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Re: CHASE closed ALL accounts!!!!!!! Spoke to supervisor - what I was able to gather is the purchase of gold coins or bars using a credit card is deemed to be an unauthorized transaction and, therefore, justifies card closing. Her words were basically "we do not authorize the use of our credit card for making investments". She repeatedly asked why I used a credit card than paying by check. I asked her why do I pay my a/c guy by credit card rather than check. Convenience and points. At the end of the year, I receive an expense report showing all my transactions by category. I also told her with gold purchase from Apmex, I would have to either wire them or have them receive a check within 3-5 days of purchase. Then they would have to deposit check and even though it clears my bank in a day, they would wait 5 days. Then after the 5 days they would sort the order and the following day ship the order. I save at least 7 business days using a credit card!
June 02, 2019, 05:25:30 PM