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I need Electric Help... Any electricians out there? I would like to put an outlet 3ft above above a back burner is it an issue?

Will the plugs get ruined from heat or steam? (dosent get very hot)

May 29, 2014, 04:02:17 PM
Re: Sub-forums: a solution to the "master thread" madness? Maybe... We should have a thread in 'Start Here' with all the Master threads?
July 28, 2014, 07:38:56 PM
Re: BOGO Tuition Scam Can everyone grow up?
September 05, 2016, 10:42:09 AM
Re: BOGO Tuition Scam
Can you show me where he actually recommended it, rather than just saying to keep an open mind?
Enough! Can we move on in life?

September 05, 2016, 11:15:24 AM
Re: Comments That Leave Me Speechless...
Yea, I predicted something, but not this...  :o
I liked your post.
Just that you should know it was me i am telling you now

September 07, 2016, 03:18:25 PM
Re: How do I acquire hat tips?
I will support such a thread only if the likes are earned. If I post something that I think is worthy of a like, I can crosspost it there.

Actually, we should open it up to everyone and just have it be the "underrated post" thread where we call attention to posts that are worthy of likes but somehow slipped under the radar.

November 21, 2016, 12:39:46 PM
Re: What now?
Few of my CC had their AF hit.
Ink plus
SPG biz
citi AA plat

i plan on opening a business (legit) in 2-3 years. does it pay to keep the ink opened and pay the AF in the meantime bec they discontinued it?

what is the consensus of keeping the other cards open especially now with the once in a lifetime bonus, and 5/24 rule?

Your going to get bashed for starting a new thread?

November 27, 2016, 03:32:29 PM
Re: Drill Free Magnetic Cabinet Locks - 4 Pack - $4.99 @ Amazon Any coupon? Need to buy another pack
December 01, 2016, 06:19:50 PM
Re: PRICE MISTAKE?! Please fix the title to include the name of product
December 04, 2016, 01:41:27 PM
Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
You should have spelled this out in your initial post, no one understood this situation from your initial post.

So basically Reuven wanted to get some points, so he asked Shimon to swipe for him.

Was Shimon a con man? Or did something happen to shimon that he couldn't payback?
I dont know his story but the story that i know of was very similar. They owed tuition and the school was not willing take another child (a younger child). So they borrowed a credit card from someone and promised to pay the person back.
One month later they did a dispute since he did not pay back and locked up his PP account with over $50,000. The school had just ordered new stuff for school and had a big CC bill himself...

December 06, 2016, 04:49:10 PM