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September 03, 2016, 09:40:27 PM
Re: Arizona Master Thread Wanted to give some points from my trip:
Firstly, the Biltmore is a gorgeous place to stay. We had a suite and the room was pretty big.
Ate at segals oasis our first night there. Food was pretty good, people were so friendly and enjoyed.
Second day ate at Milk + Honey pizza store in the jcc, we were pretty hungry after a morning hike on Phoenix Mountain, food was ok nothing special. For dinner we ate at 613 Grill. It's a pretty new place, they said they're open about a month now. They we so so nice. Didn't realize everything closes at 9, so I began calling all the restaurants to see which one was still open. They took our order after 9 and stayed open for us. Really nice people and really good food. Their poppers are so good!  Highly recommend 613 Grill!! The next day we ate at la bellas pizzeria. Also really good pizza and super nice. The guy gave us more food to try and added some extra slices to our order. Really enjoyed this place. The guy at the restaurant told us he also owns Kitchen 18 so after another hike we headed over there for dinner. The portions were huge, we were only able to eat half the meal. So we took the rest back for the flight home. Overall the people at all the restaurants were really nice and pleasant
Reading about everyones shopping experience at Last Chance I knew I had to stop by and see for myself. Figuring it's probably better to go early I headed over there at 10am when they open. When we got there there were tons of people waiting in front of the store for them to open. It was like Black Friday times 10. Everyone rushed the store and grabbed anything they could find. Stuff was really cheap and I was able to get some nice stuff. But be prepared to spend a lot of time there and encounter a lot of people. But worth checking out if you have time.
Overal phoenix is a really nice place to visit and people are really nice everywhere we went.
Thanks for wiki on this forum and for all the peoples help


March 28, 2017, 01:21:27 PM
Re: Canary Islands @myi Fuerteventura was really nice. We had a great time the beach was nice the resort was amazing. We didnít really go off  the property besides for the mall, beach and walking the boardwalk. Off the property the town is not as nice. We stayed at the Sheraton Fuerteventura.
March 17, 2019, 08:24:54 AM