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Re: Dating Spots Master Thread
Big fan of Wegmans. When you come in to the left you can get drinks pay for them and go upstairs to a very cute Lounge overlooking the store. Makes for good conversation and pretty interesting setting.

 Is it the type of place you can go in a suit and tie ?

June 07, 2016, 07:21:27 PM
Re: Master Thread of Pet Peeves Motion activated toilets that flush while you are on it...
July 14, 2017, 10:50:58 AM
Re: Master Thread of Pet Peeves People who dont understand the rule of NO CHATTING...
September 27, 2017, 10:37:09 AM
Re: Master Thread of Pet Peeves
Care to explain?

On certain whatsapp groups the purpose of the groups is not to chat (points chats, spending, announcements) yet there are certain people that don't get that or just don't care. Those people are annoying

September 27, 2017, 07:20:00 PM
ERA is just ok. I prefer fielding independent metrics - my favorite is Siera. ERA on its own doesn't normalize for babip luck, LOB luck, hr/fb luck. And it isn't park adjusted.

BA is terrible. It treats homers and singles the same, ignores positive outcomes like walks, isnt babip or hr/fb adjusted, and isn't park adjusted. Even just for measuring "contact ability", 1-k% is far more effective.

The other issue with ERA is unearned runs. I dont like the rules  regarding whatís considered an unearned run. For example if an error is made with 2 outs all runs he allows after are unearned even if he gives up 2 double and and a homer.

November 03, 2017, 04:49:17 PM
Re: Things You Do Just Once... Ordered smoked salmon at a restaurant and realizing its a fancy way of saying lox
November 09, 2017, 10:59:36 PM
Re: Hot!!! 75% off spyder coats
Well, since prgress is missing the "o" they're telling us it's not on its way :)

Now i understand your line lol

November 28, 2017, 01:14:46 PM
Re: 5 Towns/Rockaway Master Thread GG has the worst parking situation. Their parking lot is not only packed but also dangerous. And yes, less crowded makes for better shopping experience. Also, Some people like seasons takeout more than gg (me). The point is people have different preferences and each store has certain qualities that different people calue.
December 07, 2017, 02:47:24 PM
Re: Master Thread of Pet Peeves Sprinklers that are positioned to spray water onto the sidewalk
March 19, 2018, 06:19:38 PM
Re: 5 Towns/Rockaway Master Thread
If it wasn't served, it wouldn't be a story. All chometz is included in mechira, whether locked up or not.

If it wasn't served, or at least almost served, there would be no cameras going up

Why is this true? People hear things and assume the worst who saids it was served? If chameitz that was left out and was sold was found there is no halachik difference.

Im sure you're aware because you know everything but the vaad 5T already has a camera policy on certain establishments for some time.

This is true. Assuming they served chameitz just bc they are cracking down on a rule is honestly ridiculous.

April 24, 2018, 04:23:22 PM
Re: 5 Towns/Rockaway Master Thread
Why do you say it is fake? It happened. Was caught by customer. I guess cover up was successful.

They found a fortune cookie that was sold in the store. Thats it. Should it have been put away better? Perhaps but a cover up indicates that they served chometz to customers and the store did something kineged halacha and the vaad backed the store. This did not happen.

Using rumors that you dont have all the facts and without context to support your bias against the vaad is what fake news is.

May 11, 2018, 12:10:36 PM
Re: 5 Towns/Rockaway Master Thread My sources have indicated that Seasons in fact, will either sell, close down, or perhaps stay open. Thats all I know. I will update you when I have more
August 23, 2018, 01:00:08 AM
Re: BitCoin Master Thread
Ok I have two questions.
1 - Are we there yet?
2 - Is that the fat lady I am seeing?

1. No

2. I dont think its her, a lot of people are overweight these days  ;)

November 20, 2018, 10:07:15 AM
Re: Master Thread of Pet Peeves When a restaurant messes up your take out order but you only realize it when you get home.
December 10, 2018, 12:50:45 PM
Re: New Coin Deal
I got the order in pretty quickly but did not yet receive a email confirmation. Did anyone receive a email confirmation?

I didnt either

January 24, 2019, 12:32:53 PM
Re: Dating Spots Master Thread
Any lounges for 1st date near queens? Tia!

None, sorry

March 07, 2019, 11:53:22 PM
Re: Adding Financial Literacy Courses In Yeshivas
He is saying that the Rambam didn't learn like R' Chaim and that a lot of the fancier lomdus found in the raid is very hard to say was the intention of the lashon of the Rishonim that they are derived from.

To 'align' them you need to say one of two things.  1)  The reshonim wrote in multiple layers (analogous to pardes in Torah) and there is an underlying code they embedded which contains the lomdus. 2) They did not intend it but they had a special siyata dishmaya and the code got embedded memaila. 

I have heard from coshuve talmidie chachomim that both explanations are valid.

You left out 3). It's a very nice lomdus, but it's not what the Rambam said.

 Like the famous joke of a lamdan who came to Gan Eden and started talking in learning with the Rambam. Eventually he says, "R' Moshe, you're not learning the right pshat in the Rambam"! :)

Regardless if you think that the lumdus or pshat in the rishon is what they intended, the issues and discussions that the reid is dealing with are fundamental for proper in depth understanding of the sugya and the rishonim. There are often obvious kashas on rishonim and one must reconcile gemaras and other sources to truly understand what each rishon  was saying on a deeper level than just his general shita in the sugya. However you put it, the reid, chakiros, and lumdus are there to enhance our understanding of concepts brought down in the rishonim and their opinions of the sugyas.

March 10, 2019, 01:50:47 AM
Re: Adding Financial Literacy Courses In Yeshivas
Are you talking from experience? Did you ever practice (even informally) public speaking? There's a lot to be gained from something like

There is certainly what to gain through public speaking but its not the solution by itself to deal with the core issue which is a literacy/communication/expression issue. Kids struggle with reading, writing and speaking articulately. Not necessarily in a public setting but even communicating in private or casually. Many kids or young adults who act out or are outcasts are often just lacking communication skills necessary for them to express themselves properly and be successful.

March 12, 2019, 11:53:51 AM
Re: Over The Top Purim Parties
I haven't seen anyone defend the party. Only the rabbonim who you are attacking for not having "banned" it. (I put that in quotes because anyone who uses the word banned in relation to rabbonim has an intrinsic misunderstanding of what rabbonim do)

Your premise is that everything an individual does which is disapproved of should be met with a ban. That is the premise which apparently the rabbonim and roshei yeshiva disagree with you about.

@Shkop Also, why does this issue only reflect poorly on the Roshei Yeshiva and the people making the party? How about the parents that are letting their kids go collecting unsupervised and obviously haven't taught them about drinking in moderation? Moreover, even if Roshei yeshivos/Rabbanim "banned" parties, would that really stop people?

A couple of questions for you.

1. were the amount of people needing the care of Hatzolah more, less, or similar to previous years (adjusted for growth)
2. Was the amount of boys and girls mingling more, less, or similar to previous years (adjusted for growth)

People use words like countless and numerous but there arent actual numbers to evaluate the issue.

March 26, 2019, 09:59:03 AM
Re: 5 Towns/Rockaway Master Thread
can someone tell me what is going on with elections tomorrow and who i should vote for (who will make my taxes less, or at least less more?)

I honestly just show up at the polls and ask the nearest frum guy who Im supposed to vote for

May 21, 2019, 11:30:06 AM
Re: 5 Towns/Rockaway Master Thread
did you try driving down central today?

There is no way the current infrastructure of the Five Towns can appropriately deal with this extra town . The local streets are jammed without a simple way to expand the major thruways and roads. Getting out or into the community during rush hour or on Fridays is a nightmare as Rockaway turnpike is the only main street that gets you to the Van Wyck/Belt. Moreover, all the yeshivas have no room and there are already a shortage of high schools for the community needs. At least in Lakewood the housing, tuition, and cost of living is more affordable.

I guess these are the usual problems of a growing and successful frum community but it seems to be hitting a point where it will not be so convenient to live here anymore especially considering the premium you have to pay.

June 18, 2019, 10:56:26 AM
Re: 5 Towns/Rockaway Master Thread
the way everyone is talking is the attitude of I already bought a house Iím happy why should we try make housing available to the many people that want to live here. Tell them to go somewhere else. The same thing happened in far rockaway a bunch of years ago they changed the zoning so people couldnít build 2 family homes or put 2 houses on a big lot. Basically Iím happy why make room for people that donít have houses yet
Now there may be issues with this specific project but the attitude is just selfish.


Not what anyone is saying actually lol. There gets to a point where the density of population in a community becomes too much for the infrastructure to handle to the extent that it negatively affects the quality of life of those who currently live there.

June 18, 2019, 01:51:36 PM
Re: BitCoin Master Thread
Yah yah. Hilarious if you did that last year when it had a low at $16k.  All you need to do is wait...

The main issue with a volatile asset like bitcoin is that most people dont know when or how to sell to realize profits. They get greedy and end up panic selling at a loss. For that reason, unless one is proficient at averaging in and out of positions at profits (and minimizing losses) you are better off holding for a while or having predetermined times to buy and sell so that emotions dont get the best of you.

July 19, 2019, 01:20:41 PM
Re: Master Thread of Pet Peeves
On the subject of WhatsApp Pet Peeves:
- Not being able to add someone to a WhatsApp group without them being one of your contacts
- The only way to login to the Web App is by scanning a QR code

My Whatsapp pet peeves:

-Being able to be added to a chat without permission and then if you leave it announces to the chat "So and so left the chat"
-The search function is awful
-Someone sends you a number via whatsapp you cant press on it and make a regular phone call, only a whatsapp call

July 26, 2019, 10:26:07 AM
Re: US Mint Coins For Sale (Individuals only)
Selling a coins for 1400. 5 towns area

My coins are sold. smooth and easy transaction with @CHEAPAVEDA  👍🏻

December 11, 2019, 12:26:01 AM
Re: Marriott Certs Sale Selling 1 Marriot Free award night up to 35k. Exp 2/25/20
@125 or BO

February 05, 2020, 12:49:51 PM
Re: Master Thread of Pet Peeves
When a thread is started in JS and then someone gets upset when we JS.  :)

Like when someone in shul tells you  "if you want to shmooze, go outside and talk there " but then when you are talking in the lobby they tell you "dont just stand outside and talk, go sit down inside the shul"

Which one is it lol

June 30, 2020, 02:56:58 PM
Re: 5 Towns/Rockaway Master Thread
Well then the Halacha Hotline should be the first to know if this Rabbi is capable if running a kashrus organization. Why not call the holiness and ask them!

Or maybe there is a reason why he is opening a new kashrus organization when the same Rabb Forst he worked for already maintains a true "mehadrin" list which is a free service for the establishments. If the point was to be more strict, what is wrong with the strict list that already exists.

Or maybe this supervision is a step down, which is why the not for profit Rabbi Forst list does not view this new supervision as reliable.

Or maybe...

or maybe...

or maybe...

The point is that you are merely speculating about the standards this new hechsher has and should just ask your Rav for yourself as @justaregularguy said above and avoid attacking Rabbonim and the decisions they make. Standards of how we speak about and treat others must also be maintained at a high level ;)

July 07, 2020, 10:41:22 AM
Re: BitCoin Master Thread
I've never seen that in the T&C.
 Was it just added recently?

   On a serious note what do I care If i don't have physical access, in any case they're holding it for me, so what do I care how it's being held?

 Why would one go with fees when he can go with Robin Hood and avoid all fees?

 I've never really invested with Robin Hood, is it really that hard to withdraw from them? (Or what was meant when they said they don't have the withdrawing abilities? Withdrawing it to another crypto account? )

With Robinhood and Paypal you dont have the ability to withdraw your crypto or transfer it to another wallet. (Although Robinhood mentions on their site that they do have plans to allow depositing/withdrawing ) If you are in crypto to make a few bucks, then by all means, use those platforms to buy and sell. Its just like trading it as a stock but you have no ability to use the crypto except to sell for fiat currency. However, if you also want to own Bitcoin as a hedge against the U.S dollar, as an actual currency, to trade against other cryptocurrencies, or as a digital gold then I would suggest using a platform (Coinbase Pro, Binance U.S in most states, FTX U.S in most states) that allows the ability to withdraw your crypto onto a cold storage wallet (ex: Tezor or Ledger) or some other online wallet (I prefer the former).

January 03, 2021, 10:30:11 PM
Re: BitCoin Master Thread
No hints.. I've been explicit. My belief is we're very near a top for this cycle and I'm nearly 100% out. So many people I talk to are just starting to jump in now and that's giving me deja vu from last time. The slow but steady climb in Mar-Dec last year was fantastic for people who have been in crypto the whole time and for professional investors who caught the trend. That was followed by massive pumping and hype in January, which resulted in a lot of getting-rich-quick and an influx of the least knowledgeable investors. Everyone joining the party in February is playing musical chairs.

As I've already acknowledged, I could be calling this way too early. The never ending money printing from never ending stimulus bills is creating massive inflationary pressure both in the stock market and with crypto (and of course elsewhere) and there's no reason why another $1.9T of manufactured money wouldn't cause an even greater demand for deflationary instruments like bitcoin (which in turn pulls up crypto in general). However, I prefer to get out now even if it's too early rather than risk seeing a year's worth of gains erased if we go over the cliff when I'm not looking.

What you are saying makes a lot of sense and anyone who has made significant profits from the last year in crypto should definitely start taking profits or at least have a strategy to reduce risk exposure and  realize gains. However, I think there is a big difference between being long bitcoin and other coins when we speak about "cryptocurrency". IMO, altcoins are there for quick profits for the most part but bitcoin can be viewed as a longer term investment and a hedge against the crashing U.S dollar. Michael Burry ("The Big Short" guy) had a series of tweets over the weekend where he explained how we are entering hyperinflation period similar to what happened after WW2. This is a very strong reason to hold Bitcoin even if one does not believe it will eventually replace fiat (which is unlikely), it can be used as a store of value until the end of the inflation cycle, sort of like a savings account. Personally, I have not reduced my Bitcoin exposure but have sold much of my altcoin allocation. Also, the intuitional money that will be entering the market in the next few months is also a very strong bull case for Bitcoin, but not necessarily altcoins. (perhaps selective categories that become hot like Defi, NFT, lending, faster/cheaper alternatives to ETH etc.)

February 22, 2021, 03:29:52 PM
Re: BitCoin Master Thread
A few people mentioned cardano here so I thought I'd share. Coinbase is about to go public and I fully expect them to launch a coinbase token (like other successful exchanges have done) before that happens. As of today cardano blockchain allows for token creation and it's very compelling to speculate that coinbase would use it to issue their token.

Interesting point about Cardano which has been one if the best performing coins for the past year. I've wondered why they have not created their own coin yet. Perhaps, they are not able to have their own coin if they go public (pure speculation). I wonder if after going public they will reduce their fees which are higher than both Binance U.S and FTX U.S or use their own coin to offset some fees for their coin owners. I would also like to see them use their incoming capital to improve their app, site and trade functionality when volume picks up. No more excuses.

March 02, 2021, 02:53:05 PM
Re: BitCoin Master Thread
This is what was always going to happen. It may still bounce back yet again but if it does we will be back later. The drop will be precipitous and relentless.

Yup. Alts are 95% trash and should be treated as such when "investing" into them. If you make money on them, sell and get out. HODLing is a valid strategy for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and maybe a few other coins but for most altcoins the best strategy is buy low when they are showing strength and sell them when they have unsustainable price surges. Those massive dumps that they all go through often takes weeks to recover and some do not reach that price ever again.

My perspective comes from being actively involved in crypto for 4+ years and making plenty of mistakes that has costed me A LOT of money. Greed and stubbornness (sticking with a trade too long)  are definitely the two biggest reasons people end up losing money even though at some point they made a significant amount of unrealized gains. One very basic strategy is to enter a projected target (reasonable) and sell 50-90% of your holdings and let the rest run. If you dont stick with your targets, you will never know when to sell because technically the coin can continue to go up. It could be that it will go up, but over time having discipline and structure in a wild market will make you a lot of money and also limit risk and preserve capital. Another trick is to ask yourself when your altcoin is up a lot (like 2-5x) if you would invest money at that point. If your answer is no or only a fraction of your current holding, its probably a good time to sell some.

The next few weeks and months will bring likely be the final phase of the crypto bullrun and its very important for have an exit/take profit/stop loss strategy in place so that you are not the one holding the altcoin bags that will at some point be down 70-95%. I have been there and its not fun, especially when capital is so valuable as new opportunities arise, both within crypto and in other markets. Good luck!

April 26, 2021, 12:23:10 PM
Re: All Halocha Shailos and Tiffeh Questions
Halocha Sheila

I can get 6 of the banned Dr. Suess books from my local library. Can I take them out knowing that I won't return them and just pay the fine for unreturned books?

Err...isn't that stealing? The terms of your agreement with the library is a borrowing. The payment for the book is only if you lost it, damaged it, or...stole it.

April 27, 2021, 12:34:28 PM
Re: All Halocha Shailos and Tiffeh Questions
Does it make any difference if the library will ultimately be removing them from the shelves & possibly discarding them ?

That is pure speculation. Also, even if they are planning on getting rid of them, one doesn't have the right to take someone else's belongings just because it will eventually become ownerless.

April 27, 2021, 12:48:11 PM
Re: BitCoin Master Thread Have fun, make money but dont be the last one holding a bag of DOGE. XRP was DOGE before DOGE was and it eventually went down 95%...

Re Doge, Musk is hosting SNL this week. Personal opinion, see where the price is on Friday and set up stop losses.

+1  It can crash so fast that you wont have time to sell (or it can happen on Shabbos)

May 05, 2021, 03:24:25 PM