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Re: Colorado Master Thread
Never mind. We decided to stay in Vail the full 4 days of our vacation as opposed to visiting boulder for the day.

Being in Vail July 25-28..

If you are staying in Vail, let me make the following two suggestions for your two of your days as they are relatively close by

1) Mt Evans drive and hikes + St Mary's Glacier Hike.  If you are early risers and are not slow hikers, if you time it right, you can definitely do the Golden, Colorado area also this day (Coors factory and some other things).  These three areas are each about 45 minutes from each other and can be done with the right timing.  However, if you are not so great with time and want hiking, Mt. Evans and Glacier are the musts.

2) Hanging Lake Trail and Rafting in Glenwood Springs.  Same as above  If you are early risers and are not slow hikers, if you time it right, you can definitely do the Glenwood Caverns adventure park and caverns.  As an end of day thing, the rides and cavern tours are certainly relaxing and enjoyable.  The trail, rafting and caverns are relatively close by to each other (like 15 - 20 minutes).  However, if you are not so great with time and want out doors things, Hanging Lake and rafting are the musts.  There are several rafting options in that area and are all basically the same.  We used Blue Sky because it worked with our timing.

July 13, 2016, 03:28:23 PM
Re: LEGO STAR WARS TIE Striker 75154 $39.99 I regret not getting the other one.
July 10, 2017, 04:10:58 PM
Re: Florence Italy master thread So to recap - Ruth's had a local hashgacha by the local chief Rabbi of Florence and not by Chabbad.  In May 2017, said Rabbi left the city of Florence and because there was no local Rabbi to certify, Ruth's no longer carried the local hashgacha.  To remedy, Ruth's received certification from the IKC and the IKC is currently  the certifying agency.  Acceptance of the IKC is at best controversial (I won't eat their establishments) and I hope when the new Rabbi gets hired, he and the local Chabad can work something out that the Chabbad will at least respect his Kashrus standards.
July 19, 2017, 02:14:20 PM
Re: Joining Kosherica cruise minyan I've often wondered this myself. The minayn is part of the service that Kosherica provides.  I don't buy the high holidays service argument because whether someone pays or not for the high holidays is often dictated by ability and/or affiliation with religion.  We should not turn away someone from davening because they can't afford it or even if they can, because they don't feel close enough.  A cruise is a luxury to start with and in essence, we are deciding to not pay the extra money because it is not worth it.

That being said, I would highly doubt that if Kosherica was just about minyan, that anyone would pay any more than a $100 bucks to ensure a room and sefer torah.  I don't see how the minyan portion of Kosherica is anything but a service to make sure that they don't lose customers who insist on minyan.  The extra expense a Kosherica consumer is paying is for the high level Kosher food and entertainment.  Some people want gourmet kosher and jewish entertainment and are willing to pay for it.  If there was a woman's only kosher cruise and no minyan, I doubt the cost would be much lower.  I don't think many (there might be a small percentage) people are going on Kosherica, as opposed to other vacation options, because minyan is expected.  it is more to ensure that people don't nix the idea and I would think that if a somehow a Kosherica group went forward where they only managed 8 men, they would be thrilled to get the help of a few more to complete the minyan.  I would hope that they would welcome people to the minyan   

November 05, 2018, 01:12:22 PM
Re: Joining Kosherica cruise minyan I get that but I have also seen Pesach programs and similar events advertising (or just scheduling) minyanim and different times to cater to early risers, late risers, people who care about davening at specific zmanim and people who want to daven maariv before dinner, people who are coming back from excursions late and everything in between. Many times these minyanim need outsiders, not to mention unscheduled minyanim for participants. It works both ways.  This is what makes it hard. To me since, the minyan, while a service, is very important to programs to offer so people don't nix the program, I would hope they would welcome people, even though these people are taking advantage. My strong guess is most people taking advantage would not be willing to pay the extra cost for Kosherica or for the pesach program so they are not really losing and I can't imagine anyone who is willing to pay for the program saying that they weren't because they can get minyan for free anyway. The far vast majority of people paying is for the gourmet food and Jewish entertainment.

November 05, 2018, 02:13:07 PM
Re: $699 Taubus Couch We have been very happy with every piece of furniture we bought at Taubus. Multiple high risers, kitchen table and our leather couches (which were in excellent condition for the first 14 years and only started to show wear and tear after multiple children have been jumping on them).

They did tell us a few years ago that our manufacturer is out of business (Rodi) but there new manufacturer is almost as good. I have no trouble listening to their suggestions.

January 17, 2021, 08:06:03 AM