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Re: 82(2+2) = ?

The NYTimes says the answer is 16, which means that some of you will agree and some of you will argue that it's anything BUT 16

August 02, 2019, 12:25:20 PM
Re: The funny/strange/interesting video thread... The Marlins called up Isan Diaz for his first MLB game against the mets. His family came to watch and were being interviewed by the Marlins' reporter as he hit a home run - his Dad's reaction is epic.

August 06, 2019, 12:28:29 PM
Re: Useful utilities/programs, windows only Not sure if this is useful for anyone else, but in Windows 10 if you hit Windows+Shift+S it will allow you to snip a screen shot using your mouse
August 14, 2019, 01:49:04 PM
Re: Jokes Master Thread A distraught man walks into the shul of a small shtetl on the market day and asks the Rebbe for help. He explains to the Rebbe that he is a horse salesman, here to sell his horses in the marketplace. But just as he was about to start selling, someone drop a large piece of pottery and the noise scared his horses away and their nowhere to be found, and he needs help getting them back.

The Rebbe thinks about it, and asks his shamash to accompany the man back to the marketplace and bring his 'Shtender' as well, and the horses will return. The Shamash is perplexed, but he goes along with it. He and the salesman get to the marketplace, and he puts down the Shtender. Within 5 minutes all of the horses have returned. The salesman is ecstatic, and tell the Shamash to thank the Rebbe.

The Shamash returns with the shtender and asks the Rebbe how he knew the horses would come back. The Rebbe replied -"In all my years of being the Rov of this town, I've only learned one thing- Alle Ferden Laufen zo deim amud

August 14, 2019, 04:01:46 PM
Re: Interesting Articles...
August 14, 2019, 04:07:52 PM
Re: Jokes Master Thread Today is national tell a joke day -


A Russian Army General was teaching his cadets about military strategy. At the end of his lecture he opened the floor to questions. The first Cadet he called on asked him the following:

Cadet: "Professor, there are only several hundred million of us, but 1.4 billion chinese. What if we were to get into a war with them? Wouldn't their superior numbers eventually give them the advantge?"

General: "Quantity isn't everything in battle. For example, look at tiny israel, with 8 million people. They're surrounded by half a billion Arabs and they've never lost a war"

Cadet: "I've thought of this, but where we going to get 9 million Israelis from?"

August 16, 2019, 04:17:22 PM
Re: Jokes Master Thread
This one emanates from the Europe:

Q. How do you describe a person that speaks two languages?
A. Bi-lingual.

Q. How about a person that can speak 3 languages?
A. Tri-lingual.

Q. And a person that speaks many languages?
A. A polyglot.

Q. How about a person that can only speak one language?
A. An American.

Very similarly: "How do you spot the American in Paris? He's the only one insisting that people speak English to him"

August 27, 2019, 11:44:42 AM
Re: Jokes Master Thread
I've had personal experience with that. Try to speak English, and the response is a facial expression and a sound made by letting out air from tightly closed lips. Try talking in the even in the most broken French, and they'll politely answer you in English.

I had this experience when I lived in Israel. You start speaking Hebrew to someone and they hear your accent and they say... 'No, It's okay, I speak english'. When that happened, I'd go into my full-on NY, 300 wpm english and then after the first sentence they'd quickly flip back to hebrew

August 27, 2019, 02:29:16 PM
Re: "Why Does No One Care About Violence Against Orthodox Jews?" (Interesting Article Split) Late to the Party here.  w/r/t all of the arguments about different minorities and ethnic groups, a couple of points:

- Obviously, we should denounce hatred of anyone for their race, religion, or ethnicity.
- If you go by the FBI's hate crime statistics, even though there are more groups that have more hatred incidents directed towards them, Jews are still the 3rd largest total for 2017 (the last report available from the FBI), and the only higher groups are African Americans - who may have double the number of incidents but 8 times the population, and all Sexual Orientation incidents which are only 200 more than incidents against Jews - while the estimated LGBTQ+ community in the us is roughly 2x the Jewish Population

- Jews still make up nearly 60% of all anti-religious hate in the US.

- While 2017 has an uptick in reported incidents. The raise in in anti-Jewish Violence spiked up about 45%, while the other two groups above showed much smaller upticks against the previous 4-year average (anti sexual orientation incidents are up 3%, anti-blick up 16%)

- Incidentally, Anti-Muslim attacks, which jumped significantly between 14 and 15, went down last year.

Here is the source of the data -

I realize that all hate/bias crimes are under reported, but I would have to imagine that the under reporting is somewhat proportional - unless you have a study that can prove otherwise.

The bottom line, we need to worry about hatred against all groups, but Anti-Semitism has taken off in a scary direction, and disproportionate to other hate crimes.

August 30, 2019, 10:06:43 AM
Re: Jokes Master Thread After WWII, Albert Einstein moved to the US and would travel from university to university to deliver talks on his theory of relativity. For these trips, he had a Chauffeur named Bob who'd drive him from school to school. Bob would also sit in and listen to the lectures. One day, on their way to a lecture, Bob turns to Einstein and says - "you know, I've heard your lecture so many times, I could probably give it at this point." To which Einstein replies - "maybe you should - let's switch!". Given it was the 1950s and pictures of einstein weren't widly distributed, they figured why not. So about a mile from the college, they switch spots, and Bob gets up to give the lecture, while Einstein, dressed as the Chauffer, takes a seat in the back of the auditorium.

Much to Einstein's surprise, Bob is spot on. He delivers the talk perfectly, and even answers the first few questions from the audience. Of course, most of the questions are the same one people usually ask, and so Bob already knows the answers. But then, the department chair asks a more difficult question, one that Einstein knows Bob can't possibly answer. He waits with baited breath to see what Bob would do. Bob looks at the professor and without missing a beat, says:

"That's such an east question, even my Chauffeur can answer it!"

August 30, 2019, 12:21:20 PM