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Re: Rafi And Talia's Trip Log.
I can only imagine the stories Rafi go's back to school with... hope the other kids arent jealous
Probably don't believe him.

So I had a bed on the plane... Don't think most kids have even heard of that lol.

February 16, 2016, 05:54:05 PM
Re: The Tamar Epstein Saga Locked for further review.
March 30, 2016, 12:34:49 PM
Re: Notification Thread For Sizzling Flights (POST DEAL LINKS ONLY-NO DISCUSSION) HOT! DC To Johannesburg For $390, Boston To Johannesburg For $468, JFK To Johannesburg Nonstop For $515 Round-Trip!
July 01, 2016, 10:00:05 AM
Re: BOGO Tuition Scam
And he didn't tell me? In that case you can let him know he's a shvantz.
Does being called a shvantz by @Freddie make me like instant gezhe? It's like all my years of yeshiva finally paid of. Or like being knighted by the Queen li'havdil.

September 06, 2016, 08:38:08 AM
Re: Anyone here watch Suits?
I'm asking in the next episode.
I think/hope so. I agree with SS it'll be stupid if they don't, once they told Rachel and she freaked they couldn't be mean enough to make it not happen... Anyway only 2 more episodes until the break so it'll be this one or the next for sure.

The last episode wast the first ok episode all season. No way they can get renewed if this keeps going.

Maybe they will end it with 4 wedding, Jessica moves to Chicago with Jeff, Louis marries Tara, obviously Mike and Rachel get married, and finally Harvey and Donna get hitched as well. And they all live happily ever after. Mike, Harvey, Louis, and Rachel open their own new firm, Mike is the paralegal this time and Donna is of course the one running the place.

September 06, 2016, 09:25:23 AM
Re: Silent Killer All this talk of above or below the national average is really ridiculous and completely ignoring the topic at hand.

In other words welcome to DDF.

@Emkay no matter what stats you bring, people will always say we are more insular than the world and therefore no stats will matter.

September 06, 2016, 01:10:43 PM
Re: Apple iPhone 7 Event Annouced Amazing

Turn your iPhone 6 into a 7 for free ;)

September 08, 2016, 09:03:06 AM
Re: Silent Killer @hvaces42

If you don't get poetry than just say that, you are sounding really silly to me.

It's a beautiful poem, and yes I love poetry so maybe I'm biased. The beauty is that is is open to interpretation and allows the reader to take it to heart or not depending on how they read it and understand it, it can be much more powerful than a simply stated idea.

Before I give my interpretation I just want to say that I don't understand how you can say words words words when the main call for action that you are suggesting here is education, and how exactly is education done? "Words words words."

Words are one of the most powerful forces in the world, you will never get anywhere without using them, insulting them doesn't sound very smart to me.

Anyway with that said the poem to me is coming from a girl who is living in a similar situation, the author had a tough childhood with no one to look up to. She is an adult now and can do what she wants, many of her friends from similar backgrounds take heroin and claim that it saved them and changed their life from miserable to wonderful. Yet she has held off the easy path and been working hard to avoid it.

Being that she never had a good role model to look up to she and her friends see heroin as a heroine that can take them out of their sad life and make them instantly happy.

After a few friends being killed from heroin she is realizing it's not time to blame the person or say how good a person they were, it's time to realize that heroin is no heroine at all but rather a filthy lying scumbag who just like an abusive husband, promises to give her the world but really all it does it destroy it.

I think for someone who was considering heroin this can be very educational and a good read.

Hope that makes some sense no time to look over what I wrote atm.

September 08, 2016, 11:22:13 AM
Re: Price mistakes on Amazon (3rd part seller) Master Thread
Already cancelled, but is there a penalty of sorts for a seller cancelling? Seems to me it'd be easier for them to cancel all the orders than to call and email even 20 different people.
They can get their account shut down if they cancel that many orders. User cancellation has no penalty fwiu.

September 09, 2016, 01:58:26 PM
Re: Hillary Clinton passes out at 09/11 memorial...
And she's not a young lady and she's had quite a rigorous schedule for the last year.  I think we can give her a break and let her rest at her daughters apartment after standing at a memorial for an hour and a half.
Excuse me Mr. Putin these negotiations have been going great and I really don't want WWIII but I need my nap. All this war talk is very tiring. I'll be back soon.

September 11, 2016, 12:00:24 PM
Re: iphone 7 plus vs. note 7 Note 7 is da bomb!
September 20, 2016, 12:15:08 PM
Re: iphone 7 plus vs. note 7
looking to get one of them, what is better about the note than iphone?
It's just a really hot phone. Seriously the hottest phone ever!

September 20, 2016, 12:19:06 PM
Re: iphone 7 plus vs. note 7
Most of these features will basically be introduced incrementally as technology improves. No bezel is cool but not something to rave about. Indestructible would be awesome. I doubt it will ever happen but phones will likely get incrementally stronger and tougher over the years. No point in putting in 16gb RAM when performance will be marginally impacted at best while raising the costs for no reason. I'm a noob when it comes to 3d tech so I'll skip that. And not sure what you mean by image/video protector.

People don't want phones to get any thinner. They've been pretty thin for years and haven't got thinner for a reason. Resolution- there hasn't been much to talk about for years. Screen quality can improve but again it will be incremental upgrades that are nothing special. Reception- I think this will be up to the cell phone networks to improve, though there are real limitations on what you can do with radio waves. Though wifi calling does a lot to mitigate the issues with reception and a wireless ad hoc network might be reality one day.
It's just your statement that there is nothing to improve on is completely absurd.

September 20, 2016, 04:52:37 PM
Re: Status for posting deals that are posted to main site? I am really tempted to make these my signature.

Should get a minus HT.  >:(  :P
...and subtract HT for wasting members time.  :)

@JTZ How do you like your crow done?

September 21, 2016, 11:48:59 AM
Re: Law School
Ya but he has a smaller sample size and could be that his students are usually of the smarter variety. Most of the people that are going to him (at least the people that I know) are really smart and are targeting the top schools in the country.
No doubt, but those numbers are still amazing, assuming this guy wants the same and will work hard, he may be able to do the same.

@CS1 4-6 hour for the December test may not be enough at this point ftr.

Maybe you had a really bad diagnostic  :P
I think I maybe finished 1 game... So ya...

September 25, 2016, 12:12:41 AM
Re: Law School
True, but after a mid 160s LSAT score, the 4-6 hrs per day may be fine for a 170+ on the next test.

To commute to Fisch and study well, he'd probably have to stop working in Oct & Nov.

The 1/3 gets in the 170's is a great motivator. If there's a 75% + change in that, then this is worth doing full time. (Married and paying Brooklyn rent)
The goal here is to try to get into Northwestern; ideally with a scholarship.

Maybe it is enough. Maybe not. The best practice is taking dozens of simulated tests and hundreds of simulated sections with timers. And some with no timers just trying to get every question correct.

The thing is improving to the 170's is the hardest part and while someome can get in the 160's with not studying intensely it has no indication they can do the same to get in the 170's. But I'm not saying he can't.

What is he working as now? If it's not an important job I don't see how it can be worth it to work now regardless if he knows he wants law school he should be putting his blood sweat and tears and whatever the cost to get the best score possible. Why go for a 170? Go for a 180. Striving high is a great motivator, and can help a lot.

And remember even with all the practice tests there is nothing like test day. Nerves are something that is hard to practice for. I say next to someone that was getting a 178-180 on all his recent simulated practice tests. He cancelled his score on test day because he set read his watch wrong for how much time he had left and bombed an entire section...

Also how much have you looked into Northwestern scholars who gets them? what GPA/lsat/work experience they have to have?

September 25, 2016, 07:53:25 AM
Re: 2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread
He responded to her tax return charges. He said "you don't learn that much from tax returns." He should have expounded. You won't see my net worth, you won't see my charitable deductions, you won't see my foreign holdings. And if it shows that I didn't pay any federal income tax, then I'm proud of my accountants.
He missed so many opportunities for good answers. The list is endless for good answers he should of had with preparing like I hope he does for the next debate.

When she asked him to apologize to the small business owners he should of asked her to apologize to the Benghazi victims families for failing to save their brothers, fathers, sons from being murdered...

I heard him claim he didn't have the opportunity to bring up her scandals, well that's where prep comes in. When Clinton heard key words she knew she can now use argument a, then argument b, etc.

Her opening for example was going to be the same opening no matter what the question and it was pretty good, he should of had the same thing, planned out answers...

September 27, 2016, 10:40:14 AM
Re: Law School

also need to consider your safety net. perhaps u have friends and family that can loan u some money/back u up if things don't work out for some reason (e.g. u freeze on the actual test/get sick) on this calculated gamble. some peeps who are basically on their own can't quit a job and live on unemployment for a year and then have no income for 3 more in law school (even if it works out).
All true, every case is unique.

But if you are taking loans for law school may as well take a few grand to study so you can get into a good law school.

September 29, 2016, 09:53:24 AM
Re: Law School
The $5 - $6K investment would be the class cost, plus the 1.5 months of time off the job cost.
Even just the goal of a 170 score can transform the $50+K/yr tuition fees into a free scholarship, so the $6K investment seems like a no-brainer.

It's challenging to see the upside of a $44K net gain when it's 2 yrs away. (Especially if we think that the $50K scholarship will come automatically even with a lower score and not quitting a job to practice the LSATs daily. However, if the LSAT score is the number that will be connected for eternity, then it's best to stop all other side jobs and time consuming activities and strive high towards the 180 as you recommended!)

No way does a 170 even guarantee admission into Northwestern, forget scholarship. Try for mid-170's or higher.

Also I think they like work experience from what I heard.

Actually with some very basic googling I found that "90% possess at least one year of post-undergraduate experience"


"How much does prior work/internship experience weigh into your decision making? What's the typical or expected amount of work experience from an applicant?

We are unique in this area. Although there are some exceptions, we almost exclusively try to enroll students who have some post-undergraduate full-time work experience­—ideally at least two to three years of it. Obviously it is very important to us and, for the college senior who is applying, the interview is the key place to offset this criterion by demonstrating a comparable level of maturity and fit for our community. There are many reasons that we like to see prior work experience but the main reason is that potential employers consistently tell us that they prefer it as well and that it makes a difference to them. In fact, they consistently mention that project management experience and ability is a huge plus for them; it is what makes their new employees stand out. Aside from that, we think of the law school experience as a 360-degree learning environment. Students learn from faculty, students learn from each other and, ultimately, our faculty members learn from our students. Moving to our preference for students with work experience has really enlivened our classroom discussions and it has greatly impacted our student culture, which is probably the most cooperative of any law school out there. No other law school takes the time to screen applicants so thoroughly for maturity, the ability to work in teams and strong interpersonal skills like we do through our work experience preference and interview process. Finally, through work experience, students often develop a much stronger framework for why they want to go to law school and the potential areas in which they may want to focus. The level of motivation and commitment goes up a notch."

With all that if you know you want North Western you shouldn't be teaching in a school should probably be looking for a more prestigious year of work. Unless you sell it as working with underprivileged kids and organizing programs etc.

September 29, 2016, 12:17:02 PM
Re: Law School
Uh Oh, it's time to get cracking. It sounds like Northwestern is stricter and has higher expectations than other law schools in the same tier.

Do they really expect pre-law students to have 2 yrs of law-related work under their belt?
Yes, the children/students can possibly be considered underprivileged and in need of additional guidance and programs.
Will work on those criteria and perhaps add'l job opportunities in areas of law after the Dec LSATs.
I don't think anyone says it has to be law related work, just something that you can argue will make him more mature, and a good lawyer.

Good luck!

September 29, 2016, 12:33:45 PM
Re: {DEAD!} 説明刺す人防ぐために銃が難しい隠しやすい UGG 通販 A happy New Year to all ... and let's not forget the famous Chinese saying:

朣楢琴执执 瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧浻牡楧敬瑦 瀰 絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵 潣潬昣昸昸慢正 牧畯摮椭 慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮牡氬晥⁴潴敬 瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴 捥捥捥戻捡杫潲湵浩条眭 扥楫bn 楬敮牡 札慲楤湥潴昣昸昸攣散散戻捡杫潲 湵浩条洭穯氭湩慥牧 摡敩瑮琨灯捥捥捥 慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧 獭氭湩慥牧摡敩瑮琨灯 捥捥捥慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧楬敮牡 札散散汩整 牰杯摩慭敧牔湡晳牯楍牣 獯景牧摡敩瑮猨慴 瑲潃潬卲牴昣昸昸摮潃潬卲牴攣散散 潢摲牥 硰猠汯摩搻獩汰祡戺潬正潭潢 摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯敤慲楤獵硰执獧搴摻獩汰祡戺潬 正瀻 獯瑩潩敲 慬楴敶执獧搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬 正漻敶晲潬朣楢琴执 执瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧 浻 牡楧敬瑦瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵潣潬昣 昸昸慢正牧畯 摮椭慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮 牡氬晥 ⁴潴敬瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴捥捥捥戻捡杫 潲猠汯摩搻獩汰祡 戺潬正潭潢摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲 楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯敤慲楤獵硰执獧搴摻 獩汰祡戺潬正瀻 獯瑩潩敲慬楴敶执獧 搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬 朣楢琴执执 瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧浻牡楧敬瑦 瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵 潣潬昣昸昸慢正 牧畯摮椭 慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮牡氬晥⁴潴敬 瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴 捥捥捥戻捡杫潲湵浩条眭 扥楫楬敮牡 札慲楤湥潴昣昸昸攣散散戻捡杫潲 湵浩条洭穯氭湩慥牧 摡敩瑮琨灯捥捥捥 慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧 獭氭湩慥牧摡敩瑮琨灯 捥捥捥慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧楬敮牡 札散散汩整 牰杯摩慭敧牔湡晳牯楍牣 獯景牧摡敩瑮猨慴 瑲潃潬卲牴昣昸昸摮潃潬卲牴攣散散 潢摲牥 硰猠汯摩搻獩汰祡戺潬正潭潢 摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯敤慲楤獵硰执獧搴摻獩汰祡戺潬 正瀻 獯瑩潩敲 慬楴敶执獧搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬 正漻敶晲潬朣楢琴执 执瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧 浻 牡楧敬瑦瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵潣潬昣 昸昸慢正牧畯 摮椭慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮 牡氬晥 ⁴潴敬瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴捥捥捥戻捡杫 潲猠汯摩搻獩汰祡 戺潬正潭潢摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲 楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯敤慲楤獵硰执獧搴摻 獩汰祡戺潬正瀻 獯瑩潩敲慬楴敶执獧 搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬朣楢琴执执 瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧浻牡楧敬瑦 瀰杫潲湵 潣潬昣昸昸慢正 牧畯摮椭 慭敧敷止牦浯潴 捥捥捥戻捡杫潲湵浩条眭 扥楫楬敮牡 札慲楤湥潴昣昸昸攣散散戻捡杫潲 湵浩条洭穯氭湩慥牧 摡敩瑮琨灯捥捥捥 慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧 獭氭湩慥牧摡敩瑮琨灯 捥捥捥慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧楬敮牡 札散散汩整 牰杯摩慭敧牔湡晳牯楍牣 搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬 正漻敶晲潬朣楢琴执 执瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧 浻 牡楧敬瑦瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵潣潬昣 昸昸慢正牧畯 摮椭慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮 牡氬晥 ⁴潴敬瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴捥捥捥戻捡杫 潲猠汯摩搻獩汰祡 戺潬正潭潢摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲 楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯朣楢琴执执 瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧浻牡楧敬瑦 瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵 潣潬昣昸昸慢正 牧畯摮椭 慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮牡氬晥⁴潴敬 瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴 捥捥捥戻捡杫潲湵浩条眭 扥楫楬敮牡 札慲楤湥潴昣昸昸攣散散戻捡杫潲 湵浩条洭穯氭湩慥牧 摡敩瑮琨灯捥捥捥 慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧 摲牥 硰猠汯摩搻獩汰祡戺潬正潭潢 潴敬瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴捥捥捥戻捡杫 潲猠汯摩搻獩汰祡 戺潬正潭潢摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲 楤獵硰朣楢琴执执 瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧浻敬瑦
捥戻捡杫潲湵浩条眭 扥楫楬敮牡 散散 潢摲牥 硰猠汯摩搻獩汰祡戺潬正潭潢 摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 湥楬敮 牡氬晥 ⁴潴敬瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴捥捥捥戻捡杫 潲猠汯摩搻獩汰祡 戺潬正潭潢摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲 楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯敤慲楤獵硰执獧搴摻 獩汰祡戺潬正瀻 獯瑩潩敲慬楴敶执獧 搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬 朣楢琴执执 瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧浻牡楧敬瑦 瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵 潣潬昣昸昸慢正 牧畯摮椭 慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮牡氬晥⁴潴敬 瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴 捥捥捥戻捡杫潲湵浩条眭 扥楫楬敮牡 札慲楤湥潴昣昸昸攣散散戻捡杫潲 湵浩条洭穯氭湩慥牧 摡敩瑮琨灯捥捥捥 慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧 獭氭湩慥牧摡敩瑮琨灯 捥捥捥慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧楬敮牡 札散散汩整 牰杯摩慭敧牔湡晳牯楍牣 獯景牧摡敩瑮猨慴 瑲潃潬卲牴昣昸昸摮潃潬卲牴攣散散 潢摲牥 硰猠汯摩搻獩汰祡戺潬正潭潢 摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯敤慲楤獵硰执獧搴摻獩汰祡戺潬 正瀻 獯瑩潩敲 慬楴敶执獧搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬 正漻敶晲潬朣楢琴执 执瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧 浻 牡楧敬瑦瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵潣潬昣 昸昸慢正牧畯 摮椭慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮 牡氬晥 ⁴潴敬瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴捥捥捥戻捡杫 潲猠汯摩搻獩E汰祡 戺潬正潭潢摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲 楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯敤慲楤獵硰执獧搴摻 獩汰祡戺潬正瀻 獯瑩潩敲慬楴敶执獧 搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬朣楢琴执执 瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧浻牡楧敬瑦 瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵 潣潬昣昸昸慢正 牧畯摮椭 慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮牡氬晥⁴潴敬 瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴 捥捥捥戻捡杫潲湵浩条眭 扥楫楬敮牡 札慲楤湥潴昣昸昸攣散散戻捡杫潲 湵浩条洭穯氭湩慥牧 摡敩瑮琨灯捥捥捥 慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧 獭氭湩慥牧摡敩瑮琨灯 捥捥捥慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧楬敮牡 札散散汩整 牰杯摩慭敧牔湡晳牯楍牣 獯景牧摡敩瑮猨慴 瑲潃潬卲牴昣昸昸摮潃潬卲牴攣散散 潢摲牥 硰猠汯摩搻獩汰祡戺潬正潭潢 摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯敤慲楤獵硰执獧搴摻獩汰祡戺潬 正瀻 獯瑩潩敲 慬楴敶执獧搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬 正漻敶晲潬朣楢琴执 执瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧 浻 牡楧敬瑦瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵潣潬昣 昸昸慢正牧畯 摮椭慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮 牡氬晥 ⁴潴敬瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴捥捥捥戻捡杫 潲猠汯摩搻獩汰祡 戺潬正潭潢摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲 楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 硰戻牯朣楢琴执执 瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧浻牡楧敬瑦 瀰絸朣杢执獧扻捡杫潲湵 潣潬昣昸昸慢正 牧畯摮椭 慭敧敷止瑩札慲楤湥楬敮牡氬晥⁴潴敬 瑦戠瑯潴牦浯潴 捥捥捥戻捡杫潲湵浩条眭 扥楫楬敮牡 札慲楤湥潴昣昸昸攣散散戻捡杫潲 湵浩条洭穯氭湩慥牧 摡敩瑮琨灯捥捥捥 慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧 獭氭湩慥牧摡敩瑮琨灯 捥捥捥慢正牧畯摮椭慭敧楬敮牡 札散散汩整 牰杯摩慭敧牔湡晳牯楍牣 獯景牧摡敩瑮猨慴 瑲潃潬卲牴昣昸昸摮潃潬卲牴攣散散 潢摲牥 硰猠汯摩搻獩汰祡戺潬正潭潢 摲牥爭摡畩 瀲漭戭牯敤慲楤獵硰敷止瑩戭牯敤慲楤獵 и 正瀻 獯瑩潩敲 慬楴敶执獧搴筮楤灳慬湩楬敮戭潬 正漻敶晲潬朣楢琴执b  执瑩浻牡楧硰执执獧 浻 牡楧敬瑦瀰絸朣杢执獧
I nearly  cried when it came to the part when it wrote : 汦睯攺 汦睯攺really moving !

October 02, 2016, 02:25:53 PM
Re: 2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread
Are you going to hear this anywhere besides fox?
That's crazy she had millions of fact checkers and I didn't see this on her site. Weird.

October 10, 2016, 09:26:34 AM
Re: Cleveland Master Thread He's under

Based in Taylor road Synagogue.

He used to run a pizza shop for a few years in Buffalo until he moved here.

He said all keilim and oven are only ever used for C"Y.

October 13, 2016, 02:04:00 PM
Re: Matisyahu Shaves Beard...
Well that's the last straw. lol

November 01, 2016, 03:42:17 PM
You really need to give it a break and face reality.
Look at it this way. You had two underdogs for championships this year and came away with one. Isn't that a good outcome?
Seems I misread. I thought you meant the cubs and Indians. Not the cavs and Indians.

November 08, 2016, 10:22:52 PM
Re: 2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread Thread summary:

Trump walks in a room.

1. Moshe123 shoots at him because he is pure evil, 2. ilherman+hachover jump in front of the bullets because Trump is our savior. 3. aygart tackles Moshe123 because Trump is better than HRC, 4. but Baruch can't stand Trump so he tells aygart he's crazy and Trump is a madman. 5. ExGingi would like to point out that who cares what he is, all that matters is the supreme court nominations. 6. Dan and others aren't really sure how this makes them feel plus they don't really want to drink poison.

And Freddie is in the back of the room just cooking his cholent. Until he announces that there are TWO menu choices, Pareve Cholent or Vegetable Lasagna. While etech0 figured out that they are both poisoned.

Repeat x100.

And then Hilary walks into the room with the most confidence a candidate has had in recent history. She is so confident that she eats both the Pareve Cholent and Vegetable Lasagna. Everyone is the room is aghast, they don't know how this happened, could it be Comey is behind this poisoning or was it that her Obamacare premiums were to high to get her the help she needed.

Everyone stared as she choked and was cast into oblivion on November, 8, 2016 the last day she was heard from in the public eye.

Moshe123, ilherman, hachover, aygart, Baruch, ExGingi, Dan, Freddie, etech0, and the rest of America are in total shock and hope that so long as Trump doesn't eat any Pareve Cholent and Vegetable Lasagna and stays true to his supreme court nominees this may be the greatest thing to happen since the CSR and GC's.

But remember this may be the beginning of the end...

(Missing anything?)

November 09, 2016, 02:37:59 PM
Re: 2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread
You don't see how that is condescending?

Let me translate, for you: Other people don't know what's good and right, I really do, so I'm going to make sure that everyone follows what I believe to be right, whether they like it or not. And those "minorities and gays", oh they are different, they need special help.

BTW, if you think about it, ARROGANCE = כפירה.
So shluchim are arrogant and condescending, just getting my facts straight.

November 09, 2016, 03:17:45 PM
Re: Avatars
Where's your avatar?
They clutter the site :P

November 10, 2016, 01:50:27 PM
Re: Help, Google just disabled my email accounts
While it may not be different in a technical sense, I'd submit it's different in spirit. When one brokers AA miles, he or she knows that's running afoul of AA terms, even if they don't know precisely what they are. In this case, I know many people who ordered phones who didn't know that buying them in the manner they did was a violation of the terms. I certainly did not, and I would have never done it had I known. Sure, one is charged with knowing the T&C's they agree to, but in all reality, it's just not a practical expectation.

Please blame this on the phone brokers. I had a dozen brokers reach out to me for iPhone resales and eventually turned them all down a few years in a row, losing a ton of cash each time, all for the reason that I read Apple T&C and saw it was prohibited and when done on such a mass scale even if they didn't do anything before they might and are entitled to make an exception if the wanted to.

I would go one step further and say you can't look at google punishing you for breaking the T&C, sure banning someone from Gmail a little crazy for breaking the T&C of buying phones, but imagine 1,000 people joining together and changing the entire distribution network of their top of the line phone.

For example they make ad money from people having these phones and using them in the US, all of this is taken into account for their profits from production etc. And people joining together and shipping them out of country goes against those predicted metrics.

I don't mean to put anyone here down, and I probably would do the same thing and buy knowing there are risks and I'd be beyond mortified if I lost my Gmail, but I wouldn't think I have a right to sue or that Google did something illegal.

I hope they reinstate the accounts soon.

November 16, 2016, 12:48:24 PM
Re: Hat Tip Leaderboard
Still feel this way or are you starting to swing toward davidmal?
This is the year of the underdog after all. One of the great DDF upsets. :))

November 17, 2016, 06:30:03 AM
Personal Tzadaka/Charity Master Thread Use this thread to offer donations or ask for them.

Please note this is not for organizations but rather for you or someone you know that personally needs tzedka.

November 22, 2016, 03:20:12 PM
Re: Tzadaka Master Thread I lost a bet to JTZ, so anyone need $20 tzedaka please claim it now. QP only.
November 22, 2016, 03:20:45 PM
Re: MINI Cooper 6 Volt Powered Ride On $99!!! SHIPPED!!!
From the SD comments seem severely under-powered. FYI
They are probably expecting a mini cooper for $100.

November 23, 2016, 11:56:55 AM
Re: Hat Tip Leaderboard
Good call.

November 23, 2016, 06:08:47 PM
Re: Hat Tip Leaderboard
So who is it?  :P
If you would of taken the bet the results would be different.

November 23, 2016, 06:53:44 PM
Re: Hat Tip Leaderboard MAZEL TOV @DAVIDMAL!!!!
November 25, 2016, 10:21:01 AM
Re: Hat Tip Leaderboard
Who's next ?
Davidmal 200 probably.

You made me work hard for that last one...

Lol. Not my fault you took Thanksgiving off. I saw you posting GBD's in desperation even :P

November 25, 2016, 10:23:29 AM
Re: Hat Tip Leaderboard
Now you can pretend that crow is turkey since you can't see.  :)
I just had a realization. Crow isn't kosher that's why you have to eat it for the everyone, really you are just taking one for the team :))

November 25, 2016, 10:58:31 AM
Re: Trump-Republican tax plan bad for large families
I've been shouting this from the rooftops in the poisen thread.
Trump is horrific for our community. Not to mention benefit cuts that are sure to come.

Didn't stop the yated from endorsing him, and the vast majority of the community voting for him like sheep.

Maybe because many believe in conservative and capitalistic ideals even if it means paying more?

November 27, 2016, 02:12:12 PM
Re: iRobot Roomba 805 $326 @ Costco
On DDF we no longer do +1's, we do likes.

November 29, 2016, 11:39:08 AM
Re: $20 Starbucks Credit For $10 With Visa Checkout
Is this a new one or the same as the one from September?

November 29, 2016, 12:45:01 PM
Re: Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2016: What's The Best Deal You Got? My best deal was this for $45
November 29, 2016, 02:16:48 PM
Re: 10 Years Later - im here to say thank you This may be the wrong board and there may already be a thread for Dan appreciation but this has such a beautiful genuine message it's perfect!

Hope to see you around here yaelpen92. 

Welcome to DDF!

November 29, 2016, 11:31:20 PM
Re: Hat Tip Leaderboard
Well let's rank them in monetary order.
1. Definitely admin for a day, the amount of money you could make by selling HT's and likes is astronomical.
2. UPS method- You could change people a boatload of money to tell them how to do it.
3. First class RTW for 6- eh, you can probably do that already yourself.

UPS method for one day with enough CC's can make more than the other 2 put together.

December 02, 2016, 01:43:59 PM
Re: Hat Tip Leaderboard
in truth the UPS Method is so volatile some say it caused Brexit and the bankruptcy of Iceland & Greece due to it being in the wrong hands.
Don't forget getting Trump elected.

December 02, 2016, 01:51:04 PM
Re: Guess The City! Reviving a dead, but great thread:

December 05, 2016, 09:21:06 AM
Re: Graco Highback TurboBooster Car SeatOnly $27.55 (Other Colors go for $87!
Congrats on your first HT!
Smooth buddy, real smooth.

December 06, 2016, 03:26:17 PM
Re: Hat Tip Leaderboard
We need a few more 100 HT'ers!
I think we need a special badge under the 100 ht profiles

ETA: are you aware you have AIM?

December 08, 2016, 10:10:41 AM
Re: New product from idea to product I always thought if only those things on the wall could fit in our pockets and then they invented cell phones, I was so upset.
December 14, 2016, 09:27:27 PM
Re: Los Angeles Master Thread Mini TR.

The food:

Amazing list:
-Shiloh's: Lamb & Truffle Open Ravioli (Slow lamb comfit (32 Hours) in a herb printed ravioli with mushroom)

Great list:
-Cafe Eilat: Portabella mushroom panini
-Magic Castle Dinner catered by Schwartz: Rib Eye
-Fish Grill: Grilled Salmon Sandwich
-Shiloh's: Kansas BBQ Short Ribs 18oz (Deliciously juicy, cooked on low temperature for 36 hours) these are their baby back ribs
-La Gandola: Avocado Egg rolls
-Jeff's: Wild Western Burger

Very good:
-Shiloh's: Tarte Flambé (Thin sliced beef bacon, parve crème Fraiche, and grilled onions On thin crust lavazza bread.)
-Fish Grill: Angel Hair Pasta Salmon
-La gandola: Mushroom Onion Burger
Jeff's: French Dip
Schnitzly: Chicken fingers

-Ditmas: Flat Iron Steak
-Jeff's: BBQ Beef Sandwich
-Cafe Elite: Breakfast Burrito

-Ditmas: Tony Fries
-Ditmas: Monkey Bread (Rhodes dough cinnamon rolls are probably better)

-Shiloh's: Wild Mushroom Egg Rolls
-Ditmas: Rib eye
-Jeff's: Pastrami Sandwich
-La Gandola: Chicken Fingers
--Magic Castle Dinner catered by Schwartz: Pasta
-Beverly Hills Thai: Didn't like anything we ordered likely just don't like Thai food or it was a very very off night.

The hotels:
Intercontinental was a great location during the week, just 6 minutes from Pico and  they stacked multiple award nights no problem, so at around $165/night it is a truly great value.
SLS was a very weird room in the signature suite, their service is simply incredible, they gave us a room for an extra night for free as long as our baby wanted to sleep before our flight, and without us asking they went out and bought us board games for shabbos.

If anyone wants more details added let me know.

December 19, 2016, 01:04:46 PM