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Re: Norwegian Air I have flown them several times from BWI/NYC to Guadeloupe/Martinique. I've had a great experience every time, both at check-in where they are almost ridiculously helpful to the flight itself which is very pleasant in new planes that seem to have good seat pitch. And that's before you take into account that I generally end up paying something on the order of $200 for a direct non-stop to the Caribbean from Northeast in the middle of winter when everyone else charges min of $500 with at least one stop.

I haven't flown them to Europe, but based on my experience I would choose them over a legacy U.S. carrier in coach any day, even with elite status on several of said legacy carriers. I'd say they're way more like a JetBlue or Virgin America than a Spirit which is what I'd equate WOW to.

September 13, 2017, 05:03:20 PM
Re: Hidden City Ticketing
they can see all the information as soon as its scanned in their system.
  But those who check your passport by hand won't be able to see anything but your name.
Sorry, you're simply wrong about that. I'd be interested if you fabricated this out of whole cloth or actually read it somewhere?

December 21, 2017, 10:25:00 AM
Re: Tiny Seats, No Legroom on Flights: Does The F.A.A. Care?
The gov't seems to be doing a fine job invading and being involved in people's lives but when it comes to the comfort of the citizens all of the sudden you hear nothing.

  On those pics I saw from the jet smarter deals I would never guess your 6.8, wow a big man you are bli ayen hara,and how did you fit in that mini museum?
We used to have regulated air travel. There was far more leg room. And the very cheapest seat, when adjusted for inflation, was far more expensive then a current business/first seat, which has much more room. Plus there is far better choice in routes and frequency today.

I for one don't want to go back to the "good old days" of regulated air travel and neither do you if you really understood what it entails.

July 22, 2018, 07:22:24 PM
Re: Rental car got impounded
1) because I don't own the vehicle.
2) my lower was not on top of a ticket he was supposed to take care, and i thought its been takin care off
This sounds like it was done under a public agency guise, i.e. the police department had the car towed because it was blocking traffic and you couldn't drive it without a valid license? If so, then contact the police department and try to work through it with them, insisting on a supervisor and so on if you don't get anywhere. The towing agency works for them and answers to them. Another potential avenue if they (the towing agency) are just being jerks is to serve them in small claims court, the service itself usually is enough to stop them from messing with you and is very cheap and easy to do.

November 25, 2018, 11:14:20 AM
Re: Aborted Landing (with thouchdown) Experience
I was on DL1770 yesterday evening, and captain announced that due to expected turbulence close to our destination, he will turn on the seatbelt signs early and cabin service will end.

On approach to LGA it was a little turbulent, as plane was wobbling side to side, but no drops or anything of the sort. As the plane was approaching the runway, the wobbling continued, and was more than I recall experiencing ever before, and eventually the rear landing gear touched down, only to have the pilot give full thrust and take off again for a go around. About a minute later the captain came on the PA system and just said that he's doing a go-around in order to land.

Apparently intervals doesn't seem to catch the actual touch down, as the lowest altitude it seems to show on the first approach is 350ft.

I wasn't really paying attention to the flight data on the seatback screen on the first approach, but on the second approach I noticed over 40mph headwinds upon approach, and about 25mph headwinds on landing. The second landing was relatively smooth IMHO. Though there was some wobbling on approach, and obviously panicky passengers with every smallest tilt of the aircraft. Upon touchdown of rear landing gear most people began clapping, I waited until the front gear touched down, as I clearly remembered what happened on the first touchdown.

DW slept through the first touchdown with infant in arms, and was awoken by what sounded like panicky gasps with every little tilt from a passenger directly behind her during the go around. Across the aisle from me I could hear a female passenger crying hysterically, and DW says she overheard people mentioning (baseless) fear of running out of fuel. I really didn't know what to make of this, and was wondering if winds made it impossible to land at LGA and we might be diverted to another airport.

I am sure the captain did everything in the most professional way to land the aircraft safely. My only beef with the situation was the lack of transparency. I think it would have been much better (and calming to the passengers) if the captain would have come on the PA system and explained what had happened on the first approach, and why it is safe to make a go-around and land in LGA with the prevailing weather conditions.

Any pilots on DDF that want to share insights, or anyone with similar experiences, please share.

On a side note, my weekend trip was booked quite late, so I ended up going to FL on Southwest with a connection in TPA (seemed like a large percentage of LGA-TPA passengers continued to FLL). It's been a while since I last flew Southwest, and while having free checked bags is nice, and I actually think open seating and their boarding system works very well, I found the DL hard and soft product to be by far superior (though both DW and I were surprised that none of the DL flight attendants ever heard of, or seen, a Yoyo stroller - they couldn't believe when I showed them how it folds up and fits in the overhead bin). On the short hop from TPA to FLL they just made an announcement that due to expected turbulence there will be no snack and beverage service on the flight. Needless to say there was no noticeable turbulence.
Aviate, navigate, communicate, in that order, is what they teach from day 1 of pilot training. There is a heck of a lot going on with a go-around at a big busy airport. Especially if you have to go back into an instrument environment and shoot another approach, which requires a handoff back to approach control, receiving new approach clearance, briefing the appproach internally, and flying what was clearly already a dificult approach and landing. That can be a two pilot job in and of itself and screwing any of that up is a danger to everyone on the flight. Letting passengers know what's going on is a luxury you indulge in if and when you can safely do so. There's a high chance you wouldn't have that luxury in that particular situation, and good on the pilot to recognize that. I was a military pilot and didn't often have pax, but I did on more than one occasion ignore the folks at base ops asking for a status update when we were in a position that we needed to devote all our attention to the cockpit, and they never minded as long as I dropped by for a quick "sorry but we had our hands full when you called" afterward.

January 22, 2019, 07:38:07 PM
Re: Does Global Entry Include TSA presecreen?
I am a little bit confused.  I have applied for Global Entry, and just need to do the interview.  When I called to get information on TSA prescreen (just making sure that I have the terms correct, I mean whereby I can bypass the standard security lined before check in) they told me that it is included in GE.  A friend of mine just went thru the TSA pre screen in the airport and they told him that they would not allow someone with GE to use that line.  What gives, is it included or not? Can someone educate me please?
Keep in mind that officially the only way to use the TSA Precheck line is to enter your KTN with the airline and have them print TSA Pre on your ticket (or use something like Clear). So it's very possible that a TSA employee was completely correct in telling someone without TSA Pre on their ticket who wanted to wave their Global Entry card to get in the Precheck line that the Global Entry card wasn't going to work. Dumb rule probably favoring the lowest common denominator TSA "agent" who would be confused by such things, but it is the rule as of now and it's not surprising that whoever told them they couldn't use the line didn't explain further given the caliber of folks they use to "guard" the entry to Precheck.

June 06, 2019, 07:48:41 AM
Re: Abused by staff at Thrifty / Hertz in Oakland Airport Obviously no one has the right to be a jerk. But showing your license and keys to the checkout person at a rental car place is standard procedure, so you were in the wrong refusing to do so. And l apologize that this is going to come off sounding mean because I intend it to be really need to buck up a bit and not let the world run your life. So someone making minimum wage in a crap job is rude to you, either let it roll off or tell them to do their job...or just drive away, what are they going to do, chase you? Cowering in fear and running back home because you're so upset just seems like a massive and unnecessary waste. I know not everyone is naturally assertive, take an improv class and some Judo. Do something besides ranting ineffectually on an online forum! It's your life, you don't deserve to have others who are having a bad day be able to ruin an entire weekend for you like this, you deserve better!
September 29, 2019, 08:20:33 PM