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Site Suggestions i'm not sure if there is already a thread like this, so mods feel free to merge or move...
2 changes to the forum that would be helpful for me:

1- have a "like" button for each post. that would eliminate useless +1 posts and then you can also see how many likes a certain post has.
2- i would love for there to be a way to save certain posts to an inbox of sorts. for example a good tip, or a funny joke. i guess like a favorites sort of thing.

June 10, 2014, 03:28:08 PM
Re: Site Suggestions
There's a lot of value in knowing who is liking the post, not just that any DDFer (or number of DDFers) like(s) it.
Also, much of the time +1 means "I had the same experience", not "I like your post". That is also a very valuable thing that would be lost with a "like" button.

fine, we don't need to eliminate the +1's but sometimes i see a good post, or a funny vort or something and feel it's silly to quote and then +1, sometimes i just want to say 'like'!

June 10, 2014, 03:54:20 PM
Re: Scammed by a DDF'er on the DD forums! i'm such a loser... i just read 17 pages hoping for some good stuff... this is what i get?! I JUST GOT SCAMMED!!
February 11, 2015, 10:38:19 AM
Re: Stuff Your Kid Tells You Some funny stuff :)

September 19, 2016, 09:20:42 PM
Re: Master Thread of Pet Peeves
So your husband has done it but now he doesn't. Ok.  :P
I don't think he has but why does every post I make have to involve my husband?? I hardly ever see any random post and a reply be 'well what did your wife say to that'. Or 'bet your wife wouldn't mind' or 'did your wife get mad' 'is your wife on ddf'?? Seriously!

September 27, 2016, 11:31:05 PM
Re: Puerto Rico Master Thread i just went to PR a few weeks ago. not gonna write a whole TR cuz it was a short trip and we didn't really do much

landed Thursday afternoon. our hotel was 5 minutes from the airport. we stayed at the San Juan Water and Beach Club. it's a cute clean hotel. we were 5 girls so we got 2 rooms. when we booked, we were told we can have a third bed in a room but they gave us some issues when we checked in. after 2 of us had a sleepless night bunking together we made a stink and spoke to the GM. we told him that if we would have known that a third bed wouldn't be possible we would have booked another room. he gave in and we got the third bed. no biggie
thursday night we went to La Placita and had a blast. drinks are cheap and atmosphere is friendly and fun
friday we mostly sat at the beach all day. did some shopping for souveniers and smoothies.
friday night we went to chabad ($50 for night meal, no charge for kiddush by day). food was delicious. typical chabad welcome. they had the most INCREDIBLE mangos. seriously best fruit i've had in my life. the guy that served us told me they're specially grown. he even brought me a couple after shabbos!
friday night we went up to the roof of our hotel. officially it's a cool place but it was more like a restaurant with a live DJ. was ok for a friday night place (shabbos didnt give us too many options) but nothing major.
shabbos morning we went back to chabad for the meal. kiddush is a full spread buffet style. food was excellent.
we spent the rest of the day chilling at the beach glad that there was no pressure to take good pics :)
we ate suedos shlishit in the hotel. they have a small balcony on the 2nd floor with tables and chairs overlooking the beach. was very nice.
we went back to chabad for havdala and ideas for motzei shabbos fun. we were told to go back to La Placita cuz now was when the real fun was happening.
we decided to first check out old san juan. it was boooooring. ye there was a party in the street and cars couldn't go cuz there were so many people and dancing right in the middle of the road but meh...
we uber'd it back to La Placita and drank till we were completely plastered.
sunday we woke up early to catch some more sun. about an hour before we were gonna leave the skies opened up and it looked like it was midnight. it started pouring like crazy so we went to the airport early.
USDA had no problem letting us through with our massive avocados we had picked up at a market. good thing we ate all our mangos cuz those we would not have been able to take along.

all in all we were 5 people and not a single regret (ok the burn i got was bad but that's on me). excellent short trip!

Sorry I don't have too many pics but most of what I took were selfies or drunk videos

Dead old San Juan

April 04, 2017, 10:31:07 AM
Re: Brooklyn Restaurants I just went to t-fusion last night. I have to say that in the past I would go and have the BBQ ribs and maybe a drink or dessert. That's it. Can't do that anymore. We had the following:
Paradise cocktail- nothing special
BBQ ribs x3- dry. Could've used more sauce which the waiter brought over
Crispy chicken nuggets- portion size shrunk tremendously but still good flavor
Garlic confit fries- yum!
Chorizo sliders- not my thing

We were 3 people and shared everything. All in all was a wonderful meal. Service was absolutely superb!! We asked to sit outside and they had no problem shlepping a table and chairs. Took them about 10 seconds. Amazing. Waiter, bus boy, mashgiach, and bartender were all very nice and attentive. And we were very annoying. 3 girls loud and obnoxious and asking for free salad isn't fun to deal with. We tipped nicely and left a nice review on the comment card. One of us actually left her credit card on the table. They hand delivered it to Boro park within an hour! Very impressive. It's my go-to spot for upscale Brooklyn

June 16, 2017, 12:34:54 AM
Re: Private Island Paradise: Something Fishy's Anniversary Adventure

Just know, that the real reason Cuba isn't being finished is because Something Fishy's been busy with this
And the gloves are off! :)

July 06, 2017, 05:40:22 PM
Re: Please (Make and) Post your Kiddush Hashem-Honesty Story A little background: I buy from a local distributor very often. They are a branch that's part of a larger corporate company (not like Walmart or anything). The guy that manages the local branch is our rep so he (or the store. I'm not sure which) gets commission every time I buy something even if he's not the one that I specifically purchased it from.
They ran a sale. 15% off an item that I needed a large quantity. I purchased about $1800 worth. The order was so big that instead of having the warehouse ship to the store and me picking it up, they delivered t straight to me. Now the way they run a sale is that they invoice full price then add a line item 'discount'. Turns out the guy messed up and gave me a similar but incorrect item which wouldn't work. He was nice enough to give me the original item I needed for the sale price even though the sale was long over. I returned the 2 huge boxes to the store and moved on.
When it came time for me to pay the bills, something didn't add up. Turns out he credited me for the original price but didn't include the 'discount'. So it's like I made like $900 for free!
It's a non Jewish company but the manager I mentioned is Jewish. I debated if I should be upfront or not. In the end I called to tell him. Turns out he was aware of the issue and he knows I'm not the only one it happened to but I'm one of only a few that called it in. He said it's a glitch in the system that corporate has to fix. He was impressed and I'm really glad I fessed up especially since he knew the whole time

July 06, 2017, 09:21:07 PM
Re: Equifax hacked!!!
Charge your phone!  >:(


Feel better?

September 07, 2017, 09:46:23 PM