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Re: Footsteps - Friend or Foe?
You're right. Look around and see-often those who profess to being "open minded" are in fact extremely closed minded because they're totally closed minded in their opinions about people they consider closed minded. Take a look at that coffee container picture thread and you'll see this in action. The great Amerivan rule of "live and let live" is suddenly cast aside in favor of "how dare these people be so closed minded?". I'm sure had the situation been reversed and frum people had been complaining about something they perceived others to have done wrong we would have heard this open minded voices clamping for tolerance and open mindedness.
the only ones that ddfrs have no pity on are Charaidim .
they are scorned and ridiculed.
For everyone else , our compassion is unlimited .

August 30, 2015, 10:45:05 AM