboro, especially considering we didn't know if we'd be returning there, or to JFK or Laguardia. The first plan was for me to sleep in Brooklyn and we'd wake up early to take a train to Grand Central and then a bus to Teterboro, but in the end we decided that we'd take a risk. We ended up finding a place to stay in Passaic (15 minutes away) for the night, so we drove there and then left the car at Teterboro in the morning.

When you book a flight, JetSmarter sends you an itinerary in the app that includes the address of the FBO (Fixed Base Operator, basically the company that provides the ground services) where you will be departing from. They tell you to arrive 30 minutes before your flight, but we got there earlier since we were pretty excited. When you get there, you provide the tail number of your flight (also available in the itinerary they send), and they give you a paper to put in your car to allow you to leave it in the lot. I was later told that you can leave your car there for up to 5 days for free. There was a JetSmarter representative waiting outside the Terminal who checked our names against a list he had, and showed us in to the Terminal. I didn't take any pictures inside as I was trying to look like I'd done this a million times before, so here is one that I found on Google:

Private jet FBOs don't seem to be as fancy as what we expect from first and even business class lounges. I would assume the reason is most people aren't spending more than 20 minutes in there, as they arrive exactly when they want to fly. There was a coffee machine and a few snacks, and comfortable seating. I didn't think to ask if there was a shower. The views are incredible as there was 10 - 15 private jets of different types and sizes parked right outside. I gave up hope of looking like a hot shot and took a ton of pictures. Most weren't that great but here are a few:

Very soon our pilot came and introduced himself and checked our licenses. He said they were just waiting for the other passengers to show up, and then we'd get going. Once everyone was there, we simply walked onto the tarmac and got on the plane. The plane itself wasn't overly fancy, but the seats were very comfortable for a 45 minute hop. There were three other passengers on board with us, all of whom did not seem interested in conversation, so Shmueli and I made all the noise. There were some sodas and some alcohol, but no snacks.

The pilots then closed the door, gave a 30 second safety speech, and then we started taxiing. Since it is such a small plane, you really feel every movement when you take off, and it feels a lot steeper. The flight was uneventful, and there was no service as the only crew on-board were the pilots. They flew with the cockpit door open, which was cool as we got to see what the pilots see (hint: it's nothing). We landed and pulled right up to the FBO. It was interesting as we took off from Atlantic in Teterboro and landed at Singature in Washington. The pilots were more than happy to let us stay on the plane a bit longer to snap some pictures while it was empty.

I felt bad when I realized that there was an agent waiting to escort us to the terminal while we were messing around and chatting with the pilots. Once inside, there was a JetSmarter representative waiting for us, who asked if our driver was there or if we needed an Uber. We ended up just hanging out a bit to try and figure out what we wanted to do that day. Eventually we went outside and hopped on a shuttle that took us to the main arrivals terminal, and we were going to take a bus/train into the city but decided to take an Uber to a bagel shop. We took Uber Pool and it came out to $31 before my $15 Amex Platinum credit. We got to the bagel store that we'd found online (Baked by Yael), but realized it had a conservative hecsher. It turned out alright as the Zoo was right across the street so we just hung out there for a bit. The admission was free. From the Zoo we took another Uber Pool ($4.20) to Char Bar for lunch. I had the brisket sandwich with rosemary potato chips ($20) and Shmueli had the Caeser Salad with lamb bacon ($11 + $5 for the lamb).

The brisket was good but unremarkable, especially compared to Judd's Memphis Kitchen and Izzy's. The chips didn't have any sign of rosemary but they were fine.

The lamb bacon was amazing and they gave a decent amount of it. Unfortunately they also included quite a long hair, which earned Shmueli another salad.

Overall it was a good restaurant and we left satisfied. From there we decided to walk to the White House, which was about a 20 minute walk. Along the way there were tons of food trucks, including one Kosher truck run by Chabad. It was a shame because the prices were much lower ($12 for a brisket sandwich). We hung around the White House for a while, and walked around the area for a bit before ending up in the Trump International Hotel. The lobby was incredible, and the couches were super comfortable after such a long day of walking. Kayak showed rooms for that night for $360, which seems pretty reasonable for a hotel that fancy, at least based on the lobby.

 The hotel was glad to give us some Trump water bottles, and then we left to make our way back to the airport. It was around 3:30 and our flight was at 5:45, so we needed to be there at 5:15. We decided to take public transportation, as Uber Pool was $50. We walked to the train ($2 but the card we had to buy ended up costing $4.25), and took it a few stops to the bus ($7.50), which arrived right on time. We left at 4:15 and arrived at Dulles at 5:00, and walked about 8 minutes to the FBO. Once there we asked about a shower, and they let us use a shower in the Pilot Rest area. This time around the other passengers were very friendly, and were extremely interesting. One woman was from Indonesia, and travels back there once a month. Lately she has been flying Garuda F, as she booked as many trips as she could with the 90% discount a few months back. She's flown just about every F cabin you can think of.

They didn't bother checking ID for this leg. Once everyone was ready (there were 6 of us), they took us to the plane for another uneventful, but very entertaining ride home. Everyone was sharing stories about where they've traveled, and they were all in love with JetSmarter. They all had the simple membership and were seemingly taking full advantage of it.

We arrived back in Teterboro, and that was it.

Overall it was a great experience and I'm very glad I had an opportunity to give it a try. I guess if you live in one of the cities where they have a shuttle and often need to go to one of their destinations, then it could be a good value for you, but it seems to me that not many people would fit into that category. It seems more useful for more of a leisure traveler who has plenty of extra cash, and lots of free time to go wherever they happen to be flying that day, which is what most of the people on the flight were doing. The main attraction of a private jet to me would be the ability to leave whenever you want and fly wherever you want, both of which JetSmarter doesn't provide, unless you charter a flight yourself. In that case, you'd be spending a few thousand for the flight in addition to the money you paid for the membership. Once you are being confined to their (very limited) flight schedule and route network, the only thing you are gaining over commercial is skipping the airport experience. I don't think the seat is that much better than most domestic F products, and with a full plane things can get pretty cramped.

I guess as they grow and add more shuttle routes and frequencies that the value proposition for many people will improve, but at that point you are running an airline with small planes and private terminals.

July 06, 2017, 11:57:41 AM
Re: flying on Qatar, Emirates, and Etihad
Thanks. Speaking from experience?

Yes, flown with them several times and went into Doha twice. Excellent airline, probably the best all around business class I've flown.

April 24, 2018, 05:56:12 PM
Chabad Saved My Trip! This is going to be a real quick report of a weekend trip I took to LA that was almost a complete disaster. I probably wouldn't have posted a report, but I wanted to share an incredible story of hashgacha pratis and the amazing chessed of Chabad.

My wife has always wanted to go to LA, but whenever we are in the US she is usually working, and never has time for trips. A few months ago I noticed some AA F space from JFK to LAX on a Thursday night, and I quickly booked two seats. There was nothing available for our return on Sunday night, so I booked two seats in JetBlue Mint. These are two products that I've wanted to try for a while so I was pretty happy. We were arriving at midnight on Thursday, so I booked the Marriott Renaissance LAX Airport since it was close, cheap, and I had some expiring Orbux I needed to use. For Friday and Saturday night, I booked the Intercontinental Century City with cash. It was about $350 a night for a basic suite I think. However, within 24 hours of booking I got an email from Hilton with weekend anniversary nights. I had totally forgotten about them, so I was pretty excited and decided to use them at the new Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. When I called up to book, I was told they had no standard rooms available, which I knew wasn't true. After some pushing I found out that their definition of a standard room is a handicap room, which conveniently wasn't available. After a bit of pushing, they agreed to speak to the hotel manager, who would call me back. Within 10 minutes I had an email from the manager saying they'd be glad to process my booking. I emailed my certificate information, and they processed it all for me.

We arrived at JFK about an hour before our 8:30 flight. Flagship First checkin is available on the right side of the terminal, and within minutes we were directed to an escort who was meant to take us through security. It took a few minutes of explaining that we were in first class to convince her to take both of us through, as she kept insisting that only I was priority. Eventually, she put down the show she was watching on her phone and took us to the front of the line. It seemed like she was going to take us all the way through, but after scanning her ID and starting to come to the actual screening, she changed her mind and left. Oh well. It didn't take long until we were at the lounge. I've been to the AA lounge several times before, and although it's comfortable it's nothing special. Obviously the main attraction for most would be the Flagship Dining which we obviously were not able to take advantage of. After a brief wait in the lounge, we headed to our gate. We were the last two passengers on board a fully booked flight.

My initial reaction to the A321-T First Class product was that it's a very impressive seat to see on a narrow body plane. It was also very strange to look to the end of the plane and see just how small it was. It definitely feels out of place on an aircraft of that size. Unfortunately that's where the impressiveness ended. I wasn't expecting outstanding service, but I still felt like it was extremely disinterested. The first clue is that infamous line in the safety announcement, "Flight attendants are here primarily for your safety, but if you need anything else...". The plane had an air conditioning issue where it was blowing out tons of mist, and we had about an hour delay until it was fixed. During this time, our drink orders were taken, but nothing was actually brought until well after take off. Additionally, hardly any announcements were made to let us know what was going on or how long we would be waiting. It was especially noticeable to me since I had recently taken several Qantas domestic flights in Australia. It's really sad to think how far behind most of the world American carriers are.

Anyway, the coldness continued throughout the service. When the meal was served, the flight attendant walked down the aisle simply barking "Tray tables out" without even looking at any of us. The seat itself was also disappointing. When I boarded, there were crumbs everywhere from the previous flight. The furnishings seemed old and worn, and the TV screen and remote were unresponsive. Additionally, the TV screen swings out, but you can't tilt it at all. This means that if you want to watch while laying flat or even semi reclined, the viewing angle was terrible.

With all the negatives in mind, it's still a perfectly acceptable way to travel for six hours, and it's definitely far better than economy.

We landed in LA on time even with the delay, and managed to just miss the shuttle to the hotel. I didn't feel like waiting, so we just took an Uber. The Marriott is an older hotel that definitely shows its age. There was no minibar, and the water bottles in the room were $7. It was past 3am NY time at that point for us, so it didn't really matter. We went straight to sleep, and left right after we woke up the next morning.

The plan was to drop off our bags at the Waldorf, and go spend the day seeing various sites that my wife wanted to visit. It was about 30 minutes to the Waldorf from the airport, and we arrived slightly before 10am. There is a circular driveway that leads up to the hotel, which is your first impression of the building. Throughout our stay there was a constant stream of Rolls Royces, Maseratis, Bentlys, etc going in and out. To our delight, the hotel clerk was able to get us in a room right away. We ended up getting Uber Eats from Bibi's Bakery instead of going out right away.

I'm not going to go through where we went, as it was all pretty standard stuff such as The Grove, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, etc.

For food, I had placed an order with Lieders through their app. The Waldorf has two house cars, which you can use within 3 miles of the hotel. I requested one to take us to pick up the food. Unfortunately we only got the Maybach, and not the Rolls Royce. We got back to the hotel, double wrapped it all with foil I had brought, and dropped off the food in the hotel fridge, as we had arranged for them to store it and heat it up for us. Before shabbos, we went down to just double check that they would be heating up the right items for each meal, and bring it to us at the correct times. We waited some time while the luggage store room was checked, and then were told that the food had been moved downstairs and it would be a bit longer. Unfortunately it wasn't there either, so we decided to go back up to our room and requested that when located the food be brought up to us. On the way up, we happened to meet three guys on their way to shul. We again waited quite some time yet no food arrived. At this point it was already shabbos. We again went down, where the concierge informed us that our food had unfortunately been misplaced. Someone then checked the security cameras and discovered that it had been mistakenly loaded into another guests car who had left with it. The hotel staff were extremely apologetic, and offered whatever they could do to fix the issue. The concierge told me that the chef would prepare me absolutely anything I wanted. He offered to order food for us from anywhere in the city. He said that there must be some kosher restaurant that's open. I politely explained that if anything was open that would mean I can't eat there, and that there was really nothing he could do for us. My wife was upset, and I was trying to accept the fact that our shabbos food would consist of a few challah rolls I had kept in our room and the chips and snacks we had brought.

Literally right then, in walks a smiling, bearded Jew. He walks right up to us and says "Hi, I'm Rabbi Danny. Do you want to come to my house for dinner?". I couldn't believe it. I explained to him that not five minutes earlier the hotel had told us that they had lost all our food. He told us that the three guys I had seen earlier were coming to him for dinner, but there was another guy still at the hotel. He had told his friends that if he wasn't at shul by a certain time they should go without him, but Rabbi Danny would have none of that and insisted on walking to the Waldorf to get the fourth guy. We enjoyed a beautiful meal with Rabbi Danny and his wife, and the next day we ate lunch at the JEM center which I had no idea was just minutes away from the Waldorf. It's really incredible how Hashem took care of us, and how Rabbi Danny immediately welcomed us to his home even before he found out how much we needed him.

On Shabbos afternoon, the hotel sent up a gift basket with a box of Matzah, a pack of wafers, a bag of pretzels, some macaroons, and a jar of techina. Clearly they sent someone to the Kosher aisle of the closest store and had them dump it all in the cart. It was well intentioned but we didn't eat any of it.

On Saturday night we went to Trattoria Natalie for dinner.

Sunday morning we did a Warner Brother's studio tour, visited Hollywood Blvd, and then went to Bibi's for lunch. It was boiling hot, and we were exhausted, so we ended up going back to The Grove for a movie. Afterwards we went to Rodeo Drive, and then finally had a chance to try Bird Scooters that are all over LA. Basically they are electric scooters that are just strewn all over the city. It costs $1 to activate, and then $.15 per minute. When you are finished, you just leave it anywhere. We had a lot of fun zipping around as we made our way back to the Waldorf to get our bags. We ordered some food to go from LA Burger Bar, and picked it up on the way to the airport for our 9pm flight. JetBlue doesn't offer any lounge for Mint passengers, and the only lounge in T5 is the Admirals club which I don't have access to, so we had to rough it out in the terminal for about 20 minutes before boarding.

Upon boarding, we were warmly greeted by the Mint flight attendants. It was like night and day compared to the AA crew. I had assigned us the Mint Suites, since it was a redeye and we would both just be sleeping anyway. The seat was nice, but the footwell was extremely tight. The door was cool but it's just a shtick, especially once you've flown Etihad and Emirates. Once again the TV doesn't tilt down, so it's not great when you are reclined. As always the DirecTV and free wifi makes the flight that much more pleasant. The food actually looked decent, but I had already eaten meat and they served a dairy meal. After they cleared it, I went to sleep and woke up 30 minutes before landing. All in all it was a perfectly nice experience. I would definitely choose Mint over AA in the future.

Well that's it, I actually finished a TR! Thanks for reading!

July 10, 2018, 04:09:14 PM
Re: Chabad Saved My Trip!
Nice TR.

Agree Mint is better than AA F.

There's no comparison. I'll admit that I was a bit spoiled since a week earlier I flew EK F so my standards are a bit high right now..

Title is off to a great start :)
Well done.

Thanks! This is not meant to put down any other group of Jews, but there's just something special about the way Chabad innately and genuinely cares for every Jew. Rabbi Danny's wife had made shabbos for 90 people the week before, and he promised her that she would have a week off this week. Then, Friday morning the four guys called him, and she quickly got a meal together. Come Friday night, and he walks in an hour late with two extra people, and she was somehow still delighted that we were there. Simply amazing.

July 10, 2018, 04:26:45 PM
Re: Chabad Saved My Trip!
Great TR. Someone has to ask..... what did the Waldorf give you upon checkout?

Well, they asked me how much the food cost, and I told them I'd get back to them since it was shabbos. I've now sent them the receipts and they are reimbursing me in full.

They have not proactively offered anything further, and I'm thinking hard how I want to handle it. On the one hand, I spent a lot of points/money on this trip with a very specific idea in mind. We ended up enjoying, but it was not the vacation I wanted or planned. I wanted to be sitting on the balcony of my room, eating all the fancy food, enjoying the view, and sharing it all with nobody else except my wife. I loved the meals at Rabbi Danny, but sometimes you just need a break. So yeah, I legitimately feel like my trip was severely impacted by their mistake and I have every right to complain and ask for compensation.

On the other hand, the nature of the issue is inherently Jewish, and that's what the spotlight will be on if I make a stink. I don't want to impact anyone else's ability to have this hotel accommodate Kosher needs, but more importantly I don't want to make a chillul Hashem.

In my ideal scenario, they would refund me my certificates and maybe put in a good word with the Waldorf in Jerusalem to help me get a suite there to redo the weekend, with guaranteed Kosher food. If I ask for anything I will do it in a polite and respectful way, but I still haven't decided if it's worth the above risks.

Definitely open to input here.

July 12, 2018, 10:57:40 PM
Re: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Kosher Catered Trip To Antarctica! FOMO support group
I would be interested, better at $100 x 130 tickets, that's my cap for a raffle.

Make it $150 x130 and give the rest to tzedaka so we don't feel like idiots for paying for someone else's cruise when we don't win. I'll be in for that.

July 18, 2018, 10:46:50 PM
TLV - JNB $1000 Business Class with Alitalia  Title says it all.

$835 for kids. Earns 25k DL, 36k EY.

Available across the schedule, lots of seats, even pesach time.

October 22, 2019, 08:50:19 AM
Re: TLV - JNB $1000 Business Class with Alitalia
Will people really fly this way to JNB with fake J for 4 hours each way to FCO and doubling the length of the journey?

I booked it with 2 kids.

I don't really care about the extra flight time, especially because the long hauls are pretty well timed for me, and there's no time difference. Considering all the value in points I'm getting back, really seems worth it over LY Y.

I guess I'll report back in February if it was a good idea or not.  ;D

October 28, 2019, 01:42:55 AM
Re: Maldives Master Thread
Thanks! I am going to drive you a bit crazy but anyone score any upgrades here? I am booked in a reef villa (the only one available with points) but would love to get a true over water. They are asking $350++ per night

Hey man, if there's someone that's still willing to listen to me talk about my trip, I'm not about to pass that opportunity up.

I booked into the King Reef Villa, but then after that they downgraded overwater villas to the basic room so I was able to downgrade my reservation to overwater.

Honestly, I wouldn't pay extra for the over water. Wait closer to your stay and try to get moved if it's really important, but besides for the glass floor the rooms are really identical. And if you get a room on the inside of the U (the island is in a U shape) then the water will be much calmer than the overwaters, which will be better for snorkling.

Bottom line is, every room at that hotel is going to be the best room you ever stayed in.

August 11, 2020, 01:35:41 PM
Re: Phuket, Maldives, and London I've been sitting home long enough, not really any excuses not to finish this, so here goes. Protip for anyone writing long overdue trip reports, Google Timeline is your best friend.

Our Elal flight left Israel at 820pm on Monday night. We live in Jerusalem and took the train to the airport, which is my favorite way to go these days. Elal was more than happy to check our bags all the way through to Phuket, even though they were separate tickets. It was a bit of a bumpy ride but we got a decent sleep and landed on time in Bangkok. After clearing transit security, we used priority pass to access the Bangkok Airways lounge. The flight to Phuket was uneventful. I ordered a kosher meal for this flight, and was served a plastic wrapped apple.

Upon arrival in Phuket, we had a brief wait before our driver that I had booked on Klook ($50 round trip) showed up. We had also ordered sim cards ($5 each) which the driver provided us with.
If you've never been to Phuket, the Chabad is located in Patong Beach, which is definitely more of a run down area. There are some OK properties, but the nicer ones are mostly outside of this area. Our hotel, The Naka, was about a 15 minute drive north of Patong, in Kamala. It's a large, spread out resort with an impressive outdoor lobby area. Like a lot of the resorts in the area, you need to take a golf cart to your villa. The hotel has 24 hour service so you'll never get stuck hiking up to your villa. The villa itself is very spacious. We had booked the high bay room, and it had very impressive views from the private infinity pool and the bedroom. Due to the way that the villas are stacked on the hillside though, not all of the private pools are actually private, and judging from the shows our lower neighbors provided, it's not so obvious that the people above you can clearly see what's going on. They have a private beach for the resort as well, but it was very rocky and I saw lots of jellyfish floating around. If you plan to swim here, definitely bring water shoes for the rocks. We did not use any of the other amenities the hotel provides.

After a quick swim, we headed to Patong for dinner at Chabad. They have a meat restaurant, as well as a pizza store. Since my last visit, the pizza store added a cappuccino machine, which was so nice to have. The food is great, and very well priced. We didn't see him at all this trip, but Rabbi Mendy is an incredible man who really cares for everyone who walks through his doors. After dinner, we went to Teddy, an Israeli who lives in Phuket and provides the typical Phuket tourist attractions. I had previously done the full island tour, including Koh Phi Phi, and while I had an excellent time, I couldn't see myself making it through such a long day again. We ended up choosing a half day island tour for the next day.

One of the things that Patong is known for is its nightlife, which never disappoints. There's something for everyone, whether you want night markets, cheap drinks and loud music, or endless massages. It also has other things it is known for, and for that reason I would not recommend visiting if that is not something you want to be near. If you enjoy dance music, I'd highly recommend Illuzion. Just don't get there too early.

The next morning we slept late, and went right to the pizza store. They sell personal pies, but they are quite big and definitely enough for two people, if not more. We ended up taking half our pie with us on the boat tour which got a lot of laughs from the Thai ladies at the tour agency when we got picked up. The half day tour turned out to be incredible. The drive to the dock takes about an hour, including picking up other guests. Once you get to the dock, there's some refreshments, opportunity to buy things like waterproof bags for your phone and water shoes. After a safety presentation you finally get onto the boat. Since we only took the halfday tour, we only stopped on Koh Khai Nok and Khai Nai Island (thanks again Google Timeline). Having done both full day and half day options, I really think the half day is enough to get the idea of what's going on out there without leaving you completely wiped out. There's plenty of time to explore the islands, enjoy cheap drinks, and relax in the water.

We were dropped off at our hotel around 7pm. After a stop at Chabad for dinner, Teddy to book activities for the next day, and a visit to the Bob Marley bar around the corner, we spent another night enjoying the night markets, the fresh fruit, and the night life.

We had reserved an ATV tour and Zip Lining for Thursday afternoon, and after a morning of enjoying the hotel and the beach we were again picked up and driven to the zip lining course. It was good fun and the guides were funny. We had taken a shorter option but you can also do more stations if you want to spend more time on it. As with the island tour, I think it was enough to get the idea without overdoing it, and soon enough we were on our way to the ATV tour.

The ATV tour takes you through the forest on mud and dirt roads, at times alongside elephant tours, up to the Big Buddha (which you don't need to enter), and then back down.

As we had an early flight the next morning, and we planned to stay out late, I hadn't booked The Naka for that night. Instead I booked a cheap room closer to the action to leave our bags and get a couple hours of rest after another night enjoying the city. Friday morning at 4:15 we were off on the way to the Maldives, finally!

October 05, 2020, 09:58:19 AM