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Colossal Chillul Hashem on Southwest Flight to Newark Yesterday evening I boarded a plane from Florida to Newark that was set to leave at the scheduled departure time. Everyone boarded the plane, but six people were stuck in the center aisle without a seat. The stewardesses were confounded and double checked that they didn't over-book. Finally, they discovered someone had seated their one year old in an unauthorized seat and were able to free one seat. The plane was loaded with families and children. The pilot then made an announcement that anyone who didn't purchase a seat for their children under two, must put their children on their lap. Nothing happened. Now the crew had to go down the plane row by row until they discovered the remaining five offenders. Sadly, all the perpetrators of this tremendous  chillul Hashem were all frum families. The plane took off 40 minutes late as a result. People, please put an end to this madness and realize that we must always strive to act in the highest moral possible, even if it means we will be inconvenienced.
January 24, 2018, 04:22:06 PM