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Free Hyatt Explorist upgrade from Discoverist (expires Sep 3) Matches must be done in person in Atlantic City.
All money is gambling credit (~90% expected value), nights mostly have expiration dates.

Hyatt Discoverist status matches Borgata/Mlife Pearl status (online match)
Pearl status matches Golden Nugget chairman status
Golden Nugget chairman status matches Total Rewards (Caesars) Diamond status (free night + other benefits)
Diamond status matches Hard Rock (Rock Royalty) status (2 free nights, $150)
Hard Rock matches Ocean (black card) status (2 free nights, $115)
Diamond status also matches back at Borgata to Mlife gold ($100, 1 free night) (You need to tell them it's a new account, just created earlier today and the Pearl is just from the Hyatt match to get the credit and free night)

Mlife gold matches to Hyatt Explorist (mid-tier Hyatt status)

August 28, 2018, 11:49:21 PM