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Re: Random airline-questions.
they do not know


My coworker's daughter is a flight attendant for Delta and said that they can see the exact fare code for everyone on the flight.

August 29, 2018, 01:34:12 PM
Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others Just finished reading through all this fighting and honestly don't understand everybody's issue. I think both groups pretty much have the same terms and conditions. I have bought plenty for both groups and based on my experience USA buying has exceptional customer service and MYS has generally better commissions. Its not like any of these groups are screwing people over by refusing products that go bad for them. If they suspect dumping, you can just go and request to return the item to the place you ordered from. Most times there shouldn't be a return fee but if there is maybe a buying group can offer to reimburse that fee (obviously with proper checking that they are actually buying for them) in the form of maybe higher commissions on future purchases until the return fee is reimbursed. Either way, that ensures that nobody is losing out. This whole attack that the group is screwing buyers over doesn't really make sense imo.
October 28, 2018, 12:47:42 AM
London 11 Hours, Venice, Florence 6 Hours, Rome, Israel, November 2018 Haven't gone away in quite some time due to school etc. and finally had the opportunity to get away with DW for nearly 2 weeks. I had plenty of points saved up so I was definitely not being cheap on the points. Our trip consisted of flying from JFK to Venice on Tuesday night with an 11 hour stopover in London for Wednesday, arrived in Venice Wednesday night, Departed to Florence Sunday morning spending most of that day there, arrived in Rome Sunday evening, departing Rome to Israel Wednesday afternoon, staying until Sunday morning, and taking a 1.5 hour stopover flight in Paris en route to JFK.

December 06, 2018, 01:05:32 PM
Re: London 11 Hours, Venice, Florence 6 Hours, Rome, Israel, November 2018 ROME

We arrived in Rome on Sunday night at around 6:30 at Roma Termini. We were staying in the St. Regis there which is pretty much a block from the train station. Spent 180k Marriott (60k SPG) for 3 nights. We walked with our 2 suitcases to the hotel and was quickly checked in. Although the rooms in Europe are generally small, I thought that the room we got was really nice and elegant. They even have an old style elevator that was the 13th elevator ever created in Italy (supposedly) and it is still in working condition. The staff was really nice and showed us around the hotel and our room as we got checked in. We took an Uber over to the Ghetto to eat and we settled on BaGhetto Meat (first we needed to get Gelato that we were craving from our entire time in Venice). The food that we got there was actually amazing! from the appetizers to the main, everything the waiter suggested was spot on. FYI, in Rome, the Uber app gives you an estimated price for the trip beforehand which always looked quite high. It always ended up being significantly less than that as it really goes based on meter. Afterwards, we decided to walk back to our hotel so that we can see the city and it was really cool seeing all the random old ruins all over the place. We passed by piazza Venezia which is in front of a huge memorial building with a huge statue overlooking it. We got back to the hotel and actually noticed that right next to the St. Regis there are a few huge statue sculptures by a fountain which is the end of the aqueduct that depict Moshe with horns and Aaron with the full Kohen garb.

The next morning we went to the colosseum and the Forums. I bought tickets the night before online for a specific half hour time slot to get there and it was well worth it as there was a long line there. (otherwise I would have gone across to the forums to do that trick). We used the Rick Steve's app in the colosseum and it was amazing. After the audio tour we walked around on our own to see the temporary exhibits that they had set up. Afterwards, we went across the street to the Forums and used Rick Steve for that as well and again his tour was amazing. After the Forums we went back to the hotel to rest up a little bit. I had originally scheduled the free Rome walking tour for that Monday evening but at that point we decided to just skip it. I looked up Rick Steve's walking tour around Rome and it seemed to begin near the Ghetto and end pretty close to our hotel so decided to do it that night. We then taxied to the Ghetto and went to eat in BaGhetto Milky. We were not so impressed with their food although others have given great reviews about it (we got the chili pepper pizza which was literally inedible due to it being so spicy). After that, we got more Gelato and walked to the starting point of Rick's tour. This audio tour goes through all these random alleys and ends up in middle of these random beautiful piazzas or at fountains. The tour was quite lengthy but was really unbelievable. It brings you to the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and finishes at the Spanish steps. We walked back to our hotel and collapsed after a full amazing day on our feet.

The next day, Tuesday morning, we went to eat brunch in Yotvata. The food there was really good and the waiter (owner?) was really helpful and passionate about the food. From there we decided to walk to the Vatican for a 2:30 tour with David from Jews for Rome. It was about a 35 minute walk but we had never been to this part of town so it was nice walking along the water as we made our way to Vatican City. We met up with David and there were another 2 couples on the tour with us. I know people had said that they didn't find the tour interesting but we thought that David was great. He does talk very fast and tries to cram in as much information as possible but he was extremely interesting and entertaining. It really gives you an appreciation for Judaism and the Torah. Afterwards, we took a cab back to the Ghetto and went to eat in the sushi store there. The prices look pretty good there, however, be aware that they only give you a half a roll so it is actually expensive. They also charge for each thing of spicy mayo or sweet sauce (.50 each) which we thought was weird. After that we did the quick audio tour of the ghetto from Rick Steve which not surprisingly was his worst one yet and then went back to the hotel.

The next day, we had a flight leaving to Israel on Alitalia at 2:30 (Chase reserve points at 1.5 value). We woke up a little late so we checked out, and went with our luggage to Flour Café which is in a totally different area of the city. It is a cool coffee shop with some pastries that we got as a snack. We then took the Uber straight to the train station and took the Leonardo Express direct to the airport (14 euro). We checked in and had time to use our priority pass to relax in the lounge there and take a shower. For some reason when I was checking in on my phone on our way to the airport, it let me switch my seat to any available seat including the premium economy seats in the front. We ended up getting the entire 6th row which had plenty of leg room while the whole back of the plane looked stuffed and cramped.


We landed at around 6:45 and rushed out of the airport so that we can make the new high speed train to Jerusalem. We made it for the last train at 7:30 and it was super convenient at just 20 shekels a ticket. Getting out of the station in Jerusalem though was annoying being that you are really far below ground and everyone is rushing to the elevators that only bring you  up one floor at a time so you basically need to take 2 elevators and an escalator. We were staying at a family member in Maalot Dafne so we took a taxi there from the train station. In Israel we basically just relaxed and went to the Kosel and Kever Rochel and did the basic eating places.

Sunday morning we had an early 7:30 am flight to JFK on Air France via Paris. I davened in the Dan lounge before the flight and was able to grab a coffee and some food before the flight. In Paris we needed to go through security again and there was a huge line which took forever. Our next flight was on the A380 which was actually really comfortable even in regular economy.

All in all, I feel like the amount of time that we spent in each place was the perfect amount of time to do what we wanted and anything longer would have been a waste.

December 12, 2018, 04:20:46 PM
Re: Hotel Compensation Master Thread
Online will get you.... The online response time is approximately 6 months, as of last week, so good luck with that.

You email the hotel directly @

Asking never hurts, I usually don't ask untill offered and then negotiate. So the typical email would go,  Hi... I stayed in your beautiful hotel for this special occasion... we had a bad experience with a disturbance.....

Usually theyll respond offering some type of compensation, and from there negotiate further.
FYI less than 2 days later I received a response from my online inquiry. They said that they have requested to post back the points that I had asked for (60k) and that I should allow 10 business days.

December 19, 2018, 09:46:07 AM
Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve
I need to book a few flights for an upcoming business trip. In your experience, does it make more sense to book United flights on the United Chase card or on the Saphire card for the value of the 3x points?
If you need luggage then you would need to book it with the United card to get the free luggage. However, with the reserve you will be earning 50% more points per dollar spent and it can always be transferred to United later.

January 10, 2019, 11:45:36 AM
Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve
Here are the terms for the bonus:
The product is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of any Sapphire credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of any Sapphire credit card who received a new cardmember bonus within the last 48 months. If you are an existing Sapphire customer and would like this product, please call the number on the back of your card to see if you are eligible for a product change. You will not receive the new cardmember bonus if you change products.

Based on that, if you haven't gotten a bonus on a Sapphire card in 48 months, but currently have one open, can you just close it and then next day apply for the CSR and get the bonus?
Officially you are supposed a few days so that it gets completely processed.

April 02, 2019, 10:46:46 AM
Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve
Thank you! And so, if the only factors are waiting 48 months from bonus and not having one currently open, then upgrading or downgrading from SP to CSR or back shouldn't impact future qualifications for a bonus, right?
No it should not but do not have any DP's though.

April 02, 2019, 11:16:56 AM
Re: Maui Master Thread
Even if I have the book?
The GPS with the app is extremely accurate and was very helpful when doing these off the road hikes. In general the map was very helpful even for reference points when doing the road to Hana.

May 06, 2019, 10:24:42 AM
Re: Amazon Incorrectly Charged Full Price On Fire 7 Tablet Case Prime Day Deal So for me I ordered 6 orders of 4 each. I noticed that when they finally started shipping I was being charged $38 and more than $9 for the kindle and case respectively. I chatted with amazon and even called them and they said that they see the 2 prime day savings on the invoice (which was true) and that I am not getting charged extra. I told them to look at the charge breakdown at the bottom of the invoice which showed these charges that would equal more than 84 total. SHe said that she only sees me getting charged 84 and not to worry. I decided to wait until everything finished shipping to deal with it.

When everything finally finished shipping, I noticed that the second prime day saving of 107.96 had conveniently disappeared from my invoice. I called them and was on the phone for over an hour with numerous reps. SOme tried saying that the saving was only on 2 of the shipments or other garbage. Finally a "manager" said that she will send it to kindle dept and they will email me in the AM. The next morning they emailed asking for the promo code entered and where I heard about the promo. I explained that it wasnt a code and was merely a savings in the cart and I sent them the @Dan deals link to this deal  ;D. They replied that they cant honor third party promos ::) . After more explaining and another hour on the phone. I finally got someone named Mark in the Kindle dept that took me under his wings and went through everything with his manager and saw the issue and called me back a few times to tell me that they will process the refunds and finally got everything back ($650).

September 03, 2019, 11:46:41 PM