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August 29, 2016, 06:07:12 PM
Planning a Honeymoon to Bora Bora and Italy Hello all and Shana tova!

I am getting married end of December so planning a honeymoon either end of January or in early March. I am looking for about 2.5 weeks for the whole thing.

I have been dreaming of going to Bora Bora for many years and I absolutely must do it for the honeymoon. I can do about 5 nights there with the points i have, gets tricky with shabbat past 5 nights anyway. My future DW is dreaming of Italy as she has never been, Ive been twice but I would love to go back and do a week and a half or so there. I have been to Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice and personally i can skip Milan and Florence again. Cinque Terra would be more preferred over either of those two.

I would also want to add a day stopover in LA on the west bound flights and possibly a couple days in Australia/New Zealand/Thailand on the way from Bob to Italy. Have been AU, TH couple years back and would love to go back even for a couple days or to NZ.

The amazing thing for me on the way back would be to fly Singapore suites from Frankfurt to NYC by doing a short hop over from Venice/Rome. I have also been dreaming of flying the suite for years and i think a honeymoon is an appropriate time to do just that ;D

I am seeking help in planning all this. Ideally it would be solely on points with some cash involved. Also would ideally want to fly majority business/first but I myself have never done that international and my future DW isnt picky like that.

For the trip I have 300k BA, 130k UR, 190k MR, 55k Flying Blue, 80k SW, 63k Delta,82k AA, 48k Barclay, 150k IHG +1-2 Free night cert, 100k Hilton, 15k SPG, 7 night Marriott cert + 1 free night cert. So there are some options to play around with points.

My idea is all the IHG for Bob and really really want the overwater bungalow. 60k Economy from NYC to ppt on FB but would love to fly biz,prefer to save UR/MR for SQ suites. i can do 12.5 SQ to Syd or just to Akl. Or 17.5k biz same airline if im correct. Also can do to BKK but more pricy flight/ then from either of those to FCO. Trains in italy around or cheap flights then BA or cheap flight to FRH and then SQ suites from there if all possible back to NYC. I am NYC based if that helps.

Any and all help is appreciated. Open to new ideas as well if people think its to crazy of a trip for the time frame. Tia!

October 01, 2017, 12:12:26 AM