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Re: Venice Master Thread Marseilles
May 11, 2017, 05:56:54 PM
Re: Jamaica master thread Well, at a minimum remember that they drive on the left side of the street.
December 31, 2017, 07:43:43 AM
Re: Jamaica master thread Hyatt Zilaara has Kosher yogurt, boxed cereal (kellog) and fresh fruit at breakfast and was very good about providing fresh cut fruit (loved the local avocado and mango). Chabad will provide Kosher double wrapped meals and deliver to hotel and they were very good about rewarming. If you can splurge for the butler service, I found it very useful when dealing with Kosher but you certainly can do it without that service -  just need to be more hands on. Cut fruit it aylor but there are certainly those who say it is ok in an establishment like this which must worry about allergies etc.- for unsharp fruits.
January 02, 2018, 06:51:53 AM
Re: Jamaica master thread The hyatt Zilaara will call you a taxi but they charge American rates. Local Jamaican taxis are much much cheaper but the condition of the cars are often shocking and they are not marked or possibly even regulated.  If you can find a good local one you can save lots of money.
Obviously you don't need help for the self service breakfast to get kosher items. I'm referring to arranging for heating meals and ordering cut fruit etc. Of course, all that can be done on your own with some involvement but you need to be on top of it.

January 02, 2018, 04:43:19 PM
Re: Jamaica master thread As far as excursions, we did a couple through the resort so they probably overcharged. The Rose Hall "tour" was a cute historical tour of the "haunted" Rose Hall mansion but not a do not miss. We also did a private trip to the glistening/blue light lagoon in Falmouth at night.  That was quite cool and I would highly recommend that experience.
January 02, 2018, 04:47:31 PM
Priceline car rental - no vehicles available Hi. I had reserved a van at Dollar via Priceline (pay at the counter) but when I showed up to get it yesterday they told me that they were  out of vehicles entirely for at least the next four hours. After twenty minutes of arguing with the agent and Priceline - and a quick online search showing no suitable alternatives that I could immediately secure, my family's schedule left me no choice but to start ubering everywhere. Of course, I racked up a couple hundred dollars in uber fees, in excess of what the van would have coated, by the end of the day.  Does anyone think that I have any recourse?
March 30, 2018, 06:39:03 AM
Southwest status match 90 Days status match with possible extension with LUV travel.

June 08, 2018, 01:41:47 PM
Re: Toronto Master Thread The Windsor Arms had evening dining most nights but call first. Everything else is Eglinton or north
August 26, 2018, 01:17:50 PM
Re: Airline Compensation Master Thread
First time trying to get compensation so apologies if this question is really simple:

I was on an Alitalia flight from JFK-FCO that was delayed just more than 4 hours. After requesting 600 EU compensation under EC 261/2004, the request was denied for the following reason:

"After investigation, our records show that the flight in question was caused by the late arrival of previous flight which was delayed due to operational reasons, an unfortunate occurrence totally beyond the airline's control.

Please note that no compensation is due on this occasion as outlined in Article 5.3 and Recital 14 of EC 261/2004 that the liability of an airline is exonerated when the cancellation of a flight is due to 'extraordinary circumstances' which could not have been avoided even if reasonable measures had been taken."

Now, I'm pretty sure that operational reasons are not considered 'extraordinary circumstances', and even if they are, the fact that they occurred on the incoming flight, and not this flight itself, would mean that liability is not waived. But how do I best go about effectively making that argument?

Thank you for the assistance

I had the same experience (with a much more severe delay on Alitalia).  The airline tried to shirk responsibility so I had to follow up with ENAC which is the Italian airline regulator.  First you should review your rights here:

If you determine that you qualify for compensation, you can reach them via the online form at

Attach all your correspondence with the airline and explain in detail what happened.

The form in in Italian so use Google translate to help you. I followed up on the  online form with an email to the regulators telling them that I had done the form online - ( and and again attaching all correspondence.

 The regulator reviews the complaint and then passes it on to the airport regulator and then they go to the airline.

In my case, I finally heard back from Alitalia about 10 months later and they fully compensated.

October 15, 2018, 10:44:50 AM
Re: Traveling to lithuania Dear Friend,
Rabbi Sholom Krinsky would like to advise that the Bagel Shop in Vilnius (Beigelių krautuvėlė), located on Pylimo Street 4, is no longer certified as kosher.

All the best,
Sarah Shapiro

July 29, 2020, 08:33:55 AM