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Re: FBI Raids Orthodox Homes and Businesses in Monsey and KJ
BS. They benefited illegally from Medicaid. Lets just say that medicaid had to pay for Insurance $10k per year. THIS is what they benefited illegally. Why the hell should they be charged with what the Hospital costed the Insurance company.  The Insurance policy to itself was fine. Maybe they should be charged with what the mother cooked for supper? Since its because of the medicaid that she was able to be taken care of in the Hospital, and because of the Hospital she was able to return home early, so she has to pay for everything she was able to do for the time she was home because of the Hospitals care??

I don't remember all the details but someone I know who was involved in a much smaller case, had to pay a fine plus the premiums for continuing on medicaid. He didn't have to pay actual benefits. Although in the vast majority of cases, premiums exceed benefits, unless there was a hospitalization  (which I guess is common for women in their 20's and 30's).

In that case there was no FBI or anything. I think it was just the programs' agencies themselves. It was in New York.

June 28, 2017, 11:56:47 AM